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23rd November 2012
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Over the past few weeks I’ve received two different sales letters claiming to come from “Jim Hunt”.

The first letter came from Streetwise Publications Limited and was selling a £27 per month course called “The Five Secrets“. In this letter Jim Hunt is given the title of “Course Director”.

The second letter came from Lifetime Enterprises Limited and was also selling a £27 per month course. This one was called “Corporate Raider” and was described as a “compendium of secret banking loopholes”. Jim Hunt also signed this letter.

As you can imagine the sales copy from both was extremely compelling and tempting.

In the case of the Five Secrets course I was severely tempted but this one sentence put me off:

“No-one ever got anywhere by being sceptical”

The copy goes on to ask whether the reader has ever met a wealthy sceptic.

Perhaps the copywriter has never watched TV but there’s a programme called “Dragons’ Den” that is broadcast on BBC1. It features a collection of multi-millionaires who listen to pitches by members of the public and then decide whether to invest in their ideas or not.

The whole gimmick of the show is that the Dragons have to be won around – they are sceptical about all ideas until the pitcher puts forward a good reason for them to invest.

These Dragons are multi-millionaires and their wealth dwarfs that of any of the “information publishers” who send out these types of biz opp sales letters. Knowing this it is difficult to understand how a copywriter can claim that there are no wealthy sceptics.

It’s just a silly sentence that has been added to try and make the reader think that being sceptical prevents you from making money in the hope that they’ll sign up to the standing order.

Shortly after discounting the sales letter I eventually found a full second-hand course of the Five Secrets for sale and snapped it up.

The seller was kind enough to include the original sales letter they received – the one that persuaded them to sign up.

Surprise, surprise, it is exactly the same as the one Streetwise is currently mailing out.

And the course has a copyright date on it “Copyright CMS 2000”.

This original sales letter comes from James Edwards of CMS, Reading. According to thisismoney.co.uk James Edwards is an alias of James Sheridan.

Very interesting.

As for the Corporate Raider system the sales letter speaks of special “bank passwords” that you enter into your computer. Apparently when you do this you will receive money within 5 minutes.

It comes from Lifetime Enterprises Limited and certain websites suggest that James Sheridan is a director of this company.

Strange coincidence!

The Corporate Raider sales letter is very compelling and also quite baffling in that it doesn’t actually tell you what this particular opportunity is about.

It says that it’s not a pyramid scheme, not a home business, not currency or commodity trading, not gambling, not property etc

Very interesting that it specifically mentions it’s not currency or commodity trading but doesn’t say that it won’t involve financial trading of some variety.

Therefore, it’s specifically stating what kind of trading that it ISN’T so maybe, just maybe, it does involve some kind of trading.

So what kind of trading would have someone typing in a “password” and then receiving money minutes later?

You would obviously be taking money from somebody else in some kind of trade, that would explain why you receive money almost instantly.

So you would possibly be selling something to another trader. That trader would be paying you for some kind of service or insurance or maybe even to shoulder some risk for him.

Could it be that you would be selling options?

That would explain why someone would pay you money immediately, without you appearing to actually “do” anything.

Perhaps it’s something to do with writing options on shares?

If it were, the “money” you receive would actually come from premiums that other investors pay you to buy these options.

The “passwords” in this case would likely relate to the shares that you are selling options on – whether calls or puts.

Correct me if I’m wrong but when you BUY options you have a limited downside but a potentially unlimited upside.

On the other hand if you SELL options you have an unlimited downside but a limited upside.

Selling options, therefore, can result in massive financial losses if you make the wrong decision.

The pieces appear to fit – passwords, money appearing within minutes, “instant cash, anytime, anywhere”, start with a thousand pounds etc

Maybe I’ll send off and get the first month of “Corporate Raider” free just to see if I’m right.

However, if the “Corporate Raider” Jim Hunt is the same person as the “Five Secrets” Jim Hunt then it may well be that the first lesson doesn’t tell you very much – as is the case with part one of the Five Secrets course.

And to be fair maybe the Corporate Raider course has nothing to do with options trading at all and there is a valid method of receiving hundreds of pounds just by typing in some letters to a website…

In any case it’ll all be revealed soon enough once people receive their first months’ newsletter. The review sites will no doubt spill the beans…

Update 19th February 2013:

If you want the 5 Secrets course but don’t want to wait for 10 months to get it I’ve put my own personal (100% official) copy of the course up for sale here:

Business Opportunity Manuals, DVDs and Videos For Sale


  1. I received the same mailshot today. was going to send off for the first, free, installment, but think I’ll wait now till someone else reports back. maybe they’re just hoping that, after getting the first installment, the customer will forget to cancel the standing order..

    Comment by Alan Sheppard — 30th November 2012 @ 8:17 pm

  2. I have just been searching for more information on the so called Corporate Raider Instant Money Making plan, as I am somewhat intrigued as to how it works, and what I have To Do.

    Just Enter Some Codes Into My computer?
    Receive Money In Five! Minutes?
    100% Legal?
    Instant Cash, Anytime, Anywhere?
    Five Times You Money In 5 Minutes, No Risk Guarantee.

    There Is An Email address jimhunt357@gmail.com I Will Send An Email And Hope To Find Out More

    Comment by Fothermucker — 1st December 2012 @ 11:54 am

  3. I received the first part of this, and it is indeed selling options. There’s no explanation how to do it or any indicators.

    I requested the 2nd part, and a few days later, my bank phoned me to tell me that they would not process the standing order as they were aware that this was a known [word removed].

    Having contacted the vendor, they offered to send parts 2 and 3 for free if i sent the bank a letter saying this wasn’t a [word removed]. When i told the vendor that they’d not demonstrated this wasn’t a [word removed], they immediately closed my [word removed] and withdrew their offer of the free issues.

    Make of that what you will…..Although [word removed] is springing to my mind….

    [Edited by Ben: Sorry but I had to remove that particular word. The newsletter may or may not be of poor quality but it doesn’t strike me as a scam – you did get the first issue as promised. I guess your bank was being ultra-cautious. Thanks for taking the time to comment though, very much appreciated.]

    Comment by Darren — 2nd December 2012 @ 12:55 pm

  4. I got the ‘Corporate Raider’ mailshot from ‘Jim Hunt this morning. As a hardened sceptic, I had no intention of paying this character anything whatsoever, but wished to find out more about his scheme.

    Thanks very much for the information provided above. My interest level in ‘Corporate Raider’, having peaked at about 10%, has now swiftly dropped to a minus figure so great that it is unquantifiable.

    Comment by John — 5th December 2012 @ 1:28 pm

  5. Hi Darren, thanks for reviewing this, I just received the very same mailshot (from Lifetime Enterprises). It says that if you follow the instructions of the first installment then you can “make 5 times your money in 5 minutes guaranteed” and you can try this for 30 days before your payment of £27 is due. I wonder why someone able to make that kind of money would bother trying to make more money from selling it to others at the ‘risk’ of them divulging the ‘secret’ and causing “panic on the streets if word of this spreads”.

    But I am also puzzled by your own review. Darren, you wrote “Shortly after discounting the sales letter I eventually found a full second-hand course of the Five Secrets for sale and snapped it up.” So what exaclty is the first ‘secret; and how does it guarantee to make you five times the money in five minutes? Why does the rest of your review still pretend that you do not really know what this is about and even states you might go ahead and order it?

    [Addition by Ben: Thanks for the comment – it appears that my blog post wasn’t clear… I was talking about two different sales letters – one from Streetwise and one from Lifetime – both signed by a “Jim Hunt”. I bought the Five Secrets course (advertised by Streetwise) second hand and so I’ve read it. I haven’t seen the Corporate Raider course (advertised by Lifetime Enterprises) and so that one was the one that I was considering sending off for the first section. Hope that clears it up.]

    Comment by Mike — 5th December 2012 @ 4:11 pm

  6. Thanks a lot for that string of comments on the Jim Hunt offer. I received one today – the Exposed Bank Passwords offer for £27 a month with the first month telling you everything you need – supposedly. Why then bother with any more?
    Glad to know it’s as useless as a serious money maker and, despite the very compelling text, it should be confined to the bin without delay. Thanks.

    Comment by Rog Aron — 5th December 2012 @ 10:30 pm

  7. I’m another customer of the “Corporate Raider”.

    I received the first issue yesterday and read it thoroughly. I was impressed with its style and content. It describes the “password” scheme (which is indeed selling stock options) in outline. I know nothing about such trading, but it is made to sound easy and straightforward – IF you follow his exact guidelines. The trouble is, those detailed guidelines are NOT in the first issue, but are promised to be included in the next issue.

    I emailed “Jim” to say that I was disappointed that he’d (in my opinion) broken the promise in the sales letter to “… reveal EVERYTHING about these passwords … etc.” (his capital letters, not mine).

    But I even offered to trust him for at least another issue, and offered to pay for the next issue at once.

    His response?

    “I’m sorry you were disappointed …

    I don’t want you to have to worry though, so I’ve canceled your subscription.”

    Hmmm, since my only “worry” when I emailed him was that the second lesson might not contain the full details … I wonder, why did he decide he didn’t want my money?

    Comment by Mike — 7th December 2012 @ 10:19 am

  8. I too have received the “Corporate Raider” sales letter and having previously subscribed to an internet marketing course some years ago now it made me sceptical reading this as Mike above mentioned he ordered the first part of the course but it didn’t give any instructions or guidelines to follow, this had some similarities with the course i had subscribed to, dispite their promise to reveal EVERYTHING in the first issue it appears that they are holding back a little on the info, that it is just a tactic they use to hopefully keep your interest so that you will be curious enough to find out what’s in the second issue so therefore keep up with the subscriptions, this indeed does make the sales letter misleading though.

    And despite the sales letter stating that if too many people found out about this…there would be panic on the streets, why?, who knows how many of these sales letters have been sent out, i’d like to bet there are literally thousands of them in circulation, take for example if just 5000 people subscribed to the course for the full 10 modules.

    10 monthly issues per person at £27=£270 .
    5000 people subscribing to the full course (5000x£270) would net the author an income of £1.35million, pretty cool sum isn’t it?

    It isn’t hard to see that there is only one winner in this business and it isn’t rocket science, i can understand how easy especially if you’re new to this kind of thing it is to be taken in by these guru’s who promise you the earth by selling you the dream as i’ve been there myself, don’t get me wrong though i do believe that in order to succeed at anything you do then you must be prepared to put in the time and effort but just remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

    Comment by Nigel — 7th December 2012 @ 6:56 pm

  9. Hello to everyone, and thanks for reading this so you can have a balanced view on things.

    I know there’s a lot of fear and paranoia out there, as well as scepticism and suspicion, so it’s understandable that people might tar this product with the same brush. And it seems that one bank in particular has been guilty of this prejudice (and my solicitors are vigorously dealing with them currently because they have stated a defamation based on dogma).

    Firstly, thanks to Ben for running this site- he’s doing a great job protecting you guys from REAL scams; where some cowboy literally sends you nothing for your money, or sends you something of terrible quality for your money. In short, he’s protecting you from a LOSS of your hard-earned money, and you owe him thanks for that.

    So, building on that, perhaps I can offer the FACTS about Corporate Raider, and hopefully overcome any dogma and prejudice that may exist.

    Although the invitation focuses on the ‘cash payouts’ system, it would be unfair to state that this is simply a course on that, as that’s one of over TEN systems in it. There are a great deal of different and proven systems here that use little known and very simple tricks, and they’re all 100% legal.

    The first lesson is sent without you paying a penny- the standing order is on a 30 day delay after receipt of the lesson so you have a full 30 days without paying anything to decide if you wish to continue, and the vast majority of students do that. That lesson explains what the invitation is about, and why you receive the payouts. It also explains where to open an account to do this. It’s not a question of whether this ‘works’ or not, it simply DOES, and it happens every day all over the world, including used by Warren Buffet.

    Armed with this FREE knowledge, any person may then open an account, ask them to do what the lesson says, and receive the payout. If students want more detailed assistance, they can pay for the second lesson and see a screen by screen demonstration. And that second lesson concludes that particular system- the rest of the course is dedicated to more systems like it, so there’s no dragging things out past Level 2.

    Forgive me, but I think it’s utterly absurd that anyone would expect to receive an entire course on something for free. And if you can find free information to assist you with the system that Level 1 exposes you to, go ahead, all’s fair because Level 1 explains exactly what that system is. Some people won’t need further assistance after Level 1, perhaps those who already have some material about investment that they could marry this to.

    Sincere apologies to anyone here who received a letter explaining that they would not be allowed to continue to the course after their FREE Level 1 was sent. This decision was part of the initial screening procedure which includes ensuring that students have a positive attitude and are not rude and obnoxious to me or my staff- life is too short. Some were blatantly computer illiterate so it would have been dishonest to take their money. In some other cases students explained that they have no money to lose, and I didn’t want this to be worry-money for them, so they too were discontinued from the course- case in point below (original available for inspection):

    “hi jim

    thank you so much for your kind gesture
    of sending me an M&S gift voucher that
    made my day 🙂 i also got my hair done
    so that makes me feel good too.

    just to say that it is so refreshing to find
    such honesty and kindness in the business

    I do expect to be getting some funds in
    the next couple of months and then I will
    be in touch so that I can get started with
    corporate raider 🙂

    seasons greetings to you.

    best wishes
    babs lynch”

    And I have DOZENS of testimonials on file.

    If any student had their studies discontinued at Level 1 by me, I’m happy to reconsider.

    Of course, this won’t be for everyone, and I have the greatest respect for anyone who tries Level 1 and politely states as much. And if a 30-day delayed payment of £27 is an unacceptable risk for you, then I would humbly suggest that you are extremely risk averse, and that this course would NOT be for you.

    In short, this is a legitimate offer, and as one of these postings conceded, it is written with high quality. And you won’t have to part with a penny to see this for yourself first hand so you can form your own opinions and think for yourself.

    The 5 Secrets is an additional and separate course that was promoted through Streetwise under license from the original author. It is illegal for anyone to sell unlicensed copies of any copyrighted material, and anyone receiving this should notify us so that legal action can commence.

    Yes, I am a busy man because I have paying, positive students to help out, a business to run, and not a lot of time on my hands to write postings here constantly, but if anyone has any further questions, by all means email me on JimHunt357@gmail.com.

    Thanks, and best wishes to all in your endeavours.


    Comment by JimHunt — 10th December 2012 @ 3:57 pm

  10. Yeah I received the mail shot for this in true streetwise style totally blind sales copy. Anyway so it is trading options is it. ? Funny the copy never mentions the likely hood of losing money ! Another thing that rang alarm bells are the obviously fake testimonials with the letter. No way to verify them.

    Comment by Harry — 12th January 2013 @ 2:02 pm

  11. I have received the second course and quite frankly don`t bother.The second is just as vague as the first, it points you in the right direction, but does not quite get there and leaves you wondering what is going on with Jim`s answers and questions page which he keeps sending to you.
    I should have known better really, a man that robs a bank of very sencative material and then tries to sell it on the open market.Then writes about it in the first addtion and bragges about it, what a dum nut. Why hasen`t anyone arrested him yet?
    Jim Hunt or jim [word removed] more to the point your probally being tailed.

    [Edited by Ben: Swear word removed]

    Comment by P.C.Smith — 14th January 2013 @ 1:37 am

  12. Looks like smoke and mirrors. Jim or whatever your name is. Why don’t you just come clean, make a course in option trading and sell it as an option trading course ? You won’t I know you are just preying on people desperation to make some money. After the last pot I am now convinced your testimonials are fake…

    Comment by Harry — 14th January 2013 @ 2:22 pm

  13. I also joined this but wrote directly to Mr Jim Hunt (a most polite informative letter) expressing obviously some concern at the delay tactics.Lo and behold I am ” struck-off” I received a letter from his distribution center stating that I had -‘cancelled’.. – but of course -I HAD NOT .I do not know if this cancellation- BY HIM, was because I had had the temerity to write to himWITH A MINOR CONCERN…. or because I had been here upon this website– but either way- I am subsequently struck off.
    I am wholeheartedly sick of these Gerus and their business deceptions – I also wrote to ‘Streetwise’ and ‘Canonbury’ and even though I was a long standing client of both – I was simply ignored.

    I rang the Distribution Center for Mr Jim Hunt =01189484082 ….and they told me the cancellation had come from Mr JIM Hunt himself .
    We are the shoals of minions for all these sharks- sorry,-gerus.I have wrote to Mr Jim Hunt 3 times now – all ignored.

    just sick of the lot of them .they dont care about anyone:

    Comment by jan Bramwell — 16th January 2013 @ 5:38 pm

  14. Oh dear Jan Bramwell. Go back to school. Bad grammar, bad spelling and not too bright. A good offer at the start which you do not have to continue if you don’t like it. And you can stop any time with a standing order. It is quite clearly stated that only positive students are wanted. Maybe there is too much negativity which would waste Mr. Hunt’s time? That is why he cancels them? He does say “2 out of a hundred” will be welcomed
    Joining the company is a bit of a pain but don’t do anything you are not sure of. No one is pointing a gun. Ben does us all a favour by running this site. No need to retaliate by being obnoxious.

    Comment by Megan Reece — 23rd January 2013 @ 1:46 pm

  15. Oh dear M.R seems you are naive in such matters. Wake up and smell the coffee. On a side note who cares if the guy has bad grammar !

    Comment by Harry — 26th January 2013 @ 12:49 pm


    [Addition by Ben: Hi Graham, sorry but I haven’t been able to find your comment. It has probably been marked as spam and deleted. Apologies for that, sometimes the filters make mistakes.]

    Comment by graham — 27th January 2013 @ 5:45 pm

  17. Phew, I am so glad I read this blog and the comments. A letter from Jim Hunt via Streetwise landed on my doormat this morning and I was intrigued. I used to buy all sorts of stuff like this at the drop of a hat (pre internet), some of it quite good but most of it rubbish, however, since my prolific used of the internet started some 8-9 years ago, I now have an excellent source of information at my finger tips and can properly research these get rich quick schemes before I plunge in myself. I don’t think Ill be giving this one a go! Thank you.

    Comment by Sally Hilton — 14th February 2013 @ 3:30 pm

  18. Thanks for the information, you have saved me some money.. I would have gone ahead and wasted money (again) on something I have no inclination to learn or understand. Disappointed with Streetwise Marketing who make no mention at all about options trading. I will no longer taken any Streetwise material seriously..

    Thank you..

    Comment by Stan — 15th February 2013 @ 11:14 pm

  19. There will always be people to give ‘testimonials’. Generally these are people that are taken in by the excellent copywriting that states how easy it is to make money for nothing. It is easy to live ‘on a dream’ and truly believe that tomorrow your financial crisis will be over. Believe me I have had this dream over and over again.
    I was sent the same Streetwise sales copy and was almost tempted to buy. The true winner in most money making ideas is the copywriter. it is his/ her job to persuade often vulnerable people to buy that dream!
    I am not saying that this will not work either. I am testament to this really, having spent four hard years trying to trade money on the open markets from a bought system. Only now am I making a modest income but I did stick with it.
    In my opining and experience, options trading is very hard to both understand and trade successfully. I am sure that with the right help/ support- it is possible though and perhaps worth a go, if you are prepared to work hard!
    I cannot comment on this particular course content as I have not seen it. I just wish that the sales copy could have been a little bit more informative about what you were actually buying.

    Comment by Sun — 19th February 2013 @ 6:46 pm

  20. The Guy who writes the copy for Streetwise , I believe is one of the owners. He is good, fantastic copy writer. He sells the dream really well and it is always blind copy so you actually don’t know what you are buying !

    Comment by Harry — 20th February 2013 @ 10:43 pm

  21. I too have received this offer and what puzzles me (not really!) is that, of the many testimonials they provide, not one says they have started to make any money from it!
    They all enthusiastically expound upon how wonderful the course is and how they can’t wait to get started!
    Wouldn’t it be so much more convincing if they waited and told of the fantastic results they have had and the money made to date?

    Comment by J.MEARS — 22nd February 2013 @ 2:16 pm

  22. Received first course last week, the first problem is that it claims that you can start straight away, you cannot not, you can only sign up to an options website, he does not explain how?? But he says he will walk you through next time!!!
    Second problem is that any email sent to his address is replied by a standard letter which only explains the obvious, I sent to queries to him and guess what!! I had the exzct same reply!!!!
    I will try the second course to see if there is any further information as jI will have only then paid for one course.
    John Dales

    Comment by John Dales — 3rd March 2013 @ 11:41 am

  23. Hello everyone,

    John, I have been in contact with this Jim Hunt also via email. I got the standard automated replies until I sent one simply asking why he hadn’t replied. He answered by stating “How can i help you?” Then once I sent him my questions again, the automated replies switched on.
    However one of his replies did include a goodwill gesture of a sample of Level 2. Now the examples he shows on the Level 2 are about bidding for shares in a company at a lower price and then getting an instant cash payout. The problem I have seen since looking at various markets is what happens if the share price does reach your bid price! You end up buying 100 shares which can cost you thousands and then you hope they don’t lose value! He does say that in Level 2, there is a red light signal which lets you know what companies to buy shares in so maybe thats the saving grace? But you will have to see if thats the case when you get your Level 2. Keep us posted mate.If you do want the sample let me know.

    Comment by Joogy — 6th March 2013 @ 12:06 am

  24. Has any reader got all 10 lessons of the Corporate Raider for sale? dwac01@aol.com

    Comment by D Wright — 6th March 2013 @ 7:46 pm

  25. Hi,

    Can I ask why my comments on this have been removed?
    Is someone on this site a friend of JIm’s?!!

    [Addition by Ben: Sorry, it’s my fault the comment didn’t turn up, I was slow in moderating]

    Comment by Joogy — 8th March 2013 @ 10:39 pm

  26. ” Can I ask why my comments on this have been removed?
    Is someone on this site a friend of JIm’s?!!”

    Interesting comment Joogy

    I am a member of:- http://www.moremoneyreview.com/

    ALL the comments have been removed from this site

    I would like an explination as to why……..

    Comment by Sun — 10th March 2013 @ 12:00 pm

  27. Hi all,

    Has anyone tried this yet or got the second Level?
    I contacted Jim Hunt again and said to him that if he proved that Level 1 actually worked,I would send him money for all 10 levels but he could still send me them only monthly if he so wished.
    His reply was that I wanted everything for free. I stated that he said there were 10 different opportunities and I was willing to pay for all ten in advance provided he could prove Level 1 simply worked.
    Since then no response!!

    Comment by Joogy — 17th March 2013 @ 7:20 pm

  28. Have the same problem as John Dales. Do get a reply if I push but mainly it is Mr. Hunt trying to make me feel bad by telling me I am “risk averse”(because of the £37 prepaid). That has now been cashed and still no sign of level 2. I am old but not stupid and I could have given that £37 to Hope for Heroes and seen a better return. I feel I will be cancelling my subscription because if it entails my buying shares well, sod it, no. I won’t do it.
    Why do I always assume people are as honest as myself? I just want to learn how to make a few bob from the intenet. Thought I had the answer but obviously not.
    Sandra Blattmann

    Comment by sandra blattmann — 25th March 2013 @ 3:22 pm

  29. Looks like this has exhausted itself.
    Anymore news on this?

    Comment by Joogy — 25th March 2013 @ 8:36 pm

  30. Ten years ago this probably would have sold really, really well because of the mysterious sales letter.

    In 2013 people can simply Google the name of the business opportunity and find out information from previous buyers. There is no longer a need to sign up for these opps in order to satisfy your curiosity.

    Stuart Goldsmith complained about this in one of his courses (probably Escape The Matrix) saying that it has killed off what was once a great earner. I’ve had whiney emails sent directly to me from other big publishers too.

    The exhaustion of any interest is likely due to people reading other buyers’ accounts of the Corporate Raider and deciding not to continue.

    Comment by Ben — 26th March 2013 @ 9:00 am

  31. Sandra,

    If you have ordered Level 2 and had the money cashed, you should definitely chase it. Who did you order it through? I know the suff I had was sent via Streetwise Publications. Contact the people who you ordered it from and insist on your money back or that they send you Level 2. What these people hope is that if you set up a direct debit or standing order, some buyers will simply forget to cancel their subscription. If you have any problems with cancelling let me know and I will help you out.

    Comment by Joogy — 26th March 2013 @ 3:56 pm

  32. In the above post by Jim Hunt himself,he states that he has ‘discontinued’ some people from the course as they have said they have no money to lose,and that he doesn’t want this to be ‘worry-money’ for them – and he gives an example – part of which goes:”just to say that it is so refreshing to find
    such honesty and kindness in the business
    best wishes,Babs Lynch”
    However,this is one of the testimonials still given in Level 1.
    Iwonder what said Babs Lynch thinks of having been discontinued,but yet still being shown as a “satisfied customer”?

    Comment by ambejh — 29th March 2013 @ 1:19 pm

  33. 1/4/13.

    Corporate Raider Lesson 2.

    Hello all.

    The views expressed in the article are the author’s opinions and are without prejudice.

    I received Lesson 2 last week. Streetwise received payment from my bank via standing order. I am an academic and have a quest to find the key to riches via such claims as Jim Hunt and the Corporate Raider.

    I have spent circa 12 hours studying lesson 2 comparing it to lesson 1, opening suggested accounts and even using optionsxpress “live chat” for advice, the traffic light system; extrapolating suggestions and questions in expectation of finding the answers.

    Has any reader followed this system and had a risk free return? I have not? In my opinion, the written words in lesson 2 are loaded with ambiguity and I am embarrassed to confess that I thought that one could receive something for nothing.

    I am compiling a letter to streetwise – as it is impossible to receive a response from Jim Hunt. I am fascinated to hear from Streetwise the points I have missed in lesson 1 and 2 to receive low risk money for the system – I live in fading hope.

    I will keep you all informed.

    David Wright.

    Comment by D Wright — 1st April 2013 @ 12:00 pm

  34. Babs Lynch?!!!
    Two names of ladies taken from popular soaps, one fictional and one real, Barbara Windsor and Bet Lynch possibly?!!
    Who next- Alfie Moon or possibly Phil Mitchell with the warning “Buy it or else!!”

    Comment by Joogy — 1st April 2013 @ 6:16 pm

  35. I asked for this course out of sheer curiosity. I certainly didn’t expect money for nothing. I have only received the first course and don’t intend buying any more. I found it had nothing really to say and I suspected, from reading it, that it is possible to lose a lot of money. Also if he was making such a lot of money why would he be bothered doing all this work for other people. I think people who devise these courses only do so because they are not making money from them.

    Comment by Eva Ashton — 3rd April 2013 @ 5:08 pm

  36. Fake testimonials are nothing new ask to speak to someone having success and it will fall on deaf ears. Streetwise peddle hot air. Lets face it they wouldn’t touch their own systems with a barge pole because the are all hot air BS. They sell using blind copy because people wouldn’t buy if they knew the contents..

    Comment by Harry — 6th April 2013 @ 11:42 am

  37. I got the 2nd level last week. It explains the whole thing about options.
    Here’s the deal. You will always receive the payout in your account. But, you can’t take the money right away.
    First you choose the payout amount and how long you want to wait to see if the shares drop to a level you indicated (the shorter the wait the lower the payout). Then, when this waiting time is over, you can take your money.
    However, if the shares do drop to the level you chose initially, you will also end up buying the shares. These can cost quite a lot. You will know how much you would need to pay for the shares (should they drop to your chosen level with your chosen time period) at the time you chose your payout amount.
    I have not personally tried this yet, I’m a bit sceptical about the possibility of having to end up with buying the shares.
    But, this is where Jim provides access to his red/green light indicator via a members only website. This is supposed to give indication of when the time is good/bad to deal with options.
    Has anyone tried this yet properly?
    With this 2nd level course I also received an invitation letter to join [removed], signed by ‘Banker X’, which is supposed to be Jim’s industry contact.
    The deal here is that you act on his trades suggestions (when to buy and when to sell) and pay him 10% of your profits every January.
    The joining fee for this service is $997 (for 1 year subscription). You can deduct this from the 10% you pay him.
    Well, obviously it seems that with the course itself you will also receive upsell/back end opportunities.
    Jim did explain this in his 1st level, but not as a way of back end products, but in terms of ‘other opportunities’ as and when they come up.
    I’m quite interested in this [removed] service. There are testimonials there, like everywhere else, but who is to really prove they are real? And that the whole thing is real?
    People are naturally sceptical when it comes to playing with hard-earned money.
    If anyone has signed up to ‘Banker X’ would you please let me know of your experience?

    Comment by Anne — 12th April 2013 @ 7:11 pm

  38. I have been receiving the course for over 6 months now and am pleased with everything so far. It`s not all about making money, it has saved me a few grand by heeding some of the advice contained in the course. At only £27 per month, I have found it to be a very interesting course and certainly eye opening.
    I have had no problems contacting Jim and he responds within 24hrs.

    Comment by DrSquat — 14th April 2013 @ 11:01 pm

  39. Take the entire letter sent to you, fold it up carefully and place in the reply paid envelope and post it all back to them. At least it will cost them the postage!

    Comment by NG — 19th April 2013 @ 7:40 pm

  40. J Mears it’s all fake and BS. Lets face it how do these people make their money ? Selling dreams not implementing their BS systems. If streetwise implemented all the BS systems they peddle they would be billionaires but what do they do, sell the system . Totally BS …….

    Comment by Harry — 20th April 2013 @ 10:40 pm

  41. Just a quick message to the person who posted on Sunday 21st April as “john t” at 11:44 am then as “norman” at 11:57 am, 12:00 pm, 12:03 pm and 12:18 pm.

    Would you like me to approve all of your comments as they are now?

    Or would you rather try again and post a considered comment that I will happily approve?

    Either way I’m happy but I just thought you might appreciate being given a chance to change your mind before your comments are committed to the web.

    Comment by Ben — 23rd April 2013 @ 8:25 am

  42. I joined the business “the five secrets” and the “coporate raider”

    with Mr Jim Hunt but after paying once for “the five secrers “and two
    times for the” coporate raider”I learnt that no money was to come to me by pressing the bank machine or the button I thought I might not get any money any more,disappointed when I searched his email adress I read many people in trouble like me,I really felt happy because I thought that I was the only man in the wrong world of business and I hope something will come out.

    Comment by Tesfa — 3rd May 2013 @ 11:39 am

  43. You’ve nothing to loose by taking a look, but unfortunately it’s all filler and not as straight forward as you might think. You need part two to understand how to properly access your free money. Sent alarm bells ringing with me trading can be very costly if you get it wrong. I would say 27 x 10 = £270, there are probably better courses around for that money if trading is what takes your fancy.

    Comment by mark newton — 3rd May 2013 @ 9:32 pm

  44. Hi There
    Has any one really knows how this express option code works?
    Is it true money will be automatically credit to account?
    This guy seems to hide behind some kind of curtain with only
    up sell response.
    They are really clever.

    Comment by John smith — 13th May 2013 @ 12:48 am

  45. I have the second part of the corporate raider bank codes and you still do not find out how to use them,and you do not get the money strait away,and it does not explain how much money you need to do this,as you have to deposit money to the site you deal with.

    Comment by hugh scott — 16th May 2013 @ 10:28 am

  46. Hi
    I just got my first copy and It’s a bit thin with instructions how to make any money without the code numbers I will not be sending for any moor


    Comment by stanley obrien — 10th June 2013 @ 11:13 am

  47. would you agree that it is a con

    [Addition by Ben: No, I don’t think it’s a con. Whether you’ll make any money or not I don’t know but if you pay your monthly “subs” then you will at least receive a newsletter so it can’t be described as a con. The likely fake names and hypey sales letter don’t do it any favours but biz opps publishers just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to telling stories.]

    Comment by Don — 5th July 2013 @ 11:43 am

  48. i received the email streetwise today 14/07/2013 i read it with interest then put one of the codes into my computer & found this site im not the sortof person to jump in feet first that is why i checked it out and i would usually send for these and would advise anyone thinking about it to think again as you dont get something for nothing you have to work for it

    Comment by jack cook — 14th July 2013 @ 6:02 pm

  49. just read first copy of corporate raider endorse every thing posted on your site

    Comment by john — 16th July 2013 @ 4:27 pm

  50. Glad I found your site!
    I thought the sales letter was too good to be true, I should know better by now.
    This seems like a classic ‘Internet Marketing’course very cleverly disguised…. you think you are buying a number of ways to make money but in reality you are getting one over-hyped course in Instalments!
    Your mention of ‘James Sheridan’ struck a chord with me …. some years ago there was a guy selling internet marketing courses called ‘Jim Sheridan’ … wonder if he is the same guy? Must have made an absolute fortune by now!!
    Thanks for the information … I shall be re-cycling the sales letter accordingly.
    “You never get something for nothing”

    Comment by Paul — 2nd August 2013 @ 11:26 am


    Comment by al — 2nd August 2013 @ 1:22 pm

  52. I’ve received a 4th attempt from Streetwise to get me to subscribe to their bank codes ‘money-for-nothing’ scheme, and there are now 10 – not 5 levels – before you get your £1,024,000 ! (I must wait a whole year !!)
    But they actually GUARANTEE you will get £135 before cashing your first £27 installment, which you are at liberty to cancel.
    So how can they do that ?
    No Shmock

    Comment by bernard stanbury — 14th August 2013 @ 8:21 am

  53. I got the first copy and found that his 100% guarantee does not stand up as you cant make any money until you buy more courses. I emailed Jim about this and I got a email back stating that he had removed me from his list. there were no commments about his 100% guarantee.

    I did receive 1 £5.00 mand S voucher through the post though for looking at the course

    Comment by Toby — 16th August 2013 @ 10:10 pm

  54. JIM HUNT?

    Comment by LAW ASSOCIATES — 23rd August 2013 @ 2:49 pm

  55. i recd the corporaty trader first manuel..it gives no accurate procedure to follow.i think jim hunt wants a few months payments before we see any proper system that can actually be worked..why lead people on..its time i cancell my payment.

    Comment by jit ram — 24th August 2013 @ 10:40 pm

  56. Adding onto John Dales’ comments (#22 above) I actually did attempt to set up an account on OptionsXpress – the (implied) website Harrison mentioned in the Level 1 ‘course’. Of course there were several points in the registration process which required decisions on my part for which Level 1 had totally failed to prepare me – i.e. the type of account I wanted – my expected level of trading etc. etc. Oh well – perhaps I was expecting too much? – after all, he did say he would walk me through NEXT TIME…..

    Conclusion? NO, I wasn’t expecting too much! – because of course his GUARANTEED “unique 5/5/promise” (“I know for a fact that if you use what’s exposed in this first Level alone you will instantly receive 5 times the cost of the first subscription within 5 minutes”) is a downright LIE! Naturally, I don’t want to hear from John Harrison – or indeed Streetwise Publications – ever again.

    End of story.

    Comment by Vic Davies — 7th September 2013 @ 7:20 pm

  57. I got a level 2. Opened the optionsexpress account, filled in the tax forms…watching the traffic light Jim has designed. Wondering when it would change for the favourable time so i can actually check if this system works? Its been red for weeks…perhaps it would change in a year?

    Thinking about the system though, if the green is favourable for the codes system lets say i do this when green and for time frame of 3 months as he suggested, what if the light then turns red? I end up buying shares, and get paid for buying them. Did anybody here actually try the system few times? Feedback on the profit/loss would be appreciated.

    And i do agree there should be more honest way of presenting the data, as im very professional and LSE trained so my mind is organised and goal oriented. I know the psychological side of the letter is demanding an absolute allegiance, which is necessary for any war to be won, but the detailed amount of information is insufficient to make a sound base for a prolonged operations when dealing which super brains and psychological organisers as myself. If the cult is what Jim is after, this should be organised to a higher level so people like me can follow. But then again, lets leave this to the american propaganda system.

    Comment by moses — 12th September 2013 @ 12:27 pm

  58. I thought this guy was very intelligent with his words I am waiting on the third coarse. I have opened an account with options express but I am a little concerned about funding the account. Must have step by step instructions before I proceed. I too have found a few concerning unbelievable statements in the first two parts so many people have hidden documents in their homes that can be worth thousands yes maybe a few percentage wise would be real low. If there is nothing solid in the third part I will cancel it should come this week and i will post my comments here again.

    Comment by Rovert — 16th September 2013 @ 6:30 pm

  59. Well seems I’ve been a bit more gullable than others, now paid up to level 4 before deciding time to quit. Still no more info in the latest level and can’t see that changing now. I had given this a chance as I needed something so bad to work but once again got stung for £90!! Glad I found this site and hope it saves someone else losing out.

    Comment by Ed — 19th November 2013 @ 3:46 pm

  60. Hi there, I have all 10 levels if anyone is interested in buying? No reasonable offer refused. Let me know (ibiza3170@yahoo.co.uk).


    Comment by Simon — 7th December 2013 @ 8:20 pm

  61. Thanks for this information about Jim Hunt Sheridan or whatever name he calls himself. I have received this Jim Hunt -Streetwise promotion for the 3rd time now in the past 9 months ,despite telling me that this will be only chance to see this. As I suspected though a total [edited by Ben].

    Comment by Ian — 4th January 2014 @ 1:45 pm

  62. Of course it is a [edited by Ben]. He is a [edited by Ben]. And of course he and others will defend with some drivel. It is a [edited by Ben] folks. BS of the highest order. Feeding off people’s innate need to try and make money. Don’t send any money.

    Comment by colin — 6th January 2014 @ 8:35 pm

  63. Just received the Streetwise publication and was almost taken in by the ease by Which you could make money. Almost but not quite – if someone was getting the amounts he was claiming to make why on earth would he need to sell the course!!! Glad to have this site which confirmed what I thought.

    Comment by Maz — 6th January 2014 @ 8:45 pm

  64. Edited a few comments because I don’t want to have to read anymore whingey emails from certain people.

    I am also still receiving sales letters for this opportunity which now claim that two banks have stopped their customers from learning more.

    My thoughts were that perhaps the banks are simply trying to save their customers from making a mistake and investing in something that is completely unsuitable for the vast majority of people.

    Let’s face it, a lot of sales copy is pure rubbish and purposely misleading. It’d be nice to get the real story about what the banks actually told these customers (or allegedly did).

    Comment by Ben — 7th January 2014 @ 12:38 pm

  65. Just received one of these “invitation” after reading I threw it in the bin, first rule of thumb if it sounds too good to be true it probably is

    Comment by cathy — 31st January 2014 @ 1:26 pm

  66. I sent an e-mail to Jim Hunt asking him why I needed £1000 to start up. Guess what? No reply!!

    Comment by Rick — 7th February 2014 @ 10:17 am

  67. I have been receiving this Bank Code system now for about 3 years. If it was that good would someone making 1000’s every day let others in on it No way youd be off onyour holls with a laptop and enjoying life not sending thousand of letters out to make your money. Streewise churn out money making ways for thiose that give them the ideas the poor purchasers never make a penny. Vince

    Comment by Vince — 7th February 2014 @ 11:32 am

  68. Well, I’m a sucker for well written, seductive sales letters. A complete mug!

    I received this one and bought into it.

    I have just received the 1st part of the course and the codes given in the sales pitch do relate to Options. I am not familiar with Options so don’t really know how it works. It gives almost enough info in the 1st part of the course to make some money – but not quite, you need to wait for part 2. Whether part 2 gets you any further down the road, I don’t know.

    In part 1 it says you can go ahead and register with the options trading platform they suggest but strongly advise you don’t – he promises to lead you by the hand in volume 2. Really pissed me off.
    I am probably a mug. I haven’t paid anything yet & haven’t decided yet whether to wait for volume 2. I would feel impressed if the guy delivered something in the 1st volume – it would make me want to stay the course. But now, I’m thinking….

    Comment by graham — 13th February 2014 @ 9:57 pm

  69. I have paid for 10 months and am know wiser .I really fell for this

    Comment by R Graham — 18th February 2014 @ 3:42 pm

  70. for some unknown reason, and I mean unknown, not one person has actually revealed what this system is it seems those who bought the whole set of levels are keeping very quiet indeed just my two pennuth.

    Comment by goblyn — 22nd February 2014 @ 7:44 pm

  71. I have received these mailings for years from Streetwise in various guises. Not one of them has ever made any sense about making a fortune from ‘secret’ methods no one has ever heard of. If someone can make so much money from these ‘methods’ why tell anyone else. Hang these mailinsg on a string in the toilet at least it will save you the cost of the toilet paper!

    Comment by Paul O — 5th March 2014 @ 8:03 pm

  72. I have just received THE FIVE SECRETS offer. JIM HUNT.
    opened envelope, cut with scissors,into bucket, JOB DONE.

    Comment by T.M.DEVAN — 19th March 2014 @ 12:59 pm

  73. Hi ben,

    Hunt reads these comments,so here is a challenge to him-

    I have read part 1-and answer these questions,,or I can’t see anyone
    Reading this,buying;;

    NO DOWNSIDE-really ? So if I end up FORCED to buy shares,you guarantee
    to cover any losses we make?

    NOT GAMBLING-you have a disclaimer stating this is HIGH RISK-i state that
    if there is a risk,it IS gambling…..

    And-you don’t state what potential losses can be…

    And (in Corporate Raider,),although you allude to no money being risked,
    what do you call the money Options xpress requires you to deposit?

    You allude that by selling,,rather than buying these options, that there is
    No risk-if we read the mandatory information on options xpress, they state it is HIGH RISK.

    And silly things-picture cards are not the most common cards in a deck
    You miss words out,and make spelling mistakes…..

    I await your reply, Sir.-in the meantime, people,…..order the free copy of Corporate trader,
    and if he doesnt reply to this convincingly, cancel your debit, and post back their paperwork in their envelope-it will have cost them a lot for wasting your time….

    Comment by paul clarke — 22nd March 2014 @ 10:50 pm

  74. HOT PRESS-

    Hunts posted an ”urgent student alert” on google- you MUST read it!
    He says his bank has kicked him out-so deal dirrect at-

    Lifetime. Enterprises
    FREEPOST RG 2722
    RG4 5ZZu


    He is offering info on a deal which will make him. £712,,000. !,,

    also-offering full Course for £197.

    Reckon-streetwise are out as affiliates-are letting him use their mailing list and mailing and printservice,as my mail came. from reading,not sheffield-couldit. Be that streewise ggot sick of refunds? is he. Selling cheap to get rid. And wave bye bye??? might be time. For trading.
    standards to look at this…..
    Use the Reading freepost address to mail free questions-i bet disgruntled users will. Send copious amounts of mail to. get his. mail costs. rocketing-strange,that-if he is about to make £712 k, why. Cry in. His letter about a few. hundred quid postage ???
    I’ve also given you his phone number-there is anotrrher. Email addrress on this weebpage,bbbut doubt you will get. A. Reply . See my challenge to. him, below.
    Sorry for weird. Typing-my ttablet is going mental.

    Comment by paul clarke — 23rd March 2014 @ 10:48 pm

  75. Sorry-
    Reading. phone. For hunt is
    01189 484082

    Comment by paul clarke — 23rd March 2014 @ 10:51 pm

  76. Hi – am just into part 2 of this and have spoken with the US company concerned and this is a genuine service they provide. Having traded on options positions for nearly three years, I wondered what the wheels ‘driving’ the undulating figures were and now I think I see. I never come on here but suggest you try talking to the options broker about this before throwing it all out with the bath water so to speak. I am certainly going to open a virtual account and see how it goes. From my findings so far, I have nothing, absolutely nothing to lose by trying.

    Good luck to me and us all!!

    Comment by Lesley — 6th June 2014 @ 9:06 pm

  77. I have today received yet another secret code letter probably the 9th so far this year.

    What you have to ask yourself is:

    Why would someone making a huge amount of money via whatever scheme they are selling want to ‘share’ with so many people?

    – They wouldn’t

    If they are all so well off why are they still selling get rich quick manuals that are as useful as a chocolate teapot?

    – Selling to you is how they are making their money.

    What makes them successful?

    – Being able to write compelling sales letters to make you part with your money – there are several available courses to help you write a great buy me quick letter if that’s how you want to make a living.

    Why do you feel that maybe this might be ‘the one’ the scheme that will bring you in much needed money?

    -Because they have put in so many trigger words in these letters for example

    -100% legal – maybe but guaranteed money maybe not

    -Instant cash anywhere/luxury retirement – really? Maybe for the seller who is charging £270 a pop for a 10 part course that will leave you so much worse off than you were before this amazing offer landed on your door mat.

    ‘Can you be trusted’ – need I say more? The question is can they be trusted?

    You may get the first level without sending any money but there will be a ‘breadcrumb trail’ letting you get so tantalisingly close at the end of the first part that you just feel compelled to buy the second and third and 4th etc.

    Do what I now do after spending way too much money in the past when I was naïve to the tricks of buy quick limited offer letters



    If you don’t want to do that tear up the letters and make paper mache with your kids or as in my case my grandchildren.

    Have a look round your house anything you don’t want or need anymore sell it on an auction site – a good way to recover ‘oppotunity letter’ money you have spent.

    Don’t feel embarrassed unfortunately we have all been there done that and got the worthless dvd’s for our efforts.

    If I can help anyone further please get in touch – free advice – no catch – not time limited!

    I am an ordinary member of the public who got caught out once too often by these letters.

    Comment by Diane — 13th June 2014 @ 3:41 pm

  78. Sir. yesterday (Friday 13 June) I posted back to Streetwise the standing order form
    for what they call Bank Codes and give you six bank codes, QTROW, VPBCT, PNTRS,
    After reading your report above, i think that i may be one of the idiots they a looking for, (silly mr ). Ishall ring them on Monday to cancel the order.

    thank you for your report.
    Adrian Pleasance

    Comment by Adrian — 14th June 2014 @ 8:11 am

  79. Well, just spent some time reading all these interesting comments. I’ve received the first level and, whilst not overly impressed, I’ll risk taking the second level and see if it actually delivers anything of value. With luck I may receive level 2 before the 30 days expires; if it’s a waste of time I’ll simply cancel the standing order. Worst case scenario is losing £30 and, though it’s nothing to brag about, I’ve lost much more than this on various ‘enterprises’ over the years..

    Comment by Alan — 26th June 2014 @ 7:59 pm

  80. I used to send for this kind of material when I was much younger, naive and desperate to increase my income. I can honestly say that although I gave it my full effort I never made a bean. One such scheme sounded really good (currency trading) only £2 a point would make me a fortune. What the neglected to tell anyone was that this would require a deposit of something in the region of £5000.

    So someone who is desperate for funds is likely to have £5k lying around? Perhaps be tempted to risk all on a credit card?

    These letters are expertly tailored to appeal to people who are short of money. They are misleading and extremely dangerous to vulnerable people.

    “Blessed are the gullible for they are easily robbed” seems to be the beatitude of these crooks.

    Post their deceitful missives back to them in the Freepost envelope they provide. A small victory but a victory none the less.

    Be lucky.

    Comment by ony — 5th August 2014 @ 11:46 am

  81. Have to say I strongly suspect that most people are unlikely to be able to make money with this system – options trading requires capital (£1,000+), and it’s certainly not guaranteed.
    To be fair to Streetwise though, I’ve bought a number of courses from them over 10+ years, including one at £5,000! And whenever I returned one they ALWAYS REFUNDED MY MONEY (and promptly).
    I never made anything from the courses, but neither did they refuse a refund or argue, and I believe some would have worked if I had bothered putting the work in!

    Comment by Steve R — 12th September 2014 @ 5:35 am

  82. Thanks very much all for the info above. The Biz Opps Blog has saved me much time, effort and money over the years.

    Comment by Kevin — 23rd September 2014 @ 2:35 pm

  83. I am at the end of lesson one of Corporate Raider from Streetwise and to me it looks very interesting. I note all the extremely sweeping adverse comments expressing a belief ‘this is definitely a scam and not worth paying £187 for’ (or words to that effect) but all seem to have been made by people who have just received and read only the first (free) part of this Streetwise 10 part course; or else not even that? It seems noone who has paid for and completed the ENTIRE ten part course has so far decided to come on here to allege having done it all – their conclusion is it’s not worth the £187″. Drop outs from university courses do not graduate but are called “FAILURES”?
    So I wonder could it just be those who have completed the course and are now carrying out what they have been taught are in fact not unhappy but perhaps now very happy with how much better off they now are compared to before?

    Comment by Timbo — 30th September 2014 @ 4:59 pm

  84. I’ve just stumbled across this forum while researching a related subject for work. Dear God, I had absolutely no idea that these sort of schemes were being touted to people.
    I’m a Bond Dealer with 20+ years’ experience. The process you are being sold we call Blocking Options. We ‘bundle’ £m’s worth of share options, on a second-by-second basis, then take a market position on the share movement – up/down/stall etc. It’s not for the fainthearted, but we have the advantage of financial analysts, computer-modelling, actuarial mathematicians at our disposal. Please, please don’t get involved in this nonsense. There are no secret ‘banking codes’, you cannot make £££’s, bundling options. If you must gamble, put your money on Lucky Boy, running in the 4.45 At Haydock Park. Matt.

    Comment by Matt — 15th October 2014 @ 5:36 pm

  85. Very useful site. Have just received a document marked “termination notice” from John Harrison enclosing a report from Jim Hunt regarding the use of bank codes to obtain “free” money. Makes very compelling reading and I was tempted, but after reading the comments on this site have sent the report back in the stamped addressed envelope provided with the report. At least I have “recycled” a piece of junk mail.

    Comment by Jim Lean — 19th October 2014 @ 7:24 pm

  86. I have read with interest this “scam” to extract £27 from the unsuspecting reader(this one was signed Jim Hunt)“termination notice”

    The only way to get back at these people is to send the reply paid envelope back, It cost you nothing but the receiver is charged the postage.(I know it is a waist of resources but it makes me feel better)

    As Jim Hunt says “if it is too good to be true, it probably is.”

    Comment by C. M Mc — 20th October 2014 @ 11:14 am

  87. Please, Please do not even consider the corporate raider under any circumstances from streetwise publications.
    I spent an entire week with Jim Hunt real name (James Sheridan).

    If he’s not claiming to be an ex airline pilot, he’s a ex banker of some sorts.
    This is really just the 5 secrets with a different name doing the rounds.
    James Sheridan has absolutely nothing to offer and still to this day is happy to extract money from newbies trying the same old BS, mentored by Stuart Goldsmith, You have been WARNED…

    Comment by Wayne Hudock — 1st November 2014 @ 3:32 pm

  88. Has anybody tried this? Or have they got to the 2nd stage I given up.

    Seems to be a lot of people saying “scam”

    It would be interesting to know if these people have actually put into action what is taught in the lessons.

    Comment by John fay — 30th November 2014 @ 3:13 pm

  89. Hi Ben
    I stumbled onto this website having received a mailshot today from Streetwise publications inviting me to purchase Jim Hunt’s “45-day Retirement Plan in DVD. Only £596.40!!. Apparently it is the recording of a Seminar that Jim Hunt gave. Anyone know of this or even attended the seminar? This is serious money now, not just the usual £29 per month and there are only 127 DVD’s for sale.

    Comment by Greg More — 7th January 2015 @ 12:13 pm

  90. hi has anyone received dvd sv-60 system from jim hunt?

    Comment by ANDREW — 8th January 2015 @ 1:34 am

  91. I have been using the sv-60 system since last week with £1000 spreadbetting account and it is already up to £1500. Some good ideas and useful tips and well worth it especially to a newbie but also a seasoned investor like me

    Comment by Andy — 27th January 2015 @ 8:33 am

  92. great site!! funny how he wanted complete newbies to test his SV60 When he d just sold them the corporate raider course to train them up?!! It seems to me, instead of selling you a book for say twenty or thirty pounds they sell it in chapters for two or three hundred and then hit you with a back end product for six hundred. To be honest It disgusts me!! Before I buy anything now I come to sites like this and look for comments and reviews so thanks to you all. Anybody know of any good biz opps?

    Comment by Dermott — 3rd February 2015 @ 4:22 pm

  93. Hi just received one of those letters from Jim Hunt- Jim Sheridan or what ever he calls himself, I just put it all in the return envelope and sent it back. that’s the best way.

    Comment by Eddie Brannigan — 23rd March 2015 @ 12:00 pm

  94. People have said Jim Hunt (aka…) doesn’t give enough information about what he is suggesting you do in Corporate Raider.
    Well if it is registering on some website then I see no reason why he shouldn’t fully explain each step of registration… It’s a simple thing to do if you’re being paid for your course material based on a Beijing website which it appears from comments that he recommends – shame on him if he doesn’t ‘hold your hand’.
    Also if it’s about selling put options this should also be explained. I found a fairly simple suite of illustrative explanations at http://www.investopedia.com/articles/optioninvestor/10/sell-puts-benefit-any-market.asp which sound correct to me but then I am not a stock broker!!!
    The downside of selling a put option seems to be that if the buyer requires you are obliged to acquire the shares at the price you stated. No problem if that’s what you wanted and why wouldn’t you if that’s the position you adopt.It may become a problem if the shares fall below your purchase price as you either sell at a loss or hold onto them in the hope they rise again – they might never do so. Seems you guys are saying he suggests you walk off with the premium but the link above seems to suggest that you can only do that if your put option buyer does not require you to except the put option you sold.
    I dunno – seems a bit of interesting information which could make some money and could lose you money. Risk and reward?

    Comment by Lynch Babs — 29th March 2015 @ 1:18 am

  95. God Bless Google…is all I can say.

    Comment by Elizabeth Paul — 18th April 2015 @ 6:47 pm

  96. I have just paid the first instalment of 29.95 on the 6th of may 2015 and I would like to know when I will receive the next newsletter.also are there any openings for immediate involvement to start earning what you say.

    [Addition by Ben: This blog isn’t anything to do with “Jim Hunt” I’m afraid so you will need to find another way of contacting them. Thanks.]

    Comment by selwyn cohen — 6th May 2015 @ 4:18 pm

  97. I have just received and read 1st lesson of Corporate Raiders. Prior to receiving it, the sales literature states very clearly that I could recoup the first instalment 5 times over Wow. The first lesson is nothing more than an extension of the sales letter. Plenty of ideas put forward but none to execute until the 2nd lesson apparently. One of the testimonials raved about the first lesson having read it 10 times !!!!!! I’m afraid there is an email to Jim this morning saying thank you but no thank you. Hope this helps

    Comment by john etheridge — 21st May 2015 @ 7:45 am

  98. During the past three weeks I have received Copies of Somerton Cash Profit System, Biblical Wealth Secrets and the first Edition of Corporate Raider, Which I sent payment details of to my bank through Streetwise. The only thing I was interested in was Corporate Raider and I tried to contact Jim Hunt as advised but two emails disappeared as soon as I had finished writing them so I decided to write and sent the prepaid envelope, explaining what I needed to know, which was ignored! I couldn’t register with OptionXpress as they wanted an Electronic Signature to complete the registration. I wrote to Streetwise again, asking for help but still without result. I dont want to continue with anything and I dont know how to get the information to Streetwise, apart from returning the envelopes. what can I do?

    Comment by Maureen Atherton — 24th July 2015 @ 10:29 pm

  99. I purchased full 10 copies of corporate raider I never used the cash for codes but did use the traffic light that some people have mentioned .jim hunt gives the code for this so I placed a £1 spread bet on it and in a few weeks the lights went amber my £1 per point bet rose to over £800. am still kicking myself as I let it slip back to about £155 when I cashed. Also bought sv60 but gave up on it after a few more losing trades than winners

    Comment by mick — 9th November 2015 @ 6:27 pm

  100. Just received a mailshot from Streetwise,Jim Hunt Pyjama Profits.Looks compelling but having read above I have my doubts.Would be interested to hear from anyone taking it up.

    Comment by Mike — 4th May 2016 @ 8:54 am

  101. Just got the letter today New Company “VIA PUBLICATIONS”
    Buy a lottery ticket @ least you see your money in a strangers pocket

    Comment by Peter Jt — 18th May 2016 @ 10:50 am

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