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30th September 2008
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Read through a few posts on this blog and you will soon discover that I like to attend a couple of internet marketing seminars a year.

I really enjoy getting away for a few days to a hotel and mixing with other marketers.

Although me and countless other marketers take seminar attendance in our stride, we were new to it once and can fully understand why some people find it daunting and are put off.

A lot of it may be down to misconceptions i.e. “it’s just a big pitchfest with no real information or benefits to ME” or just the fact that it’s scary to turn up to an event not knowing anyone else who will be there.

Read on to discover what kind of people you’ll meet and what to expect at your first internet marketing seminar (and please note, this is based on my experiences of attending small gatherings of 50-100 attendees NOT huge 500+ conferences).

Smaller gatherings of the type organised by Robert Puddy and Steve Foley are perfect as you have a good chance of speaking to everyone who attends – including the speakers.

Here’s a selection of the people I have been lucky enough to have met at a seminar, maybe you recognise one or two of them yourself?

1. The Weirdo

This is the fella you will speak to once and then avoid for the rest of the weekend.

He’s the guy (or gal) who wants you in his MLM and will stop at nothing to convince you that MLMing is the way to go.

Advice: Say “oh, yes, MLM is wonderful! In fact, I’m already in that program, isn’t it great?” Immediately he will lose interest and you’re out of danger.

Do not, under any circumstances, say “MLM is a load of tosh” or you risk being lectured to for 2 hours on the benefits of building a downline. You have been warned.

2. The Drunk

The drunk forgets he is at a business meeting, has a few too many on the Saturday night and then threatens the barman and a random hotel guest when they look at him funny. He’s very remorseful on the Sunday during the first presentation but the damage is done. By all means have a few drinks, but don’t get steaming drunk and do something you may regret.

3. The Over-enthusiastic JV Man

Show the slightest bit of interest in promoting this fella’s product and he’s your friend for life. He’s also the one who continually emails you after the event putting pressure on your to promote to your list. And he’s not just doing it to you, everybody else who expressed an interest in JVing with him is getting hounded too. Advice: If you are looking to JV with others, select one or two potential partners towards the end of the event and NOT on the first night after you’ve got a little tipsy!

4. The Smokers

The smokers have all the fun. Stood outside the fire doors for long periods they chat, forge friendships and get all of the latest news and gossip. Even if you don’t smoke, be like a smoker. Fresh air is good for you so go outside occasionally and stand with them – you’ll be surprised by the sheer amount of information you pick up.

5. The Clueless Newbie

Full of questions and not afraid to ask, this is the one attendee that even the speakers avoid. If you’re a kind, generous and patient soul you can befriend them and field their questions all weekend. Otherwise, pretend to be just as clueless and they’ll wander off.

6. Your New Mastermind Group

I meet with 8 other marketers once a month and have been doing so for the last two years – our mastermind group surged ahead after we got together following a seminar. I know of two other mastermind groups in the UK that were formed out of seminar attendees and no doubt there will be more. If you want help, advice and motivation on a regular basis then the relationships you forge at weekend events can benefit you for years to come.

7. The Arrogant Speaker

This is the one speaker who jets in at 10.30am, speaks at 11am then leaves the building at 1pm. All of the other speakers stick around and mix with the attendees but not this one. Once his pitch has finished and he has banked some money, he is off.

8. Mr “Know-It-All”

Get stuck talking to this attendee and you’ll spend the next half hour thinking of excuses to get away. Mr KIA talks a good game but you soon realise he is just spouting the usual “expert advice” that he read last week in the latest over-hyped Clickbank best-seller. Nothing new here.

Of course, he mentions his product several times in the conversation (you’ve never heard of him or the product) and when you finally do get away, 2 hours later, he slides you his card which features his cheesy picture and his website address in big letters. Of course, you’ll make sure you buy his product the moment you get home!

9. The Surprisingly-Nice-In-Person Marketer

I’ll hold my hand up and admit that I’ve made some assumptions in the past that proved to be very wrong.

Whilst booking to attend a seminar I thought “oh no, not that speaker, don’t like him at all”. Then, when face to face with the person they turn out to be really friendly, knowledgeable and keen to share.

My advice would be to go to an event with an open mind, don’t presume somebody will be an idiot – let them prove it when you meet them!

10. Your New Best Friend?

I’ve only been to a total of 4 events over the past two years, all in the UK but at each one I’ve met other marketers who I keep in touch with and look forward to seeing at the next event.

Be yourself, be friendly and approachable and listen to the people you meet and maybe you’ll forge some life-long friendships. At the very least you’ll have some friends to meet up with next time you attend a seminar and people who can potentially help you in your business.

A few further tips:

Dress comfortably – you won’t have to attend wearing a suit. Some people do but I’ve always found jeans and a t-shirt or shirt to be perfectly fine.

Take some spending money for drinks/food etc – you can usually add everything to your hotel tab but often it is nice to go out in the evening to the nearest restaurant.

Don’t feel you have to buy any of the speakers’ offers. I’ve never spent anything on “back of the room” items at a seminar and for that I’m probably a seminar organiser’s nightmare attendee – I take up space and don’t get my credit card out. If something really resonates with me I will probably buy it but so far I’ve never been tempted. And all of the seminars I’ve attended would probably be labelled “pitchfests”.

Don’t expect to get very much sleep. Networking can continue long into the night and at one particular event a well-known marketer was still at the bar as the attendees were coming down for breakfast.

Try to get to the hotel the night before the seminar starts so if it is due to begin on Friday at 9am, arrive on the Thursday night and go down to the bar. You’ll find a few early arrivals “networking”. This also has the added benefit of helping you arrive for registration relaxed and refreshed on the first morning.

Although attending an off-line event can be daunting, you’ll soon get into the swing of things once you have been to your first seminar.

The next one I’ll be attending is the Focus Marketing Seminar in October see Internet Marketing Seminars in the UK for more details.

Do you recognise any of the above people? Are you planning on attending a seminar soon? Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences at internet marketing events or any questions you may have.

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  1. Hi Ben,
    thanks to your website. I stopped my decision to do cash gifting.
    It makes sense when I saw the whole system how it works. They never mention giving your money.
    Since you have analysed so many home based business and various marketing speakers. I like Andrew Reynolds, I find him sincere.
    But £30 a month is an issue.

    You have already mention its up to us to decide who or what to choose from. Could you tell me mainly which speaker you refer to or which home based or marketing strategy you have used to be useful.
    Thank yo for your website. I really appreciate you taking the time doing it.
    Thank you

    Yours sincerely,

    PS: Awaiting for your reply

    [Reply from Ben: Hi Jamshid, thanks for the comment.

    Glad you avoided cash gifting, it’s ropey to say the least.

    Yes, Andrew is certainly qualified to teach you how to make money through information publishing and licensing products etc. If you want to make money selling information products then he’s certainly a master at doing that!

    I can’t really recommend any one opportunity I’m afraid. I like affiliate marketing and domain trading plus I’ve always had a soft spot for financial trading. However, you need to have a good look around at what is available, do a bit of research and see what feels right to you.

    Have a look around my site: http://www.BizOppsUK.com and see if you can find anything you like the sound of.

    Oh, and have a good read through this blog (but I think you’ve done that already).



    Comment by Jamshid — 30th September 2008 @ 5:29 pm

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