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15th January 2007
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Recently I received the following feedback about the Equitrack VSR system from a subscriber to the free Business Opportunities Email Newsletter.

It read:

Our personal experience of Equinex:

About 7 years ago my husband and I bought the Equinex programme. It seemed very impressive and we were also impressed with the initial demonstration at their Cheshunt offices.

However, we lost money on it. The problem also was that when we would phone to ask questions re using the data, the two originators would have very individual ways of slecting their bets from the data provided, and advice often conflicted.

After having had a few unsuccessful periods, we decided to ‘papertrade’: we did this diligently and in a very disciplined way for a year without showing profit (on paper).

However this was in the days when betting tax existed and if that had not been in force, we did work out that we would have made a profit of a couple of hundred pounds on average per month.

For us, even had this been possible at the time (without the betting tax) it would certainly not have been worth the daily work, the risk (bad weather created havoc) and the outlay.

I hope this helps!”

Thanks for taking the time to submit this review.

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