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28th January 2007
Filed under: Horse Racing — Ben @ 1:41 pm

Well, I rang Bob Rothman’s tipster hotline on Saturday and got the bet. It seems that several other people did too as I got a flurry of emails about it. And the tip won!

Email 1:

“Seeing you mention Bob Rothman brings back bad memorys, I was with his betting service some 7yrs ago and he still sends out the same sort of letter and you got bets by ringing the line just before the race to get a good price and the cost to you was that you put £30 on for him and sent him the winnings minus the £30 stake, he never had a winner from 12 bets that I took he was $%^&*()x useless and a !£$%^^& *&^%$£@! so I suggest you watch this one with caution…”

Email 2:

“checked out bob rothman – horse given was witchita lineman – put £10 on it when i saw who the jockey was.was basically a 2 horse race – odds were evens and second in betting was 5/2 or 11/4 at one point. McCoy does not get on a horse expecting to lose. thanks !”

Email 3:

“A big thank you for producing BizOpps which I look forward to receiving.

I too heard from Rothman Racing. I watched the race on satellite and it was exciting as their tip, number 3, Witchata Lineman duly WON! The horse was lying 5th for most of the race but was expertly ridden and came on really strong at the end and won by several lengths.

Incidentally I should mention that the race was on a specialist channel which allowed me to watch just the one race but then said I would have to subscribe to see more. I would think that this would have to be an additional “business expense” that potential “investors” would have to consider making because it added so much to the fun factor.

I understand this horse was the favourite and the odds were even but Bob placed £200 to win and you can’t argue with the fact that the guy made £200.

My partner and I are looking forward to the promised follow up from Rothman Racing and will be pleased to consider their offer. Clearly Bob is not going to win every time but there are real attractions to a fun form of money making where you do not have the bother of having to declare or give 40% away to Gordon Brown.

Keep up the good work.”

Thanks for all the emails!

Personally I am happy I made a little profit from Mr Rothman’s racing tip but I won’t be going any further with it… Not for me…


  1. Just got another comment about Rothman Racing via email:

    Just to let you know – Bob Rothman got banned from City Index over 17 years ago. At that time City Index used to accept fixed odds bets on sports but ceased doing so around 1990. Rothman was indeed banned but his subsequent career as a tipster has been much less successful. The fact that he’s still using the same old chestnut 17 years later speaks for itself

    Comment by Ben — 29th January 2007 @ 3:37 pm

  2. AAhhhh! Bob Rothman!

    That brings back memories from the mid 90’s. I religeously followed Bob’s tips for about three months back then, but quickly discovered that I was better at spotting winners that he was!

    His main service involves you ringing in to his office and getting the tip for the day. He then expects you to bet on his behalf with your money. If the bet wins then you send him the winning cash in an envelope minus your initial stake.

    If the bet looses then you are out of pocket – plain and simple.

    Now call me an old cynic but, if I am going to put my hand in my pocket for my money then then 1) I’d like to keep the winnings and 2) Does he seriously expect the punting public to bet for him using their own money?

    Well, aparently he does. So make up your own mind. I never found him to be any better at picking winners than I was, so I have no reason to phone his line.

    Comment by ian — 4th February 2007 @ 3:13 pm

  3. i made lots of money in the 90`s. Misty Silks 33/1 down to 4/1 etc.
    Can anybody give me a contact number or address for Bob.
    Mark Barnard
    P.S. The sun newspaper even done a write up on him.

    Comment by Mark Barnard — 6th February 2008 @ 8:30 am

  4. Mark,

    His address is given on the mailshots as:

    Rothman Racing,
    Vine House Stables,
    Portsmouth Road,
    KT11 1RR

    Hope that helps!

    Comment by Ben — 6th February 2008 @ 9:45 am

  5. I must admitt I done reasonably well from Bob Rothman tips ,I must say they were all out to try but were mostly short prices,placing £50 for him maybe a bit steep but getting a few genuine friends to split the cost makes a big difference.I just lost track of him after moving house,Might give him a try again now I’ve got his address again,if he still exists.

    Comment by DUNCAN — 8th March 2008 @ 1:56 pm

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