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12th December 2006
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Around this time last year I decided to buy the Rich Jerk’s eBook. I wrote a short review on the main site which you can read here:

The Rich Jerk – New Profitable Internet Marketing SystemThe review was pretty positive because, although the writer acts like an arrogant “jerk”, there is some good stuff contained in the manual for someone who is new to internet marketing.

Of course, the Rich Jerk is just a caricature of a real human being – a great marketing ploy. When it was released it was a new and fresh and people responded in their droves, making it a Clickbank bestseller.

Behind the Rich Jerk is a young American man called Kelly Felix. He did create some very profitable websites and has made a fortune from internet marketing. It’s probably an understatement to say that he has increased his fortune somewhat by creating the Rich Jerk character.

After the initial website and eBook offer, the Rich Jerk branched out into infomercials in the US. Everything he did was geared towards creating a huge email list so that he could promote other products to them in order to make more money.

A couple of months ago emails started appearing from the Jerk advertising “Stompernet”, a search engine optimisation course from Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins. The emails were rude, many telling the reader to “**** off” at the end!

Also, the Jerk decided to make up some ridiculously over-the-top stories about torturing an employee for giving away his secrets or something or other.

Apparently, although I haven’t received the email yet, RJ has sent out another email today which says some rather silly things about something he really shouldn’t have mentioned…

By all means join up for the Rich Jerk’s program if you are interested, just don’t expect to receive professional and courteous emails from him. He seems to like to appeal to juveniles…

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