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25th October 2006
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By now we are up to the afternoon spot on the first day of the Birmingham F4TF seminar and the spotlight landed on Martin Avis.

Martin’s subject of choice was Private Label Rights or, as it is usually known, PLR.

If you didn’t already know, when you buy PLR material you have the right to change anything about the information in order to make it your own content or product.

Private Label Rights material is usually delivered as simple text files which are ready for editing into unique products such as eBooks, articles, newsletter content or website content.

As Martin pointed out during his presentation, the hardest part of marketing on the internet for most people is actually getting started. With PLR material, however, you get almost everything done for you.

You get market research, keyword research, commissioned writers already working on your behalf and professional content for your products. And you can get this regularly through membership sites.

It is quite possible to be able to output 2 or 3 quality eBooks per month using just the material you receive from a $30 per month subscription to a Private Label Rights membership site.

Perhaps the biggest bonus of using PLR is that the saleable material is provided for you so that you can concentrate on the profitable part – selling your products.

Martin covered a lot of ground during his 90 minutes or so – I managed to make a whole load of notes.

His talk included details about 11 ways to use PLR books, 18 ways to profit from PLR articles and a new plan he is developing for a technophobe relative called the “Kickstart, Quickstart Plan”.

He even spilled the beans on how profitable using PLR can be. When he first stood up to talk at around 2.20pm, he mentioned that, on checking his stats 5 minutes before, he had made around $500 since breakfast!

The point he made was that it isn’t hard to make a website using Private Label Rights which could bring in $10 a day – but $10 a day is $3,650 per year. Make 10, 20, 100 sites and you are talking about a huge income.

It was a great session from which I learnt a lot about a subject I hadn’t really researched before and topped off a very interesting day.

You can buy Martin Avis’ book:
“Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks”
from the following site:


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