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22nd August 2013
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Update 29th October 2013:

Please note that I have been informed by [removed] that the junk sites, videos, blog posts and “reviews” that are talked about in this blog post exist because they are a result of:

…marketing done by other people.  This is marketing over which we have no control and yet you seem to be suggesting that somehow we are doing something underhand…

[edited, again, by Ben]

End of Update

I’m going to make a prediction.

I predict that Tim Lowe will soon be announcing a new sports trading system called “SportSure” and rather than releasing it with Matt Fyles he will be teaming up with his customers Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid.

Before you start thinking this all came to me in a dream and I’m some 21st century Mystic Meg I’ll reveal my secret… it’s already plastered all over the web.

Over the past couple of years a strange series of websites have popped up announcing Tim Lowe’s new products. Sometimes, as in this case, before any sales letters go out through the post.

Blog posts appear with several comments from customers but suspiciously these customers discuss the sales page before it has even been released.

Yahoo’s “Answers” website has a question from somebody about the product and then an answer shortly afterwards pointing to a “review” on a website.

For example “Susan” asks about a letter from Tim Lowe on 9th July 2013 and 6 minutes later “Brian” answers, pointing her to a SportSure blog post on makemoneyforum.co.uk:


And here’s Brian and Susan again with their question and answer session about AITradeSafe in February 2013.

This time Brian answers Susan in less than 5 minutes! He is helpful enough to point her to ukdropshop.com where in the review there is a link to AITradeSafe with the code “Lowedown” at the end. What’s Tim Lowe’s email newsletter called?


All very suspicious.

Collating the various websites that currently advertise SportSure we have:

onlinework.biz – created September 2013, owned by “D Roberts”, registration address Flixton Road, Urmston, M41 5AN

It says:

“Don’t lose hope; SportSure is different, and is being taught by professionals”

The article is so popular (before SportSure has even been released by the way) that it currently has a rating of 9.7/10 from 9 votes cast.

Also reviewed on this website: AITradeSafe, “The £250 Method”, “Peter Butler £50 a Day”, makemoneyforum.co.uk, “Income Bonus Scooper” and JacVapour

slideshare.net – on 6th July 2013 somebody posted a slide on this website that points to makemoneyforum.co.uk.

It says:

“SportSure Sports Trading on Betfair. Promoted by Tim Lowe. Produced by Pauline Wheeler-Reid & Tony Langley”.

A user named “profitmaximiser” posted a comment saying “Sportsure Looks great.”

The summary points to “sportsuretrading.com” which was registered on the 3rd July 2013 by Waverley Media. No website exists on that domain at present. It also points to “simple-sports-trading-profits.com” which is also owned by Waverley Media having been registered on 2nd July 2013.

Blog on blogspot.co.uk

Posted on Friday 5th July 2013 somebody has created a blog with the name “sportsure-reviews-sports-trading” and text along the lines of:

“Launching is the brand new Betfair System by Tim Lowe Called: SportSure”

The blogger who posted this has the G+ username “Make money Forum”.

Following his clickable username to G+ reveals a profile page that advertises “Profit Maximiser”, SportSure, JacVapour, “Peter Butler £50 a Day” and others.

He claims to live in London and appears to use a picture of an author called Peter Johnson that can also be found on this website:


DailyMotion.com (9th July 2013)

Next up we have a “video” that is just a waste of bandwidth for everyone concerned. It’s 30 seconds of this:

Daily Motion video for SportSure

The summary points to a blog post on makemoneyforum.co.uk.


And now we come to makemoneyforum.co.uk which is owned by a “non-UK individual” known as “Robert Maxwell”.

Did he not fall off a boat?

10/10 with 9 votes cast on this one.

“SportSure is a Brand New Betfair Training Course That Has Hit The Trading Market”

Only it hasn’t.


A drop-down widget thing appears when you go on this blog which announces that “Simon Roberts” is the admin.

When he isn’t doing the admin for strange advertising blogs it seems that Simon Roberts like to use his image to advertise hair transplants:


Or maybe it’s just another picture of a random man lifted from the internet.

Also advertised on makemoneyforum.co.uk: Profit Maximiser, “Peter Butler £50 a Day”, AITradeSafe, JacVapour, “The £250 Method”

Youtube.com (5th July 2013)

The useless video from DailyMotion (see above) has also been uploaded to Youtube.

The summary points to the blogspot blog mentioned above. It’s Peter Johnson’s picture here again. The same Youtube account has another video advertising Profit Maximiser.

Another Blogspot blog

Again this was posted on Friday 5th July 2013 by “Make money Forum”.

I’m not sure this is what Google intended when they created Blogspot but they have been given the privilege of having this drivel hosted on their servers.

The gist of it is:

“If you have come across SportSure Trading Then Read On.”

~ more inane text here ~

~ Youtube video here ~

“Join SportSure Today, and learn yourself how these two people are making enviable profits from Betfair.”

The PR websites

On the 10th July 2013 there were “press releases” posted on prlog.org and pr9.net pointing to ukdropshop.com.

In what is becoming the norm in these suspicious blog posts, the ukdropshop.com blog post already has a score of 10/10 with 12 votes cast.

According to the drop down widget that appears when you land on ukdropshop.com the “editor” here is somebody calling himself Jason Jones.

Jason really needs to take some action because some cheeky websites are using his personal photo as an example of how to get to grips with photo editing:


The whois for ukdropshop.com shows the owner is hiding behind privacy protection so he doesn’t want to be found.

Also advertised on ukdropshop.com: “Peter Butler £50 a Day”, AITradeSafe, JacVapour, “The £250 Method”, “Bonus Scooper”, Tim Lowe’s V System

vimeo.com (9th July 2013)

The same useless video on this site, this time from “John Jones”.

From the summary:

“A brand new concept that is about to hit the market, called SportSure by Tim Lowe, and training by Pauline Wheeler Reid, and Tony Langley. Entertainment?”

It points to one of the blogs above.


3 different pages:

Tony Langley SportSure Trainer
Pauline Wheeler-Reid SportSure Trainer
Tim Lowe The SportSure Marketer

None have any information on them. It’s just more digital landfill.


There’s also a “SportSure” twitter account with no followers but 13 tweets, each one pointing to one of the websites mentioned above.


I could go on but it’s depressing looking at this kind of tripe.

When somebody purposely goes all-in to game the search engine results like this, with extremely suspicious scoring systems on blog posts, likely fake reviewers and photos of random innocent people taken from websites you have to wonder what’s going on.

[Text removed by Ben on 29th October 2013]

How do I know it’s this same Urmston-based marketer?

Breadcrumbs. There are always breadcrumbs that lead back to the source.

Whether these posts are from somebody called Steven or Donna or both only they know.

UPDATE 17th October 2013

Please see the main site for an initial review of SportSure Trading Programme, which was released yesterday:

Review of the SportSure Trading Programme from Tim Lowe, Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley


  1. Hi there, i have just come across this blogspot. My name is Andy from AITradesafe.com a site you mention above. I would like to make it absolutely clear that we are a bona fide organisation, a Ltd Co and a company who desperately want our customers to succeed in their efforts with me.

    The article above reads as though we may be involved in some type of shady dealings. That is not the case, never has been nor will ever be. We are accountable as a registered company. AITradesafe Ltd is happy to work alongside Tim Lowe and his marketing team so we are able to take our product to the masses. Of all the markiteers we approached Tim Lowe is by far the best one to meet our needs.

    if anybody would like to find out more about us please get in touch

    kind regards


    Comment by Andy — 19th September 2013 @ 7:15 pm

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the comment.

    What do you think about the strange “review” blogs that have popped up everywhere advertising SportSure? The Yahoo Answers entries in particular are very dubious.

    I can’t help but notice that the same type of thing happened for AITradeSafe. Was this part of the marketing that you agreed to use to promote your course?



    Comment by Ben — 30th September 2013 @ 10:43 am

  3. I would be dubious of anything that Tim Lowe launches after what happened with The Ternary System.

    I tested every aspect of it, and monitored every trade, and also sent everything to Tim Lowe, and after making consistent losses, they refused my refund.

    Tim Lowe is nothing more than a [edited by Ben] in my opinion, and I will never buy anything he advertises again.

    Still waiting for my money back!!


    Comment by Paul C — 2nd October 2013 @ 3:54 pm

  4. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the comment.

    When it came to the Ternary system I think the problem was that Matt made incorrect and flawed assumptions about the statistics he quoted.

    The first two systems were pretty much the same thing and if the wrong “event” occurred, which it often did, a large loss was the result.

    The third system has limited merit although I find that there aren’t many selections. Of those that do crop up, many have to be discounted due to lack of liquidity.

    The claim of thousands in profit each month was ridiculous.

    Comment by Ben — 3rd October 2013 @ 11:21 am

  5. Great investigation and review. Looking through google searches I find nothing about this service but the garbage sites and information you mention. We shall see if any people ever actually join this and see the real reviews…

    I know who you mean about the Urmston marketer. A [edited by Ben] from start to finish. Spent good money on a product from him whose support conveniently finished after the paypal deadline to get a refund. This Time Lowe character sounds very much cut from the same cloth.

    Heard alot about this V system and the Ternary system but way too expensive! I am sure most of the information, as with anything on Betfair with a bit of digging can be found for FREE, on forums and different sites. I do ok numbers weekly on Betfair mostly backing and laying on match odds. Most of the information I have found on forums and for free. It just takes discipline research and alot of trial and error and time and effort.

    Im always wanting to expand my knowledge and improve Betfair trading especially in football but these people just have an empty website with no reviews or any material to compare it with. It feels scammy and hate to see people spend thousands on information you can basically find for free or much cheaper.

    Anyway great post. Its the only thing I found worthwhile on my research of this product or non product as it seems to be at the moment.

    Comment by Austin — 14th October 2013 @ 1:28 am

  6. SportSure has now been released, I received my letter yesterday urging me to go to www dot simple-sports-trading-profits dot com and enter a special tracking code or “password”.

    Goodness knows how “Susan” managed to receive one of these letters at the beginning of July and why she rushed to Yahoo Answers to request her old mate Brian’s help with it.

    The cat’s out of the bag now so perhaps we will see some real blog comments on the fake blog posts that are spamming up Google’s search engine results pages.

    Not that you’ll be able to tell if they are fake or not so please take any comments that you read with a pinch of salt as they are likely written by a man in Urmston who isn’t afraid of a little deception.

    Comment by Ben — 17th October 2013 @ 8:52 am

  7. I’ve found someone who actually seemed to give a genuine review and have an idea of what SportsSure is offering though they have decided not to sign up. It seems like from what they found out it might be useful for someone totally brand new and starting out but for more experienced traders it might not be that beneficial. Much of the course seems like an intro to trading backing and laying and explaining the specifics of trading.

    [Addition by Ben: Thanks for the comment but as I’m sure you already realised, if they haven’t signed up then they can’t know what’s inside. I have signed up so I can answer any questions you have – as long as it doesn’t involve giving away any of the “secrets”!]

    As for the strategies they are most probably a variation of what different people use already and you can probably find for much cheaper elsewhere even for free on forums. If these people are earning £9000 to £10000 a month consistently which is completely possible I am skeptical on how much they will reveal. As for the website I do not have a password or any letter so I can’t access it anyway.

    Im sure we will have to take many of the reviews with a pinch of salt. Our ‘friend’ from Urmston has no doubt written many posts on how great it is.

    Personally I am put off by all the Google spam. I will wait to see if there are more or any genuine user reviews but so far its not a product I’m overly excited about.

    [Addition by Ben: In my opinion the Google spam and the fake comments are fraudulent. I can’t imagine this has been done as an act of charity either so I feel safe assuming that the perpetrator was paid to spam Google. All very deceptive but with who we’re dealing with it doesn’t surprise me at all]

    Comment by Austin — 23rd October 2013 @ 1:10 am

  8. Thanks for your reply Ben. Great to finally find a real person who has signed up 🙂 I understand you can’t give any of the secrets away but can I ask how you are finding it so far? Have you put any of the strategies so far into action and made good profit or see the potential for good profit? I know its early days but good to have your thoughts. Also how do you join up if you have not received any letter or password? There is no contact or sign up details on the site.

    As I understand it, they will give 1 strategy per month which seems a bit slow for me especially if they are starting from a beginner level but it may well be enough to get on with if it is a top strategy.
    Will they give live support and show the exact trades they will be doing with results? Anyway I am interested in this and presume as its a monthly membership you can cancel at anytime. Every time Google anything about SportsSure or Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley I get those Google spam comments you mention, or short youtube videos of them saying how much success they had after attending Matt Fyle’s seminar on the V System. Im guessing this course will involve alot of the information they picked up from that seminar and how they put it into practise. The Google spam as a form of marketing is a bit off putting but it does not necessary negate the fact this could be a good training system.

    Yes I agree if the reviewer hasn’t signed up it is difficult for him to give a definitive review. He did get the sales letter so does give some idea of what maybe involved. I will add the review link I found http://secretsofaprogambler.com/ and see what you think of it.

    Look forward to your thoughts and learning more about this service. I am tempted to give it a try especially if I can find some more information about it.

    Comment by Austin — 24th October 2013 @ 3:22 pm

  9. Hi Austin,

    You can use the password I was given if you like:

    [Removed as no longer necessary]

    It’ll mess up their tracking but I fully expect an affiliate commission from Markiteer if you do sign up!

    I’ve written a little more on the main site and I’ve been updating the site so please go there to have a read:

    Review of the SportSure Trading Programme from Tim Lowe, Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley

    Comment by Ben — 24th October 2013 @ 3:41 pm

  10. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for password. I actually finally got a password sent through but appreciate you providing yours to use.

    Thanks for your review too. It was very informative. It has given me some extra information about what this site and membership will offer. With your results regarding the first system I was a bit perturbed by the fact you had made a loss initially as they more or less promise instant profit. But I know no system is a 100% wins and it is good to hear you made back some of the loss later. In the long run I think it should be profitable. The fact that Tony is altering the system that seems to have worked well for years was a bit of a concern, but at least he acknowledges it can be improved, and that he is ready to find a way to do this is encouraging.

    With the change in the first system has Tony added this change already
    or is the first system still being presented as before? I actually use something similar on the goals market. I know it can have losing runs but in the long run it does quite well. I want to see how they use it select matches and how they get to anywhere near round 90%.

    I got to look through the site and what they are offering. It seems quite well detailed, providing good support. Its great they are logging into their Betfair accounts and showing live trades. They seem like decent honest people. As for the marketing and Google spam I’ll cut them some slack on that. Seems like a few teething problems regarding the webinars but I will be interested to see how the live support and webinars develop.

    As for the pricing its much more affordable than the V System Ternary System etc and the service seems nothing like the disappointing Uni Trader. From what I’ve seen I’m prepared to give it a go. A few successful trades showing good profit will more than pay for the subscription. Access to support from Tony and Pauline will be very helpful too. I would like more than 1 system a month to be honest but I know you can have information overload, but 1 a month is a bit slow. Two a month would be better but I guess its a ploy to keep you on the site for the next month’s system and gives you a chance to test it out.

    Anyway thanks for your review and Ill look forward to joining you on this membership and see how it develops for everyone.

    Comment by Austin — 24th October 2013 @ 6:37 pm

  11. Hi Austin,

    I had some spare time so I wrote a few answers to your questions and put them in a blog post here:

    SportSure Trading System Review – Questions and Answers from a Subscriber

    Comment by Ben — 25th October 2013 @ 9:26 am

  12. Great expose of the somewhat crazy attempts to get SportSure dominating the search engine results. I love the fact that you’ve even spent the time finding out who the real people are for the photos that have been posted. Unfortunately, whoever was doing the spamming didn’t do a very good job & plainly doesn’t realise that SE algorithms are far more sophisticated than they used to be (they seem to now have a built-in B.S. detector!)

    Two of my websites are already on the first page for the term ‘SportSure trading system review’ so it really isn’t difficult to get real reviews in front of people. If Tim Lowe (assuming he was behind the SE domination) was hoping to block out other sites by dominating the search listings, then he’s learnt a valuable lesson.


    Comment by Chris Williams — 25th October 2013 @ 10:07 am

  13. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the message.

    The spamming is just plain daft. Enough said. [Text removed by Ben 29th October 2013]

    For anyone thinking about joining SportSure I would wait for the moment.

    I’ve just watched a video in the members area and noticed what could be a huge error in percentage calculation which may just explain why the method had to be changed and why there may still be a problem.

    I have raised a support ticket to ask for Tony’s opinion and await his reply.

    Comment by Ben — 25th October 2013 @ 1:03 pm

  14. Hi Ben

    One of the aspects that puzzled me about why Pauline & Tony had developed their own trading methods after having attended a seminar a couple of years ago (presumably one of Matt Fyles) is why they felt the need to?

    Surely, if Matt’s techniques were as successful as were claimed in the sales blurb, then you wouldn’t need to develop yet more techniques?


    Comment by Chris Williams — 25th October 2013 @ 2:34 pm

  15. Hello Ben,

    The site makes fascinating reading and appears to be genuinely impartial. I considered myself a potential SportsSure buyer until I read what’s on it. I also appreciate hearing of your experience with other Waverley Media products. I bought Matt’s 30-Minute Trader. I also bought his Ternary system. Characteristically for a BizOps investor I did precisely nothing with either of them. It bugged me for ages in the view of the expenditure but here I learn I’d almost certainly have been disappointed anyway from what you describe as Matt’s ‘flawed assumptions’. The phrasing suggests the Ternary system’s weaknesses have been common knowledge some time but they come as news to me. I wish products like this carried testimonials. We are told successful people keep their good fortune to themselves but I remain to be convinced about that. It didn’t occur to me that selection methods would distort the market and therefore the available odds. Obvious now you mention it but I was told competition wouldn’t be a problem because of the number of matches being played so I thought no more about it. Of course if Matt’s product isn’t quite all it might be you have to wonder how Pauline and Tony did so well off it and why, teething troubles aside, they’re spending so much time rectifying errors in a system they say has been some time in development. Tim Lowe is quick to condemn doubters, and correct that people frequently don’t give these opportunities a fair trial, but I’m beginning to wonder about ‘Mr Integrity’ even so. If Matt Fyles’ products were iffy and this new product is iffy, and since nobody appears to be trumpeting the success of his Tradesafe venture [Andy Ireland responded but never answered your question so far as I can see], then without wishing to be too critical it seems a slightly unsatisfactory record for all the money probably generated for the sellers.



    Comment by Harold — 19th November 2013 @ 12:27 am

  16. Hi Harold,

    From what I can gather Pauline and Tony initially went to the Heptamatic seminar and I guess they use methods they were taught on that course. They were definitely in the audience at one of the V System seminars because they appear on the DVDs from the home study course.

    I have never heard that they used either Unitrader or Ternary.

    On one of the SportSure webinars Pauline posted that she had made several hundred pounds the day before. Somebody asked if she had used Method 1 (the “Early Goal method”) to make the money and the answer was “no”.

    My SportSure journey is long since over as I was kicked out at the beginning of November. This came after a series of legal threats from one of the Waverley Media employees. I never heard anything from Tim Lowe.

    You can read the full story here:

    Review of the SportSure Trading Programme from Tim Lowe, Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley.

    As for Tony and Pauline rectifying errors, I did raise some concerns about Tony’s maths and his July £295 test but they were never answered.

    I also posted a screenshot of the original video versus the 2nd video which resulted in some more legal threats from the furious employee I mention above. I don’t know why I don’t name her but I guess I’m being too kind.

    At the end of the day life’s too short. I got my membership money back but lost £50 or so testing a product.

    We all buy these products to try and increase our standard of life and provide for our families. It’s extremely disappointing whenever they don’t work as promised or where you feel, like I do, that you were misled.



    Comment by Ben — 20th November 2013 @ 12:32 pm

  17. I am very happy with V System and sport sure and now into month 2. It’s not for complete beginners although V system is. I find if you follow the methods properly with a decent bank they do work and I make money, albeit with the obvious losses along the way. The producers of Sportsure seem very genuine, honest and helpful and have proven their integrity and credibility many times.

    Don’t knock it, if you can’t make it work doesn’t mean it’s the system fault.

    Comment by Ray — 24th November 2013 @ 11:33 pm

  18. Hi Ray,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and I’m glad that SportSure is working for you.

    Obviously you will have access to the previous webinars and on the webinar held on the 2nd November Tony did say that he still needed to look at Method 1 because it wasn’t working as intended.

    I was using BetAngel and trading without any distractions and still I couldn’t manage to make enough money on the winning trades to counter the big (70%+) losses whenever a trade went wrong.

    You appear to be able to do something that I couldn’t do and it wasn’t as if I didn’t ask for help from Tony and Pauline.

    In my personal opinion, which is backed up by Tony’s comments on 02/11/2013, there is a problem with Method 1 and it needs addressing.

    As for V System I have seen the course and I was under the impression that it was for people who had done some trading before whereas SportSure was for complete beginners.

    Please do keep us updated about your SportSure trading as I imagine there are lots of people out there who want to see real, ongoing results.



    Comment by Ben — 25th November 2013 @ 9:57 am

  19. Some interesting reading material on Pauline Wheeler Reid’s background:


    Comment by Carl — 28th November 2013 @ 5:40 pm

  20. Anyone know anything about peter butler £50 a day betfair system? I’m intrigued, its difficult to find any info on it.

    [Addition by Ben: I’m not surprised it’s difficult to find any info on it because all the “reviews” of it have been posted by the seller. The photo used of “Peter Butler” has been lifted from a fishing site. You’d be better off burning five £10 notes, at least that’d give you some heat for a while. No refund guarantee, no purchase.]

    Comment by dean — 24th March 2014 @ 11:11 pm

  21. I would be wary of doing any business with Pauline Wheeler Reid. Her brother, nephew, and her daughters ex boyfriend … [Text removed]

    [Edit by Ben – Very amusing but I’m not printing that!]

    Comment by Justice — 9th January 2015 @ 4:05 pm

  22. It’s hardly amusing. And of course you won’t print it. I hope you might take a copy of my book at some time…….you may find that amusing…or maybe revealing depending on the sort of person you are . Good day.

    [Additional comment by Ben: Email me from the email address you’ve used here and let me know what your book is and I’ll take a look. ben at bizoppsuk.com]

    Comment by Justice — 23rd February 2015 @ 4:03 pm

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