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2nd March 2007
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Bit of a crazy week if you’re a financial trader with the markets looking like they are going down for a fourth straight day.

Like me, you may be asking:

What on earth is going on in the markets?

And more importantly, what happened on Tuesday February 27th?

But first, think about this:

What’s an ounce of gold or a share really worth?

Maybe that’s a trick question, but here’s the short answer:

It really doesn’t matter

The reality is, these are trading markets and they are all driven by sentiment.

We all saw how fast the equity markets collapsed on Tuesday.

Pure sentiment.

What matters, is the trend and direction of the market. You can only determine the trend by using pure market action.

The easiest way to do this is by using a program the tells you in plain english what the market is doing.

Take a look at these two new complementary videos:

(1) Here’s an Internet stock you might not want to own:

[link no longer active]

(2) Here is what an expert thinks happened to the Dow Jones and where it is headed. This might surprise you:

[link no longer active]

Time, perhaps, to stop worrying about which way the markets are moving and start thinking “it doesn’t matter“.

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