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23rd November 2006
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It was earlier this week that I sent off for Nick James’ new product which he has called the “Secrets of Licensing – How Big Business Makes Its Money and How You Can Too”. I received it the next day (yesterday) and watched the DVD immediately.

Today I have been reading through the manual to learn more about what licensing actually involves.

A full review will follow in time but for the moment I have decided to move quickly on this one.

Along with the 119 page printed A4 manual and the DVD, when you buy the Secrets of Licensing course you also get reprint licenses to 4 products.

I have picked one product and found an excellent domain name to register, purchasing it along with hosting. I have also put in a bid request on RentaCoder.com for someone to write me 10 articles related to the product.

The idea is that I will get the sales page up and running and also submit the articles all over the internet to draw customers to the site – hopefully to buy the product.

It was quite fitting that someone emailed today with a relevant question:

Hi Ben

I’m emailing you as you seem to be a real human being at the end of an e-mail address.

I probably subscribe to over 30 “internet experts” mailing list.

Everything I come across seems to be saturated (reselling ebooks) or zero chance of working.

The latest scheme I tried was selling other peoples products via Clickbank.

I’ve probably spent thousands of pounds over the years and it gets to the stage where you hold your hand up and say “ok I’ve been had”

I’m convinced there is something worthwile out there but I havent found it yet.

Can you be completely honest with me and tell me if there is something out there and that you honestly do it yourself?


[name removed]

I will admit that there are a lot of “oversold” resale rights products on the internet. Most are hawked on eBay for pennies and, therefore, should prove to you that they are pretty much useless!

However, there are some gems out there if you are careful about what you buy.

For example, in the early months of this year I was offered two products, with full resale rights for £27.99 each. I got them “out there” quickly and since then I have grossed almost £2k in sales for these 2 products. Lots of other people also bought these products but I have not seen many being advertised. Where I have, they are not offered with much “gusto”, the seller has simply chucked a sales page up with a PayPal button at the bottom.

So, there is one example of something which has worked for me. I have everything about selling those products completely automated such as automatic delivery (through MyDigitalDispatch).

In the case of the licenses I got with Nick’s product, I will probably have some of the manuals rewritten and also repackage them with new “virtual” pictures of the eBooks. I may even rename the products.

A lot of products which seem to be “saturated” can actually still make a lot of money. It’s like any business opportunity – you have to tweak it so that you stand out above any other competitors.

As for selling other people’s products for commission, I do that too all the time. Still works well for me, you just have to work that little bit harder than everyone else – 95% of your competitors are very lack lustre in their attitude and give up far too easily.

I will come back to this point in the future and I will let you know how I got on with my new products.

In the meantime, see the site for more details about this opportunity – a review will come soon:

The Secrets of Licensing Home Study Course by Nick James

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