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5th November 2006
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Sunday morning’s presentation was given by John Taylor on the subject of testing and tracking.

John presented a lot of information over the 90 minutes or so he spoke.

His basic idea was to create content based sites – sites containing unique information based around three specific keywords.

You let the site run for a few weeks, gathering traffic by the normal methods, and then check your stats.

If you are receiving a lot of traffic, you can test different methods of monitising your site i.e. 1,000 hits with AdSense on the site and then 1,000 promoting an affiliate program.

The aim is to see which method earns you the most money and then stick with that method.

John also suggested using a rotator program to show 3 different webpages to visitors so that you can find the best converting page and concentrate on that.

The basic message was – Analyse Everything about your site or you will never know which content makes the most money.

John’s book, “Testing and Tracking” is available with several special bonuses at the following website:


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