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1st August 2007
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Just got an email through from one enterprising fellow who has decided to start calling himself “The UK’s Top Internet Marketer”.

I’m not going to mention his name because I don’t want to give him any exposure at all – but I can say that he is certainly NOT the UK’s top internet marketer. Quite where he got the idea that he is I don’t know.

No-one is backing up his claim… His sales page has no testimonials and he is demanding £4,997 for mentoring.

I have previously read one of his products and I wasn’t impressed in the slightest. It was poorly written and almost impossible to follow because of the lack of a promised “step-by-step” method.

Since then the only only product he has offered is a gambling-related software program sold from a very 90s-esque website (read: poorly designed and buggy with a Word document for an order form – you have to print it off and send it through the mail. Not quite “internet” marketing!)

What he’s decided to do is offer a “one-on-one” mentoring course for just 10 lucky students. For their 5 grand they get 12 one hour phone calls and 6 month’s “access” to this so-called expert internet marketer.

At least he’s trying I suppose but I can only see the most gullible of people even considering this poor offer.

This is a small part of his sales letter – note the cop-out where it comes to offering any proof that he has actually made more than one or two products:

“I’m [name removed], creator of the highly successful [product name], which along with several other cash-rich Internet ventures, have made me one of the UK’s richest and most formidable Internet marketers this decade.

As well as developing and marketing my own products, I have worked with and still do work with many of the top guru’s (sic) helping them develop and launch some of the most successful products on-line. (Due to contractual agreements, I am unable to divulge any specific product names or details)”

I’m extremely sceptical when people cite poor excuses like “contractual agreements” to avoid backing up their claims.

Mr Mysterious here does offer some proof that he is one of the “UK’s richest” internet marketers by showing some screenshots of a merchant account. Unfortunately, the most recent transaction on these pictures is from March 2006 so perhaps he hasn’t been very successful recently.

So, be careful if you get a typo-ridden email from someone you’ve never heard of who calls himself the UK’s Top Internet Marketer. I’m not convinced that he is I’m afraid, especially after seeing some of the awful sites he has thrown together…

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