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3rd March 2007
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At the moment I am doing an experiment with a new product and trying to drive as much traffic as possible to the sales page.

In order to try and drive this traffic I am posting articles to specific directories.

The idea is that I get 10 articles about a specific subject onto article directories where they will be indexed by the search engines and also picked up by webmasters.

So tonight I decided to watch some vintage footage I have of Jim Edwards explaining how to write articles.

The DVD is 2 hours long so I managed to make 9 pages of notes on the subject. It was pretty exhausting but will be well worth it.

As Jim explained, imagine you publish an article which is picked up by 100 sites who each send 5 visitors per day. It’s over-simplified, I know, but on average it could work out to about 500 visitors per day.

500 visitors a day is 182,500 per year. That’s a lot of traffic from just one article. Plus, providing your article is related to your product, it is also qualified traffic – the very best kind.

To drive the same amount of traffic via Pay Per Click advertising would cost $18,250 at $0.10 per click.

Anyway, a couple of hours after finishing the DVD, and with an aching hand, I receive an email from Martin Avis.

Martin has just released a new report called:

‘You CAN Write Articles’

Great… absolutely brilliant…

Fantastic timing Martin, thanks for that!

Wait for me to make a load of notes and then release the shortcut two hours later!

Anyway, I grabbed a copy and sat down to read it, and this is exactly the kind of thing I need to be able to increase the quality of my articles and, hopefully, get some serious traffic to my site.

OK, this report is brand new, 43 pages long and gets to the point. There’s no padding, Martin gives you everything he knows about writing great articles.

The topics covered include:

* 12 different types of article, and which three are the best for beginners to start with.

* A foolproof template that makes writing How-to articles a snap.

* A multipurpose template that takes all the guessing out of planning any article.

* The 5 vital elements that can make or break your articles – and how to get them right every time.

* 9 pointers for writing killer headlines that will suck your readers in.

* 5 powerful ways to end your articles for maximum effect.

* The 5 myths about article writing that you must ignore.

* 6 rules for writing articles that people will love to read

Check it out at:

[link no longer active]

Now, a report like this from a specialist like Martin really should sell for $29 to $49 but he has decided to sell it for just $7.

Yes, at today’s exchange rate that’s only about £3.80.

It’s ridiculously inexpensive and so I recommend that you grab a copy while you can.

If you want to get people to visit your site then it really is a must.

Just go here:

[link no longer active]

You won’t regret it!

Best regards,



  1. Hi Ben

    I really liked your “results feature” with your recent advertising in Exchange and Mart, are you going to be doing the same with this article experiment?

    A breakdown of the timescales would be most useful, for instance – you wrote the article and submitted it on this day, one week later you have x number of pick ups, week after you have so many impressions of the article etc…

    I think we would all find this sort of thing very enlightening.



    Comment by Barry — 14th March 2007 @ 8:09 pm

  2. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for the feedback about the little Exchange and Mart experiment.

    I will try and include any experiments I have done in future newsletters… at the moment I am gradually adding articles to one particular site so once I have a good load of statistics I will let you know via the newsletter.

    Thanks, also, for reminding me about the E&M experiment. I will add the results from that to this blog tomorrow.



    Comment by Ben — 14th March 2007 @ 9:21 pm

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