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5th January 2010
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Keith Wellman has just released yet another product (the “Automated Sales Formula”) that is advertised using a lengthy sales video that you can’t fast forward.

Like several of his previous products it costs $500 and promises a lot but will it deliver?

Here’s a rundown of what Wellman promises – and what it is likely to actually be.

Wellman’s promise: “15 Completely Ready To Go Niche Sales Systems

Likely to be: A series of readily available PLR or “resale rights” products purchased from eBay or discount wholesale resale rights websites.

When Keith offered his “VIP AutoPilot Profits Plus System”, customers were promised “a product to sell that has proven conversions” but what they actually received was an old product that was proved to be an “in the rough” info product from Nicheology.

As it turned out, Keith didn’t even have the right to distribute these products but that made no difference – the products were extremely old and available across the web for pennies. Customers weren’t realistically going to be able to sell their products when they were for sale on hundreds of other websites at a fraction of the price.

Alternatively they could be videos created by Wellman i.e. a set of 15 videos with the same set provided to each and every customer.

The effectiveness of this material will be reduced heavily when they are distributed in any quantity.

Wellman’s promise: “Simply plugin your affiliate link”

Likely to be: Instructions showing how to “cookie stuff” to avoid Clickbank vendors’ sales pages. Sounds great but it’s against Clickbank’s Terms of Service and could result in the affiliate being banned. Not a tactic you want to employ if you’re looking for an ongoing income stream (or even an income stream that actually works!).

Wellman’s promise: “super secret in house Twitter Traffic Syphon software”

Likely to be: Goodness knows what this could be but Keith claims to use it himself to drive traffic because it works “super well”.

Funny that he hasn’t posted to Twitter for almost a month! His last post was on December 8th, 2009.

Surely if this “Twitter Traffic Syphon” software worked well he would be using it more often? Especially when he says that you could be “cashing in at $100,000 per month” after using it for 100 campaigns.

If it worked that well, why tout this Automated Sales Formula product?

He’d have to sell 200 copies of this per month (400 if he’s giving 50% commission to JV partners) just to match the efforts of his autopilot Twitter software.

Remember the old saying – if it sounds too good to be true…

Wellman’s promise: “You’ll get the sold out, highly sought after, $1997 Easy Sales Formula course”

Likely to be: The Easy Sales Formula product that Wellman released in June 2009 with a price-tag of $500 or thereabouts. Whether he “sold out” or just stopped selling it is something only Keith would know.

Wellman’s promise: “This is the same system responsible for over $20,000,000 in online sales in the last 8 months alone for my students”

Likely to be: Unknown but twenty million dollars in 8 months, wow! Some of his students must have been given copies of the course in April, two months before the release date in June. Sadly there’s no way to prove that these claims are accurate or not.

Wellman’s promise: “Midnight Paycheck Recordings – [worth] $197”

Likely to be: Possibly teleseminar recordings explaining how to set up forced continuity programs attached to one-time product purchases. Much like this purchase where all customers are automatically enrolled onto an ongoing monthly commitment – until they cancel, of course.

Wellman’s promise: “2 Tickets to my like Everyday Wealth events – [worth] $997”

Likely to be: Free tickets to one of Keith’s seminars – usually held in partnership with Gary Ambrose and usually free to attend for anybody. Gary even offers tickets on the Warrior Forum: link. Not sure if these can be described as being worth almost a grand if anyone is allowed to attend, free of charge…

Wellman’s promise: “order within the next 10 minutes, you’ll get access to our Automated Traffic Software Suite”

Likely to be: No real details given but apparently it is some secret software that can give anyone “massive amounts of traffic simply and easily”. Who needs Adwords! As Keith says “It’s really that easy”. I wonder if you can use it on top of the Twitter software to create double massive amounts of traffic?

Wellman’s promise: “you need to order in the next 10 minutes in order to get the bonus traffic software”

Likely to be: … still there in two weeks.

Come back tomorrow, next Tuesday or even next month and you’ll still get the software.

Ever seen the Simpsons episode where Homer rings up to ask if they have any microphones in stock? “A couple” answers the warehouseman with them stacked up to the roof behind him.

This software is just digital dust. It’ll still be available in 10 weeks, nevermind 10 minutes. Which gives you plenty to time to do some due diligence – which is probably why you are reading this…

So, no, I won’t be buying this product.

And with a lack of any kind of guarantee, coupled with Keith Wellman’s past behaviour, the Automated Sales Formula is something I could never possibly recommend.

Keith refused to provide a series of several bonuses that he promised to give me back in 2007, you can read about that episode by following this link:

Keith Wellman of FX Marketing Inc and Everyday Wealth LLC

Also, don’t forget to check out Ripoff Report where there are dozens of complaints from Keith’s past customers:

Ripoff Report Search Results: keith wellman

Once you’re read all those complaints, check out the other post on this blog where people have been kind enough to add their comments:

Keith Wellman Product Is A Scam or Not – The Video

* UPDATE 5th January 2010, 20:20 *

Keith Wellman has just been banned from the Warrior Forum for the FOURTH time! He had created a new username called “EverydayWealth”.

Also, in the short window in which he was allowed to post before being banned he made the following comment about the guarantee that comes with the Automated Sales Formula product:

“In the video I didn’t mention a guarantee because I want people who are serious and not just going to purchase and refund. You’ll see on the order form there are terms of service at the bottom which state that the guarantee is 72 hours.”

Keith also confirmed that every customer will be given the exact same 15 videos and sites and that it is all an original creation:

“Everything in this was created from scratch by us”


  1. Thankyou so much……if there is just a small amount of
    criticism I steer clear but to read this I am out of here
    Thanks for saving me 500 bucks.

    Comment by Shaun — 5th January 2010 @ 1:55 am

  2. Thanks for the heads up!

    Comment by Murbay — 5th January 2010 @ 5:26 am

  3. Thank you my friend! I just sat through that entire, long video and could not fast forward it and was extremely frustrated. Your notes are excellent, and obviously I am doing some due diligence, or I wouldn’t be on here!

    Comment by Sara Abrams — 5th January 2010 @ 4:34 pm

  4. Dear Ben,

    With Filsaime and Joel Therien hyping Keith’s product, I suspect it is a replicant niche rehash of GVO’s package which I you can (test drive for 14 Days for One Dollar)

    Your homework on Keith was impressive and I appreciate you validating my suspicions.

    Keep up the great work


    Comment by Bill Whetstone — 5th January 2010 @ 9:39 pm

  5. Remember to unsubscribe from the “guru” who recommended this crap to you. Perhaps if enough do it they’ll see a pattern and start to actually check out these programs instead of just promoting the ones with the biggest affiliate checks.

    Comment by adrian calow — 5th January 2010 @ 11:00 pm

  6. omg. Avoid the scams, find out which Business Opportunities actually work. So, which do work?
    tnx for the advice btw

    btw, are you on twitter?

    [Addition by Ben: Hi, please have a look around the blog and the other site (BizOppsUK.com) for biz opps that work. And no, I’m not on Twitter. Thanks]

    Comment by @adripixitesmunier — 6th January 2010 @ 11:19 am

  7. Awesome piece, thanks mate.

    Quite often people are conned or easily beguiled by the internet and its ever replenishing pool of scams. The fact is the same thing that can con people into throwing away so much money , can be the very tool that saves them from it in the first place..

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”
    attributed to circus mogul Barnum
    , though commonly believed to be attributed to one of his competitors, Hannum.

    Thanks to people like your self and the content of this blog , perhaps we can whittle this down a little 🙂

    Thanks again

    Comment by VinnieMac — 7th January 2010 @ 8:22 am

  8. Phew, that was close many thanks. This is the 2nd product I came close to buying that Matt Bacak recommended

    Comment by Peter Fry — 7th January 2010 @ 10:05 pm

  9. Ben,
    It’s sad that you won’t forgive me for a mistake I made after apologizing and moving forward.

    [Addition by Ben: You never apologised.]

    I figured I better set the record strait anyways. BTW, what you are doing here is illegal.

    [Addition by Ben: Illegal? That’s fascinating – it what possible way could giving a prediction be illegal?]

    Wellman’s promise: “15 Completely Ready To Go Niche Sales Systems”

    ACTUALLY IS: 15 squeeze pages (created by us professionally) and 15 sales videos created by us as well selling affiliate products, just as I say in the sales video.

    Wellman’s promise: “Simply plugin your affiliate link”

    ACTUALLY IS: Using an iFrame WITH THE PRODUCT OWNERS PERMISSION to drop a single cookie through PayDotCom where it’s not against their TOS. We had long talks with the owners at Clickbank and there’s a way to do it legitimately with them as well however we weren’t able to get it up and running for this launch.

    Wellman’s promise: “super secret in house Twitter Traffic Syphon software”

    ACTUALLY IS: Great software. There’s others like it that charge per tweet. I don’t use it on my main twitter account because it’s not designed for that. I recommend people sign up for niche twitter accounts which is what I do and many others who use it do.

    Wellman’s promise: “You’ll get the sold out, highly sought after, $1997 Easy Sales Formula course”

    ACTUALLY IS: An awesome $1997 course. It sold out at $497 and then sold out at $1997 after I re-opened it. This course is amazing and it’s my best work. Ask any “real” marketer that has actually used it 😉

    Wellman’s promise: “This is the same system responsible for over $20,000,000 in online sales in the last 8 months alone for my students”

    ACTUALLY IS: Completely true. I have 100% verifiable proof as required by the FTC. A few marketers that you can ask that have sent me proof are Mike Filsaime, Alex Jeffries, Tellman, Shawn Casey, Matt Bacak, Michael Cheney, Charles Kirkland, Elisha Hong, and many more.

    Wellman’s promise: “Midnight Paycheck Recordings – [worth] $197″

    ACTUALLY IS: A video presentation talking about how to setup continuity programs and how to best sell them. We talk about risk free trials, membership programs, software services, and more.

    Wellman’s promise: “2 Tickets to my like Everyday Wealth events – [worth] $997″

    ACTUALLY IS: An event that I will do for the first time in June this year with 3 days of content. The first 2 days will be pure content and no selling allowed. The 3rd day, those same speakers are allowed to give another 1 hour and 15 min presentation and can sell in the last 15 mins. It’s designed as a CONTENT event but inevitably people will want to buy some of what they have to offer. I plan on holding 3 of these every year.

    Wellman’s promise: “order within the next 10 minutes, you’ll get access to our Automated Traffic Software Suite”

    ACTUALLY IS: Scarcity in play. The traffic software is BONUS traffic software on top of the automated traffic software they get. There’s a script in play to apply a tag in infusion for those that order within 10 minutes however, it’s not working. After trying to fix it, I told my programmers to leave it, after all not too many people will complain about getting it if they didn’t get their order in on time.

    About the banning… OH NO! I was banned! It’s a forum dude. It’s not the end of the world 😉


    Comment by Keith Wellman — 7th January 2010 @ 11:18 pm

  10. Thanks bud, that 45 min. long video was so fustrating to watch (I downloaded it with RealPlayer and zipped to the end about halfway through)… AND it insults your intelligence; if he has a TEAM to help him make these videos then why is his recording so LOW QUALITY! I mean he didn’t even take the time to edit out his mistakes, lol.

    Also, he has a personal joke going on throughout the video: He’s going to tell you how to make money by using his formula and he states in his video that he is using the exact same formula on you, the viewer. The key to success with Keith is 3 steps: 1) Watch his video and DON’T pay for it 2) Make a video like him on your own website 3) sucker people to watch the video HIS video on YOUR website and make them PAY, linking them to HIS website. lol, simple man… real simple 🙂

    Comment by Joshua Barnes — 7th January 2010 @ 11:22 pm

  11. This is great info but do you actually have anyone that could come foward and say “I bought this and it didn’t work” thats what I’m actually looking for.

    There’s alot of people with opinions. It sounds like you’ve been burned before and so have I but get over it, get stronger from it and move on.

    Now, With that said, Is there anyone that can say they bought this and it didn’t work please step foward and let’s chat!!

    Thanks, Mike

    Comment by Mike Mattei — 8th January 2010 @ 4:10 pm

  12. Ben,

    You said “You never apologised”

    Yes I did and I would tell you to look it up on the WF but the thread is gone. I apologized publicly to you and anyone that had issues with the product or support.

    I was sincerely sorry for my mistake.

    [Addition by Ben: Which thread was that? Describe it because I probably have it as a PDF so I can check]

    You said “Illegal? That’s fascinating – it what possible way could giving a prediction be illegal?”

    It’s illegal in a way that potential customers could interpret your “predictions” to be fact. This is in violation to the FTC’s rules governing commercial websites. This didn’t come from me, it came from the top law firm in the us that deals with internet commerce.

    [Addition by Ben: Seems like a very suspect claim. I could PREDICT what happens in the next series of a TV show on a website, would that be illegal too?]

    You also mentioned in your update that I confirmed that all customers get the same 15 sites that we created from scratch. Yes that is absolutely true and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Typically when a product is listed in a marketplace like clickbank or paydotcom, thousands of affiliates can all promote the same page.

    I’m giving ONLY my customers access to a HIGHER CONVERTING page that they other wise wouldn’t have to promote those products.

    I’m also limiting the number of customers that buy to limit saturation. I’ve got a lot of experience and can accurately estimate how many will promote any 1 of the 15 sites at the same time.

    If you understand it or not, I’m looking after my customers, providing them with a lot of value, and doing everything in my power to help them get started in making their first check online.

    And Joshua, the sites we setup for people NEVER link back to us in any way. We don’t even prepopulate them with our affiliate info or autoresponder info. We want THEM to be successful with them.


    Comment by Keith We11man — 8th January 2010 @ 4:36 pm

  13. Joshua,
    You’re quick to judge my video as being unprofessional and long without know the success of the video.

    They are done in a way that makes them real. I make mistakes in real life, why would I hide that in my video? People trust real people.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many records that 43 minute video is breaking in conversions, in sales numbers, etc. Sometimes in marketing, actually most of the time in marketing, it’s what you think won’t work that works the best.

    I teach customers how to do the same, why would I have a video that the average person can’t create? That’s just silly.


    Comment by Keith We11man — 8th January 2010 @ 4:39 pm

  14. Hey Keith,

    How long has this campaign been out for??


    Comment by Mike Mattei — 9th January 2010 @ 1:20 am

  15. Keith

    its information / disinformation. you write good sales pitch but regardless am similarly unable to find any positive feedback that is not directly linked to your sites. i own websites and understand entirely how all to easy it is to fabricate results, polls statistics and truth, just as similarly as i have studied film and your film/adver with a complete different overlay of sound would could tell a completely different story.

    Granted i was interested , but am not willing to throw away 500$ on a gamble. as for some reason i figure id have better luck at the casino , and no offense , but the devil you know……

    If This person (ben) truly believes what he is saying or it is indeed fact, then he is in now way liable for anything.

    i hope for you all the success though from the video and all sounds like you don’t much need it, so perhaps pass that on to any of your buyers.

    But i must truly wonder on your desire to make so many million heirs this year. i would be happy to take you up on your offer , though if your so conident it will be a sucsess perhaps why not give it to me in a 2 part payment, for free, or an extremely lower price to make it available to those whom are willing though a lil skeeptical.
    If it is so much the success you proclaim then you wouldn’t have a problem reclaiming the additional amount or perhaps an even greater amount at the end of the month.

    idk, guess i just been around to long and well there seems to be a general outcome with get rich quick schemes

    “There was a time when fools and there money were once parted,”
    “Now it happens to everybody.” – Adlai Stevenson would love to give you the chance but… hey who knows, perhaps youll take me up on my offer and we can then prove this board wrong 🙂


    Later all

    Comment by VinnieMac — 10th January 2010 @ 2:58 am

  16. I purchased the Automated Sales formula and although I believe there is great content in the product and they have put some great time and effort into the thing I have not been happy with their level of response time to problems or the presentation of the information contained within ASF. I have had a problem for 4 days that they have not resolved and now I have asked for a refund and it seems they are only offering a window of 72 hours for refund. I find this to be quite a sham considering many other programs offer a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee.

    Comment by Jarrod — 14th January 2010 @ 3:03 pm

  17. Ben:

    Thanks for this post, but I didn’t look around before I purchased ASF.

    When I asked for a refund, I was told that their window was, “The 72 hour period is a grace period for those that make decision in haste and for people that see the product and are not satisfied. It’s not meant for people to use, and then refund, it’s way to valuable for that.”

    At around $500 I agree that ASF is “way to (sic) valuable” for them, but it is of no use for me. It certainly seems to me that a 72 hour grace period is a time-frame that is not about customer service. It is about grabbing as much money as possible and then ignoring any problems that customers might have with the product.

    For instance, I thought the “Automated Traffic Syphon” would be a great benefit. But for many days when I tried to use the service, it didn’t work correctly. It did not do the task it was supposed perform. My support tickets went un-answered except I was told that they were working on improvements. When they finally came out with the improved version, it did not work in the automated fashion that had been described. The improvements required manual interventions to make it do its tasks. I was not a happy camper to have purchased something that didn’t work and when they “fixed” it, it required me to do all the ongoing work for this “automated” process.

    The 15 squeeze pages were another problem. After finally getting the traffic to start coming to the squeeze pages from the “Automated Traffic Syphon” I thought I would give the squeeze pages a try before I asked for the refund. After 500 click-throughs to the squeeze pages, I only had one visitor actually give an email address to see the sales video (and that visitor never confirmed).

    When I asked for the refund in a support ticket, I received a “personal” email from “Erica S.” and the email seemed to be a very business-like response to my request. But the email was “No-Reply” so that unsuspecting folks might think they could talk with this “person” by replying to the email. Structurally, this seems to be designed to stop (or delay) people from trying to continue the conversation about the refund request.

    Needless to say, I am angry that I have been scammed. I am angry that their whole process is designed to take my (and everyone else’s) money and not give satisfactory products, services, or customer service.

    Quite frankly, I’m going to make it my business to tell as many folks as possible about Keith Wellman’s business practices.

    Comment by Rodger Bailey — 29th January 2010 @ 7:32 pm

  18. One additional note:

    Someone is doing something okay in Keith Wellman’s back office.

    I sent an email to the no-reply email address, before I realized that it was “no-reply” and someone did receive that email, re-open my ticket, and post my email into a ticket reply.

    I am now posting these two comments as an additional reply in their support ticket system. Let’s see if something good happens in their office for me.

    Rodger Bailey.

    Comment by Rodger Bailey — 29th January 2010 @ 7:42 pm

  19. I complained that I did not get the promised traffic program if I purchased in the last 10 minuites. I purchased but still did not get it. I complained to the helpdesk and was told I had to buy the VIP system – guess what, I got the Twitter system so there was no need for me to purchase the VIP system as was stated above by Keith the other system was never released. There is a technical/legal term for this ‘bait and switch’.

    Bait and switch is serious, I have just got my money back from another seller via Clickbank.

    Why can they not be straight with you.

    Di – Oh yes, I have just had a note about paying for Masters of the Month = what the hell is that Keith another surprise?????????

    Comment by Di Chapman — 1st February 2010 @ 5:25 pm

  20. Well, I got a response back from Keith Wellman’s office:

    Hi Rodger,
    Unfortunately, we cannot refund your purchase due to our policy. However, we will be more than happy to help you with your Automated Sales Formula.
    Thank You & Have a wonderful day!
    Erica S.
    Everyday Wealth Support/
    Keith Wellman’s Office

    So, it becomes clear that their policy (the 72 hour grace period) is a policy for taking money and not providing service.

    They cover their butt by saying, “However, we will be more than happy to help you with your Automated Sales Formula.” But after the poor service to start with and the squeeze pages that do nothing, I do not want to waste any time with whatever they want to offer me.

    My suggestion is to avoid any offer by Keith Wellman like a plague.

    Rodger Bailey

    Comment by Rodger Bailey — 1st February 2010 @ 9:11 pm

  21. Thank you for this information. I must say he has a good sales pitch. But I did not see any guarantee.(That’s a red flag) and I clicked on the video and the countdown clock stopped. (It did not even take me to the sales page.) (That’s a sign from God.hehehe) So apparently you can stop time. Because of that little glitch, I surmised that he was not all that technical or Internet smart after all. Also it is one of my rules (personal rules like the Gib’s rules) not to let people rush me into making a decision with count-down clocks.

    Bravo for you for this!

    Comment by Gloria Jean — 25th April 2010 @ 6:27 pm

  22. I read the comments, and Keith makes a claim that your “predictions” are illegal. That is so silly (if not plain ignorant) I guess opinions are illegal too. Buaahahahahah! Very funny.

    Plu—eeeesse! If predictions are illegal, I guess the weather man is a criminal. I should stop reading tarot cards and my horoscope too. The great thing about the Internet is freedom of information, freedom to express your opinion, freedom to make predictions etc. Some people don’t know the difference between a civil complaint (tort) and a law. When expressing your opinion becomes against the law we are all going to be in big trouble. We are allowed to make predictions and we are allowed to express our opinions. We are even allowed to lie. Lying is not against the law either UNLESS it is done while you are under oath.

    If you don’t like what I say, you have to sue me. You can’t arrest me. That is the difference.

    Comment by Gloria Jean — 25th April 2010 @ 6:53 pm

  23. Wow!

    I am very grateful to all you writers out there. My husband and I were pretty much sold on Keith Wellman and it was just as well I decided to do a little research.

    Just proves how powerful the internet is – I’m going to spend some money on a quality bottle of wine now and raise my glass to you all…

    Cheers !

    Comment by Deborah — 29th April 2010 @ 6:40 am

  24. I’ve read all the comments and reactions of Mr. Keith. Just wondering why the sales page is blocked in our country? Philippines.

    I’m a outsource worker and can’t access the sales page. Actually, we did submit ticket last April. The support replied:

    “There are sometimes blocked IP’s from places like the Phillipines, but I’ll have to look into this further for you. Hang Tight and I’ll investigate.” -April 23, 2010.

    Until now, we still don’t have answers to our problem.

    Comment by Melinda — 30th May 2010 @ 7:12 am

  25. Hi.

    I made the mistake of purchasing Keith Wellman’s ASF package and unfortunately I assumed I had 60 days to figure out if it will work for me or not.

    A couple of the videos didn’t work and at least one of the products in the package wasn’t even available anymore on Clickbank.

    Of course, when I requested a refund I was told they ‘would help me make money’ but no refund. Boy was I mad! I intend to conduct my own little anti-Keith-Wellman campaign to get the word out about this jerk.

    Thanks for your article. I wish I had seen it before I made my purchase.

    I haven’t been burned very often. I have started requesting refunds for stuff that I know I won’t use. I’m tired of funding people whose product isn’t for me.

    Thanks again!

    Comment by C Walsh — 9th June 2010 @ 4:56 pm

  26. I have a hard and fast rule…..Always do a Google search with the product name AND the name of the individual who “created” the product. My first search is… “product name”, warrior forum….This will give you opinions from warrior forum members, which are usually quite dependable. I also go to IM Report Card to see if anyone there has actually bought the product AND the results they have had with the product. Do your homework before you spend your money. There are several other websites that I use, but this is where I start. I hope this has helped.

    Comment by Bruce — 30th July 2010 @ 3:49 pm

  27. Purchased this ASF video skinning program and as part of the package was to receive new video products installed every month for a monthly fee and of course never got the updates just told that they are working on them. It’s not a good program and I feel he never lived up to his promises. Won’t touch anything that has his name assoviated with it.

    Comment by Z — 6th October 2010 @ 9:09 am

  28. I wish I had seen this site before I purchased the program. I actually have been too busy to utilize the program until recently. When I logged onto my WP site, the plugin for filling in my affiliate links is nowhere to be found. I e-mailed customer support and after no reply I tried to contact customer support and the support site appears to have been moved. I too tried to get a refund when I initially purchased the program and was told that I couldn’t get one since the refund period was only good for 72 hours. Doesn’t give one much time to implement the program and test if it really is worthwhile. Shame on you Keith Wellman for your deceptiveness.

    Comment by Leanne — 20th October 2010 @ 9:19 am

  29. In 2010, I was going to purchase Keith Wellman’s Easy Sales Formula for $497.00 US, but after entering all of my information, I decided not to make the purchase. The sales page for the Easy Sales Formula, would not allow me to abandon the purchase, somehow I was caught in a loop. I received a confirmation email stating I made a purchase. I immediately contacted my credit card company, requested a refund to Keith Wellman’s company via a support ticket and via email. He refused to issue a refund. His refusal to issue a refund went on for weeks. However, since I acted immediately, and I saved every email he sent me, my credit card company issued a refund to me.

    Remember you have consumer protections with your credit card company, but act as soon as possible and save all correspondence.

    Comment by Ruth — 11th October 2012 @ 7:45 am

  30. Does Keith Wellman delete his customer hub for his course automated sales formula? Pretty sad. Is there a chance to get the content again from somewhere? Thats the reason why I like real products more – alle the expensive content is now gone.

    Comment by Caroline — 25th October 2015 @ 4:08 pm

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