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2nd November 2007
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First of all, I want to remind you about this week’s “Weekend Super Deal” from David Allen.

David has packaged together a load of high-quality information products and is offering Private Label Rights on all of them. This means that you can edit them in any way you like to form your own products. Perfect if you are struggling for something to sell.

Check it out here:


And don’t forget, the doors close on Sunday so be quick and grab it now whilst it’s still available!

Out-tasking – it works!

A few weeks ago a friend came to me asking for help in setting up a website for his wife’s new business.

I’m pretty good with HTML so I didn’t think it would be a problem but what I found was that I am no designer. I was always pretty poor in art class at school and nothing has changed.

Anyway, the project stalled for a few weeks whilst I tried to sort out a good design which matched my friend’s requirements.

Eventually I admitted defeat and decided to out-task the job.

So, I went over to RentACoder.com and submitted a “bid request”.

What this means is that I posted a listing which described my requirements (design and building of a 12 page html website) and then this was listed on the site where web design experts could compete for the work.

As it happens I got 26 bids on my work – in the first 24 hours. After that I think my job dropped down the list and so didn’t receive any more bids.

The lowest bid that was submitted was $50 and the highest $650!

I got bids from the UK, US, Romania, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

Now, what you will find when you start to deal with sites like RAC is that people will just bid on your work without reading your requirements. They simply bid on every job they see to try and snare one or two people – almost like spamming.

What I found is that if you include a little bit of text in the description box of your bid request, you can suss out who actually read your request properly and who didn’t.

Obviously, anyone who didn’t should not be considered for the task because they may not be suited.

Here’s the text I used to stop the “spammers”:

“Please ensure that you add the keyphrase ‘BUTTERFLY’ in all messages you send to me.”

Now, as was looking through the bid requests I simply ignored any which did not mention that specific word in the message.

Straight away, then and there, I knew if that bidder understood the job I needed doing.

I can’t take credit for that little trick as it is something Mike Filsaime mentioned somewhere but it is a technique that I always use.

As for the site, it was done and finished in a little over 5 days. Brilliant work by the coder and my friend was happy.

Out-tasking works and I highly recommend you use it whenever you get stuck or whenever a project requires some work that is outside of your skill-base.

Yes, it costs money to use an out-tasker but in the end it saves a lot of time…

The Brit Pack Live Seminar, October

I recently spent 3 days down in Coventry to attend Robert Puddy’s internet marketing seminar.

What a great weekend!

Over the 3 days, Bob packed in 9 expert speakers, a load of ‘hot seat’ sessions and several ‘Ask the Expert’ free-for-alls.

The speakers were excellent even though I must admit that I hadn’t heard of half of them prior to the seminar. Just goes to show that some of the real big guns stay in the background.

There were only about 70 attendees and it made for a superb networking event with everybody coming down to the hotel bar each day after the presentations.

Unfortunately, I completely missed the Sunday morning presentations due to a ridiculously late Saturday night ‘networking’ session.

A large group of us were still propping the bar up at 6.30am Sunday morning.

Again I have to say that you really should consider attending next year. Everybody was raving about the weekend and I came away motivated and raring to go.

The next one is next October so I will be mentioning it nearer the time.

I’ve already booked my ticket.

Global Pension Plan

Some time ago I mentioned this particular “program” in a newsletter as it had been creating quite a stir.

In response to several requests, I wrote my personal thoughts on this so-called reverse pension plan on the main BizOppsUK site. You can read that report here:


Apparently the plan has now finished recruiting new members – it claims to have the 100,000 members it needs and so it can now, in theory, pay out the vast fortunes it has been promising to members.

I’m still very sceptical but I suppose we will have to wait and see what happens.

My guess is that the people behind this scheme will continue to provide excuses as to why no-one has been paid until one day the site goes offline and never reappears.

The blog has been very busy with people posting their opinions on this one. In fact, as I write, it is easily the most commented-on post on the BizOppsBlog by far with 49 comments.

You can read all the comments here:

Global Pension Plan – Do Your Due Diligence

Feel free to provide your opinion on this one. With 100k members (or maybe even more), a lot of people have a huge interest in what happens.

The Lazy Lay Profit System

I have been receiving a lot of enquiries about this one over the past few weeks.

Back in April I wrote a blog post about this one when Streetwise were sending out sales letters offering it.

The Lazy Lay Quick Cash System from Streetwise Publications

It’d be very interesting to hear your thoughts on this one if you have bought it. I know that a lot of readers of this newsletter are horse racing fans.


Don’t forget to check out the Weekend Super Deal – it’s a bargain not to be missed!


Have a great weekend!



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