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19th January 2007
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As you may have guessed, I am a bit of a fan of Sara Brown’s work and products.

Sara’s manuals tend to be very well explained and contain workable instructions on setting up what Sara calls “multiple income streams“.

So it should come as no surprise that I am happy to recommend the latest of Sara’s creations which is called “Sara Brown’s Mini Launches“.

Sara Brown’s New Mini Launches eBook

This downloadable book explains how Sara finds inexpensive products with resale rights and then launches them to draw in loads of sales and a hefty profit.

It goes against everything that the “gurus” usually tell us.

A lot of people think there is a lower price limit that you must not go below and in some cases this is true.

If, for example, you have resale rights to a large DVD set which has previously sold for £2,000+ then it would be ridiculous to go and sell it for just £50.

Unfortunately, some people do tend to do this by selling expensive courses on eBay for a fraction of their normal accepted value.

However, if you can pick up resale rights to a short report or eBook and then turn it round and sell it off for $5 or so, it is possible to make a very good profit.

Sara calls these “Low Cost, High Profit Mini Launches“.

In the eBook Sara goes through 3 case-studies of three successful launches her company, Laycock Publishing, did recently.

None of the products were priced at more than $6 yet each brought in a couple of grand in profits… Low cost, high profit is certainly true in these cases.

So, you can see that Sara Brown’s “Mini Launches” concept demands attention!

Once you’ve read the eBook, please let me know what you think.

I will add a review to the site shortly (it goes in the “to do” list!)

Sara Brown’s New Mini Launches eBook

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