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17th December 2006
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Recently I picked up a copy of a manual called AutoProfits which is offered through Nick Laight’s Canonbury Publishing company.

AutoProfits is written by Mark Hempshell, a used car trader who sells cars through eBay for profit.

The manual promises to reveal “How to Pocket £14,000 – £130,0000 a year selling just 1 used car per week on eBay

I really liked the manual, this is a system which can be very profitable and Mark has laid it out in an easy-to-understand format. In the new year, a friend and I will be starting a little side business following the ideas put forward in this system (more to follow).

Yesterday a subscriber of the Free Business Opportunities Email Newsletter sent me an email to let me know that he had bought the manual and was also impressed:

Hi Ben

You mention Cannonbury Publishing now and again in your blog.

I have bought one or two things from them – mostly Avril Harper manuals.

One that I did get recently was “Autoprofits! – How to Pocket £14,000 – £130,000 a year selling just 1 used car per week on ebay.”

I don’t know if you have come across this at all, but I was impressed.

The manual is spiral bound A4 format with 71 pages of close type.

The guy who has written it (Mark Hempshell) is obviously “in the business” and appears to really know what he is talking about. The impressive part is not so much the ebay selling information – although that’s in depth – but his insight into the second hand car market and the tricks and know-how that he is willing to give away in the manual. Also he goes into detail about what you should be buying, and what to avoid.

Selling second hand cars is not going to be for everyone but you can’t argue with a couple of hundred, up to a couple of thousand pounds, in profit every time you sell on ebay!

He even gives you an email address to contact him for ongoing support if required. (I haven’t tried to contact him yet so I have no idea if he will respond.)

Will I try selling cars on ebay? Well, that remains to be seen but if I do then I certainly will be doing it with this manual by my side!

I think Cannonbury have really scored here, if you think you might like to be the next Arfur Daily! (Giving away my age now.)



You can read more about AutoProfits by clicking on the following link:

AutoProfits – £130k per year selling used cars on eBay

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