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1st November 2006
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Another A4 envelope through the post today and again it is from Streetwise Publications’ John Harrison.

You can always tell before you even open it – the “if undelivered” address on the reverse gives it away…

OK, this time around it’s another offer of the Pentatrade Profit System for just £1947 + VAT (£2287.72) and the sales pack is very thorough.

First of all there is an opening letter from Mr Harrison who was says:

Shock Confession… I Was Wrong!“.

OK, but what on earth were you wrong about?

It seems that John has known about the Pentatrade Profit System for several months but was sworn to secrecy by the creator Hugo Lawrence.

Hugo is a perfectionist and would not allow the course to be released until everything was perfect which was really frustrating for the Streetwise boss. But… he was wrong to try and rush Hugo because this new course is “worth the wait“!

Second up is the huge sales letter. It’s 20 pages long and goes into great detail about how you can use this new course to “‘Steal’ Thousands A Month From The Biggest Pile Of Money On The Planet“.

You see Hugo has developed 5 special profit alerts which, when they all line up together, give you the green light to get thousands of pounds from trading the financial markets.

Indeed, it’s a “sure-fire way of making thousands of pounds, month after month, year after year… forever!”

It’s all a very convincing sales letter until, on page 10, there is a very strange claim about other trading systems:

…There are plenty of ‘systems’ out there and I’ve tried many of them. Most are ‘okay’ and could bring you£200 – £500 a month. But NONE are as powerful as Pentatrade!”

Now, how can a system only bring you up to £500 a month? Surely he means 200 – 500 points a month.

If a system could make you 200 – 500 points a month then if I was trading £10 a point I would make £2,000 to £5,000 a month. If I was trading £1,000 a point I would make £200,000 to £500,000 a month and so on…

It’s probably just an error in the sales copy – after all it’s very unlikely that Hugo Lawrence actually wrote it himself.

There are then 10 more pages of sales copy explaining how much money you can make and how easy it is. What it basically boils down to is that you will be day-trading all manner of financial markets in order to try and scalp some points each day.

Hugo does own up and say that sometimes you will not be trading – some days the five indicators will not match to give you the “green light” so you do not trade at all that day.

However, he also says that if the “Window of Opportunity” is open and “some alerts are there, [you] might have to wait a while to see all five line-up…”

Fair enough, at least he is honest!

Personally I don’t have the time or patience to sit watching charts all day. I get the feeling it’s probably rather boring and stressful, especially if things aren’t going your way.

Searching for information about Hugo Lawrence doesn’t actually bring much up although I did find that he placed an advertisement in the Sunday Times earlier this year promoting his spread trading seminars which were around £500 – £1000. The websites have since been taken down…

As per usual with Streetwise Publications, you get to test the course risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund – as is mentioned in the sales letter and again on the third part of the sales pack, the “Risk Free Priority Reservation Certificate“.

I won’t be buying to be perfectly honest as my trading is longer term and day-trading doesn’t appeal to me…

I have been trading though, you can check out how I am doing with my little spread betting “experiment” at the other blog:


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