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28th December 2006
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I recently came across a site which is ruthlessly advertised via Google AdWords. Danny’s Scam Review professes to tell you which “work at home” schemes actually work.

The advert is:

I was scammed 37 times
These websites are absolute scams I will
show you the ones that work

So, you click on the link and get taken to dannys-scam-review.com.

Apparently, this “Danny” has gone from earning $70,000 a year to becoming redundant from his 9-5 job.

What he decided to do was try and make money via the web. He bought 37 programs and found that all but 2 were scams (I’d say he’s pretty stupid to get scammed 35 times – or he’s lying…).

Anyway, on his site he shows you 2 programs which are apparently “not scams”. If you pay the money to join these programs, Danny says that you will make money.

He even says about his “No 1 BEST PRODUCT” (ultimatewealthpackage.com):

“The purchase price is a little high at $299 dollars, but look out for the occasional special offer. I bought the package for $299 and the very next day it was being sold for only $99! I didn’t mind because I made it all back anyway! A full refund is also offered if you are not happy with the product which is extremely reassuring”

The truth is that the Ultimate Wealth Package was first launched on or around the 4th March 2006. Back then it was only $46, not the $299 that Danny claims.

In fact, it has never been priced at more than $50.

Danny’s Scam Review website is a complete con. He has taken probably the worst advice from the Rich Jerk eBook and tried to build a business around it.

I signed up for his “newsletter” to find out what his opinion of the top 3 scams was. He said that they were:

“Scam #1 – High Yield Investment Programs
Scam #2 – Envelope Stuffing
Scam #3 – Free Magazine Advertising”

And he’s probably right. The problem is that Danny says:

“Yesterday I made $493.98 with Ultimate Wealth Package…”

However, I signed up for his email newsletter with two different email addresses, a week apart and he said he made the same amount yesterday in both emails.

Danny’s Scam Review is a site which lies.

Whoever is behind it has built it anonymously because they are not willing to admit who they are.

Sign up for his newsletter and you will find that he promotes all kinds of rubbish to try and make a quick buck.

Two he has tried to palm off include “Paid Surveys” and “Type at Home” which is a useless data entry scheme.

Danny even goes so far as to claim in an email:

“… last week I e-mailed you about Paid Survey Program and how my friend Kev James was making a load of cash just filling in surveys on line!

Since I sent out the e-mail telling you about the program over 3,000 of you joined the program. That was a lot, I was impressed! I contact the Survey Company to see how many of you were actually making. In the last 7 days since I sent out the e-mail, Paid Survey Program have paid out OVER $242,000 to us, which is crazy! I PERSONALLY only made $3,000, so the other $239,000 has been made by you! CONGRATULATIONS! (Yes I am a little jealous, but there 1,000 of you, only 1 of me!) “

Don’t believe a word that Danny’s Scam Review tells you, it’s complete rubbish.

Type At Home and Paid Surveys are complete fallacies. Check the index of this blog and you will find posts about these types of schemes. They are all very dubious, certainly not schemes which will make you any money.



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  2. I have also found another site called pauls-scam-review.com which
    was almost identical to dannys as he has said he was scammed 35 out
    of 37 times also (sic!)I would like to know if anyone, anyone at all
    knows of any of these money-making website or are for real, or that all of them are frauds.

    Comment by Greg — 7th April 2007 @ 7:24 pm

  3. The fact that this guy is found in g-adwords for so many keyword phrases that I couldnt hope to find them all, attests to the fact that he is getting a profit.

    The fact that he has been at this for so long, indicates that he is making a really huge profit.

    I just wish I had this guy promoting my stuff as he is clearly successful.

    Comment by Bishop — 27th April 2007 @ 9:34 pm

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