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11th December 2006
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I have been buying a lot of stuff on eBay recently, some great stuff too for pennies on the pound.

Of course, it is all biz opp related gear (as if I haven’t got enough of the stuff already!)…

Recent wins included:

Stephen Pierce’s Multi-Dimensional Marketing home study course. This is an A4 sized manual, 2 DVDs and 2 CDs all wrapped up in a nice presentation folder.

If you’ve never heard of Stephen before then it’s fair to say that he is a very successful online marketer.

My only previous experience of him was from the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp in November 2005 where he did a two hour set (see http://www.Entrepreneur-Bootcamp.org) and also from some DVDs I have of Carl Galletti’s Internet Marketing Superconference from 2003.

I think he is friends with Andrew Reynolds as he is now on the Entrepreneur Channel with a couple of segments (Sky 682).

I also got hold of yet another Streetwise Publications product – “The Streetwise Internet Poker Home Study Course” which is well over 100 pages long. To be quite honest, I’ve never played Poker in my life but I know that it is huge so it is worth looking into.

Thirdly I got hold of Vince Stanzione’s seminar from 2002 – 6 videos and a workbook.

Now, this particular video set doesn’t come up for sale that often on eBay.

There is someone who sells videos of a Stanzione seminar on eBay. Although the seller claims they are from “2002/2003”, when you watch them you find out they were filmed in 2000 and Vince is recommending that you use futures pagers. Well past their sell-by date!

Three bargains there then, when I really should’ve been Christmas shopping! Oh well, still 2 weeks left for that…

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