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6th November 2006
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At the end of May I heard about a new investment scheme called Fantastic Pay which sounded ridiculous and too good to be true.

Despite my complete conviction that this high yield investment program was probably a scam, I invested $25 as they promised a huge monthly payout if I kept my money invested for six months.

The deal was that if I invested $25 then they would pay me $50 a month every month forever. Surely, I thought, this is a load of crap but I figured $25 was not a great loss if it all went wrong.

I invested on the 25th May 2006 and, for a while, documented the progress on the site:


As you can see, I got bored and forgot about my investment in the middle of August but this last week I got an email with the subject line:

FantasticPay has just sent $23.66 to your SafePay Solutions account

It turns out that the owner of this HYIP scheme has decided to rebate everyone’s investment and so I got my $25 back (minus fees which SafePay took for processing).

According to the site I am still eligible for the monthly payouts too! Lucky I had faith then!

I’m in a pickle now – I am only a few dollars down as it stands but stand to pocket just short of $50 a month for no work.

Should I reinvest the monthly payouts or just pocket it until the scheme collapses? I think the latter…

In the meantime I have been reading around and Fantastic Pay have closed the doors to new members from the 6th October 2006. Maybe they were taking on new people for a “limited time only”…

I will keep you updated

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  1. I joined Fantastic Pay in May and have also received back my initial deposit and will be looking forward to my first ‘paycheck’ in January. I did keep my eye on the programme and have invested some funds in the Phase 2 plan that is currently ongoing.
    When I checked yesterday I noticed that my first payments had been credited so once again the programme has come through.
    Phase 2 offers a more conservative return of 90% (plus original investment) over a 6 month period and as an existing member you can still invest more.
    The company is actively setting up a real estate listing service in the USA under the name of Apple Pie Real Estate and this will provide further opportunities for a decent return.
    So far I’m impressed with the performance and whilst nothing is guaranteed I think this is more viable than other offerings.

    Comment by John Murphy — 23rd November 2006 @ 5:36 pm

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