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13th February 2007
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Recently I received an email from a subscriber asking about Andy Shaw’s property related business opportunity.

It read:

“My interest has been aroused by all the din going on about the subject matter. Just checking what your honourable view is on this chap.. His book on ‘PROPERTY’ is apparently selling for £20.

Will it be DEAL or NO DEAL?”

Like probably a lot of people who have ever subscribed to a biz opps email list, I received several emails about Andy Shaw’s book over the last week.

He managed to get a lot of people to joint venture with him and promote this opportunity

(I have a suspicion that he went to a seminar – could’ve been Steve Foley’s UK Internet Entrepreneur Conference – and mingled with loads of other entrepreneurs. Seminars are an absolutely brilliant place to organise JVs)

The sales letter interested me so I sent off for the book which was priced at a reasonable £20 + P&P.

Now, Andy has very cleverly set up a range of upsells, cross-sells and back-ends to this very reasonably priced book. The first one you are offered is a discount on membership to his website.

Usually £40 + VAT per month, you are offered access for a full year at a considerable discount.

However, with the book you do get 60 days’ free access to the site so you can see whether it is for you.

I’ve only had a quick look around the site but it seems to be quite good, it’s well designed with a lot of information. The forum seems to be quite busy and Andy is also ever-present there answering questions and giving tips on all kinds of subjects.

When you pay for the book, you actually sign up for the membership site too so please be aware of this!

Basically, if you do not want to stay as a member, you must email to say that you want to cancel your membership and you will not be charged. You need to do this within 60 days of ordering.

But what about the book?

Well, I received this quickly and I was very impressed with it. It oozes professionalism with its slick design.

I guess I’m so used to buying eBooks that I am overly happy that Andy has actually had his system published as a “real book”.

And it’s not a quick read. It runs to well over 400 pages so I’m afraid it’s going to be a while before I can give an opinion on the content.

I read the first 40 pages or so on the train this morning. Andy sets the scene by describing just how he started in the property game and how he pretty much went crazy buying up loads of properties in a very short space of time.

Give me a couple of weeks and I will let you know more but first impressions were good and I get the feeling this will be a great read for anyone interested in property investing (that’d be the vast majority of adults then!)

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  1. Hi
    The Andy Shaw book does make interesting reading. It is “badly written”, but in a compelling way. By that I mean that whilst his writing style grates on you and is a real distraction, the content is extremely thought-provoking and worth a read.

    If you are vaguely interested in property investment, I really recommend it…if only to give you a different perspective. He has a high-risk strategy (compared to most traditional property investment advice)but explains it in a way which helps to justify it and reduce the apparent risk. I have a few misgivings about his approaches, but maybe that is my cautious nature. Only time will tell, but for £20 it is worth the punt. Just make sure you avoid the upsell unless you consider it worthwhile.

    Comment by paul gooldad — 16th February 2007 @ 3:42 pm

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