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27th February 2007
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Like anyone who has ever bought a business opportunity in the past, I am now on a lot of mailing lists.

Of course, this means I get loads of sales letters through the post.

I always keep the vast majority of these sales letters because know I’m probably going to need them in the future.

Over the weekend I was sorting through my big “swipe file” and putting all the duplicates to one side.

For example, I am on Streetwise Publications’ mailing list and I must’ve received 8 or 9 mailings for the Pentatrade system. I’m not surprised, the Pentatrade course costs well over £2,000 so it makes sense for Streetwise to spend a great deal of money advertising it.

Anyway, whilst I was going through my swipe file I decided to tot up how many offers Streetwise Publications have sent me since I got on their mailing list.

With my first purchase from them coming in January 2006, I have only been a customer of theirs for around 13 months.

However, in that time Streetwise have sent me sales letters for over 30 different products.

The cheapest?

A tie between John Harrison’s “How to Stop Working and Make a Million Pounds Instead” and the “Drivers Survival Handbook” – both £19.95

The most expensive?

Easy – that accolade was taken by the Insider Signal trading course which cost an eye-watering £2322.

Second most expensive, closely following the Insider Signal, was a similar course – Pentatrade by Hugo Lawrence – at £2287.

Very interesting, especially if you are an information publisher.

Streetwise are basically showing us how to make huge profits – make sure you have plenty of products to sell to customers after their first purchase, the “backend“.

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