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2nd April 2012
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The review of the 30 Minute Unitrader system on BizOppsUK.com provided an email address so that other people who had used the system could send in their experiences.

Below is a summary of the emails that were received.

Email contents are quoted as received although names, email address and any other pieces of identifying data have been removed.

Segments that talked about other systems or segments that were unrelated have also been removed.

Email one received 02/03/2012:

“Like you I recently purchased the 30 Minute Unitrader Method and have been struggling to make any profits at all. A few days after I received the DVD?s I received another similar circular from Tim Lowe offering what he calls the Ternary System compiled in cooperation with Matt Fyles. It seemed to be the same system in a more professional presentation but he seemed to imply that it was not necessary to trade ?in play? in matches where the non-favourite had scored. This was the major drawback for me as it was not always convenient to be present when a match was in progress.”

Email two received 08/03/2012:

“I bought the system a couple of weeks ago. Like yourself, I was quite exited about trying it having watched the cd’s and I am aware that there are people out there who make some good money doing things like this on betfair.

So far I have not had many opportunities to trade due to work and family commitments, despite monitoring it for an entire Saturday and most of a Sunday. I took two trades early on, just to test the water, for small stakes of £10. These were profitable, but then my third trade with a £50 stake took a loss of £22 when the underdog went 2-0 up and the odds changed very quickly! I have not had the opportunity to trade since.

I found that the odds did not move that significantly on the profitable trades yet they moved quite quickly on the unprofitable trade. This was my fear about the system as although I am not a betfair guru by any stretch, I know that too many people trying to do the same thing can distort the odds.

So the jury is out for me although I suspect I will be sending it back as I don’t think it fits in with family life. I think I need something I can do as and when I get the time rather than watching  the screen like a hawk all weekend!”

Email three 10/03/2012:

“I bought the system 3 weeks ago and in that time gave it a good try entering 15 trades during that period.

I was determined to make it work as it all seemed very feasible and I have some experience of Betfair, but not this particular trading method.

I decided today to return the system for a full refund.

Your review was very fair and balanced and reflected my experiences almost to the letter –

1) I agree that 30 days is not enough time to find out if it may turn around in the long run, Matt says to be patient, 30 days is not long enough to follow his advice.

2) I believe that Matt should have demonstrated more trades on his DVDs as I was presented with many scenarios where I was left scratching my head. A more in depth analysis of each trade would have been helpful, particularly when only partial trades where matched.

3) I agree that Matt’s sales letter is somewhat exaggerated. I was winning small amounts on some trades and losing more on others. My bank was diminishing over time and it gave me absolutely no incentive to carry on.”

Email four 31/03/2012:

“After reading your review on 30min trader i thought i would just drop you an e-mail. I have bean useing the system for a bit but also not much joy only managing to end up with a 0.64p profit useing £20 trades after about 4 weeks.”

Comments welcome below or at the email address given in the original 30 Minute Unitrader review:

Matt Fyles and the 30 Minute UniTrader System


Email five received 11/04/2012:

“I have just come off your page and am relieved that it ain’t just me!!

I too got this and proceeded with a positive attitude although immediately after watching the only 3 videos needed (yes same as you but I guess newbies would love the guidance) I immediately worried about the liquidity and noted that the trades he took were over a year ago!!

I had one match go two goals from underdog and I stillmanaged break even and that was encouraging BUT when I started getting ‘favourable’ results, the prices simply didn’t ‘happen’ – like you I ended up with small losses and a few small wins but the losses far outweigh the wins and I was only using £10 stakes and one of my losses was from waiting for a better price!!

I add that I noticed in your review that you kind of ‘kicked yourself’ for maybe waiting too long to get a good price but I think you are being too hard on yourself as in the supplied trade examples, Matt frequently waits a considerable time and even after not getting the high price he enters, he then enters another price which isn’t showing as available so I think this system is flawed fromt he get go as i.It was working for HIM and that was over a year ago and ii.The new system influx of users has killed the prices and iii. The Liquidity isn’t that good for many of the games any way!

All in all super-disappointing and if you go to : [removed – it was a page on Tim Lowe’s site with testimonials on it]

You’ll see a testimonial from Matt himself talking about receiving a cheque for over £400k!! from Tim for one of their joint ventures!! Oh and he goes on to say it’s totalled more than £1 million!!! so clearly he doesn’t make a tidy living from his football system does he???”


  1. I too, with enthusiasm purchased the 30 minute Unitrader from Matt Fyles through the mail and played it several times. In the ‘Greening Up’ Section (8) Matt explains how to download open office for free, giving an example of how not to lose when spread betting. I downloaded this site but have had difficulty in trying to find the trade calculator, having already placed £50 with Betfair can anyone assist in how to proceed from here on in.

    Comment by Kev Hardisty — 13th April 2012 @ 12:32 pm

  2. Hi Kev,

    If I remember correctly the spreadsheet is on one of the CDs. Have another look on there and you should find it.

    If not, email Matt and he should email it to you.

    Good luck – and please come back and let us know how you get on with Unitrader.



    Comment by Ben — 13th April 2012 @ 6:42 pm

  3. I have found that most of the midweek games have poor liquidity unless they are in the very top leagues. Good trades are hard to come by and Matt’s claim that you can trade 40 out of 52 weeeks a year is nonsense.

    Comment by John — 18th April 2012 @ 9:50 pm

  4. I received the same type of sales pitch letter for this UniTrade betting system a couple a couple of months ago
    I was intrigued as I myself have devised and use my own type of basic ‘Betting System’ for football matches which is moderately successful and was thinking of maybe purchasing this to see if it followed the same model as my home-grown system or at least hopefully gave advice that could be used to possibly ‘tweak’ my own system.
    However having usual caution I delayed thankfully and I have a query-
    1; My letter is endorsed by Matt Fyles, yet here he is saying he tested product almost as if he is an independant,and doesnt recommend it.
    Is Matt involved with this product or not?

    Comment by Steve — 3rd September 2012 @ 11:18 am

  5. Hi Steve,

    Neither this blog nor bizoppsuk.com has anything to do with Matt Fyles. Any reviews on these sites were not provided by Matt, he is the creator of the Unitrader system not a reviewer.



    Comment by Ben — 3rd September 2012 @ 3:39 pm

  6. Matt Fyles is selling you a dream that does not work. The liquidity is not there to do what he suggests and neither are the profits he promises. I am a trader myself and have been inundated with people that bought his V system which is £6000 worth of [edited by Ben].

    I strongly suggest you avoid anything with Matt Fyles and Tim Lowe’s name attached to it or you will certainly end up with a lot LESS money than you started with.

    Comment by Dave — 28th November 2013 @ 9:01 pm

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