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13th January 2007
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Yesterday I mentioned in the free Business Opportunity Email Newsletter that Streetwise Publications have been advertising the new Terry Wilson manual called “How to Make £1,000 Before Breakfast” in the national press.

Two subscribers wrote in to provide quick reviews of this product. Their comments are given below:

Subscriber 1:

“Not a major review, but I bought this package and returned it. I am also a subscriber to Andrew Reynold’s Cash on Demand and found that there was nothing in “How to Make £1,000 Before Breakfast”, that I had not already learned from Andrew five-fold.

It has loads of stuff in it and for the price I feel it is good value”

Subscriber 2:

“I just recieved the Terry Wilson ‘£1,000 Before Breakfast’and was shocked to find that it is EXACTLY the same content WORD FOR WORD as Stuart Goldsmiths REAL WEALTH monthly manuals from his REAL LIFE course. So it seem Stu has done a deal with Streetwise who have truncated his 12 part course into a manual.

Just thought it might be woth mentioning to subscribers”

I had a feeling that Stuart Goldsmith had contributed some content…

For more, see:

Terry Wilson, How to Make £1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast and StreetWise Publications

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