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20th July 2007
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Got home today to find a mound of mail in the front porch. As per usual there were several biz opps sales letters in there.

The one that stuck out though was an offer I haven’t seen before from Streetwise which they have called “The Profit Portal”.

At £497 + VAT it isn’t cheap but these courses always seem to sell well and Streetwise are known for offering a robust guarantee…

I was reading through the sales letter and trying to work out what exactly it is all about.

For a change there isn’t a lift letter from John Harrison – just a “Reservation Certificate” (order form), the letter itself and an envelope (not pre-paid).

Seeing that there isn’t an introduction letter with this sales pack I am assuming that this is probably one of the first mailings that they have done for this one.

I have been monitoring Streetwise’s mailings and they do seem to test different aspects of the sales process so if this is a good seller I would expect to see further offers of this product but with a different, improved sales approach.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent there.

Reading through this offer, it seems to be about “domaining” and making money from virtual real estate.

Bob Ryan, the person who is offering this particular package, writes a good story. He asks:

“How Rich Would YOU be if Property was
FREE and Tenants were GUARANTEED?”

Immediately you find yourself imagining that this is another property investing course i.e. buying and selling bricks and mortar but it turns out that it isn’t.

He talks about an “Underground Elite” who use a secret method to make “Fast Cash and Lump Sum Pay-Outs”

What it turns out to be is an opportunity to learn how to setup a business buying and selling domain names and also “parking” these domains for a monthly income.

Parking means that you put up an advertising page on your site and earn money each time someone visits your site and clicks on an advert.

It’s nothing new or particularly secret but it’s true that it is a business that is largely run by a small number of investors. Probably because not many people understand exactly what domaining involves or how it works.

What seems to be overlooked by a lot of people is that some domain names have been sold for amazing amounts of money.

Take “dictionary.com” – this sold for $100million just a few days ago. Of course, there was a whole business behind it but it started with the purchase of one little domain name – and domain names are currently available for about $8 (4 pounds) a year.

You won’t get a domain name like “poker.com” by just visiting GoDaddy. All dictionary words with a dot com extention were registered some time ago. However, you can still find gems by doing some research, for example a domain name with three keywords. You will simply have to take the time to research what keywords are likely to attract visitors.

The package on offer here is some software that Bob Ryan has developed that will make “income-generating websites” for you at the push of a button.

That would probably be a “parking page” – which you can get for free at http://www.sedo.com

There may be more to it but there may not.

Seems like this could just be a “newbie” package to tell you how to buy a domain name and put up adverts on it. You get traffic from people typing in your domain name by mistake whilst looking for related information.

It’ll be very interesting to hear more about this one but I’m not going to bite.

The product I recommend on the subject of “domaining” is Paul Gunter’s Domain Profit Guide: http://www.DomainProfitGuide.com which is ever-so-slightly cheaper.

However, if you do buy the Profit Portal opportunity please do let me know what you think…


  1. saw the ad for Profit Portal today and now it’s £177. has anyone here tried this system out and had success with it?

    Comment by sofawofa — 18th June 2008 @ 10:02 pm

  2. I’ve developed a parking page for myself which I’m thinking of making public where you put your own google_id on it. Just wondering if there is any interest?

    Comment by UK domain names — 8th July 2008 @ 6:19 pm

  3. Hi, Regards Bob Ryan and profit portal,I purchased this from Fleet Street puplications,not streetwise.
    the toal cost is £207. unlike streewise charging near on £500 with v.a.t

    They give 30 day money back,but how can you know if you are going to make money in 30 days ?
    What they don’t tell you before you purchase is the fact when you have a website up and running,
    google do not help send traffic etc through links until the website is 90 days old (3 months)
    So the only traffic you will get is via someone entering your domain name into their browser,Or if you send traffic to the website from off line ads,email,and other methods.Linking up with other websites is a must do thing,I still need to do this.I have 25 websites at the moment,And now will start to add links and also my own info on the websites.The websites are generated by the software.You must sign up with google adsense,and amazon.com
    once they send you the tracking code,write it down,then load the software.Enter the code from google adsense,and from amazon.com
    before all this you will need to think of a domain name.I would say best to use godaddy.com because Bob Ryan uses this and it will be easy to forward your domain name to their address.
    when all is done,and you generate your website using the software,you will have Amazon ads on the left side,and on the right google ads,
    Anyone who visits and clicks the links on google ads,you will get paid a commission,anyone clicks on amazon link and goes on to buy anything,you get paid a commission.
    like i say i have 25 websites and will leave at that for now,but it is not that easy to come up with domain names that are still available.
    I am soon going to upgrade the software so that i can add my own content on the websites
    at the moment using the software,you have to enter keywords and the website will be generated with the content based on your keywords.

    If anyone would like to checkout any of the websites i have done let me know.These are like what you would get.
    I have not made any money from the websites just yet,It should be better after they are all linked with the right websites,I will know better in say 3-4 months time.I will be placing links to affiliate programs,and websites of same interest.etc Herbal/health/Sport/diet/the list is endless.
    domain names are about a fiver each with godaddy.com
    TIP always go for a .COM not .CO.UK look forward to your reply

    Comment by frankenstein — 21st July 2008 @ 10:57 pm

  4. Hi Frankenstein.

    Just discovered your review of profit portal and was wondering how it was going after a year has passed as i am interested in this project.

    Comment by Herdster — 30th June 2009 @ 1:32 pm

  5. Seconding Herdster’s comment – what news after a year Frankenstein?

    Comment by Drinch — 22nd July 2009 @ 1:37 pm

  6. Hi there Frankenstein

    I am interested beyond words to purchase the profit portal package, it is pricy if you are using the South Aafrican rand value against the pound. how is the product working after a little over a year from your last comments. I don’t have loads of cash to spend on domain names can I just set up one or two sites instead of your 25?

    looking for GOLD ship


    Comment by Sue — 4th September 2009 @ 9:14 am

  7. Hi there Frankenstein

    Im also interested in Profit Portal but would like to check out your websites before i purchase.
    Are you making money now…after a year?


    Comment by vincent — 7th December 2009 @ 5:44 pm

  8. Hi,
    I am also from South Africa. I discovered your comments only after I ordered Profit Portal. I haven’t received my package yet but would really like to know how you have done so far. I would also like to see some of your websites.

    Comment by Susan — 15th December 2009 @ 8:44 am

  9. Hu Susan

    Its been almost 6 months since your post. Can you give further feedback on the system and how its working for you?


    Comment by Jack — 3rd May 2010 @ 2:55 pm

  10. good evening. I purchased profit portal from fleet street about a year ago and misplaced it. I recently found it again in storage boxes and started using it. i have purchased my first web site and tried to create site using the disc i got with my purchase. the website profitportal.info doesnt want to open up and i cant create the website. Kindly assist

    south africa

    Comment by marius — 13th August 2012 @ 9:40 pm

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