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15th January 2008
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I don’t know why I stay on these lists when all I get is typo-laden sales pitches and stupid mistakes in each email broadcast.

To all email marketers – please, please take just 5 minutes to double-check your emails before you send them out.

AWeber lets you send a preview email to yourself so you can check that everything looks and reads OK before you send an email to your list.

It’s not rocket science.

I know you want money and I know you want it quick but if you just preview your email before you click “Queue” you may just be able to stop yourself from looking like a complete moron.

Some examples of gross email stupidity from my inbox:

This new N.etwrok Marketing 2.0 is termed:

Is “network” a word that’s generally used by a lot of spammers?

Does it really need a full stop placed inside it?

Don’t you think that by adding full stops here, there and everywhere in a message, you make it look more spammy than it actually is?

And is that particular word really so hard to spell?

From the same email:

You get the F.ree just for reading the report

More ridiculous dots where they aren’t needed. And that particular sentence doesn’t make sense.

While we’re on the subject, I am on your list because I bought a product from you about building a successful online business. I did NOT wish to learn how to run some scammy networking marketing scheme.

So, why are you sending me crap about network marketing? Or, as you put it, “n.etwrok marketing”?

I want to know more about building a huge, successful internet business.

I couldn’t give two hoots about “M.LM” or whatever it is you are selling.

…my office tested a new technique we leared from a new course…

Aren’t you supposed to be an email marketing expert? And you can’t find the spell checker?

{FIRSTANME} A Christmas Special – My Last Email Bounced?

No, I got your first email.

It’s in the trash folder.

This one’s going in there too, I just need to click unsubscribe first 🙂

[Rant over!]

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