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16th April 2009
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Almost three years ago I bought my first Apple product – a Macbook (the Apple equivalent of a laptop). Unfortunately the hard disk failed just last week which meant a couple of hours inserting a new hard drive and reloading the operating system.

All in all though, it’s a superb piece of kit. Well built, stylish and reliable – traits that Apple are becoming known for.

Perhaps this is why their stock is doing well at the moment.

Since October of last year the Apple share price has been in a trading range but just recently it has started to move up.

Stock market traders will now be wondering if Apple is ready for a upwards move.

And the traders over at INO have pre-empted this question by doing one of their famous free trading videos.


According to Adam Hewison, the President of INO:

“The world has changed, it is not a buy and hold market anymore. You need to be nimble, trade with a game plan and be disciplined. Those are the key mantras of a successful trader.”

With that in mind, check out what he currently thinks about Apple.

As always, there is no need to register or supply an email address or anything like that.

It’s just what it says, a free trading video discussing the likely direction Apple stock is going to take:



8th January 2008
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We’re only just into a new year and we’ve already got record high prices for Crude Oil.

Did you manage to catch any of the move to $100?

Watch this new video on trading crude that shows you the possibilities that this market offers:

Learn How To Trade Crude Oil In 90 Seconds – sorry, link removed as site now offline

Also, new highs for Gold – did you make any money from them?

Watch this brand new 90 second video on trading the Gold market and see how it is possible to dominate this commodity:

Learn How To Trade Gold In 90 Seconds – sorry, link removed as site now offline

Commodity prices are soaring – watch this new video on how you can take advantage of the price increases and also protect yourself against inflationary commodity pressures:

Learn How To Trade Futures In 90 Seconds – sorry, link removed as site now offline

As always, there’s absolutely no registration required to watch these free trading videos.


18th October 2007
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If you’re a little anxious or worried about the stock market at the moment, you’re not alone.

No doubt about it, a lot of traders are nervous this week.


It could be because tomorrow it is twenty years since “Black Monday”, the name given to the huge crash of 1987.

Some people reading this may be too young to remember the biggest single day drop in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

On the 19th of October 1987 the Dow dropped a massive 23% in just one day.

In case you are wondering the biggest single day crash in 1929 (another big “crash” year) was 12.9%, on October 28th 1929.

Can it happen again?

That’s the question Barrons posed on the front page of its weekly newspaper. The answer is: nobody knows…

However, I have just finished watching a new video which shows how you can protect yourself no matter what happens to the market – whether it goes up, down or just trades in a range.

You can watch it by clicking the following link (no registration required):

[link no longer active]

It pays to be prepared because this could potentially be the most dangerous week of the year for a financial trader.



21st July 2007
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On Thursday (19th July) the Dow Jones Industrial Index closed at just over 14,000 which is the highest it has ever been.

Unfortunately it didn’t hold the 14k mark and yesterday closed at about 150 points less, 13,851.

Even at the height of the dot com boom, the Dow only hit around 12,000 so hitting 14,000 is quite an achievement. It’s a historic day for the Dow Jones, that’s for sure.

Over at the Market Club, the question that they’ve been getting most is:

“Where is the Dow going?”

With such a high point recorded, everyone now wants to know where it will be 2 days or even 200 days from now…

But that’s not the best question to ask.

The question traders should be asking is not “where is the Dow Jones going” but “how is the Dow is going to get there?”.

As per usual, the Market Club has put together a free video suggesting some techniques for predicting just how the Dow is going to pan out in the short-term future:

MarketClub – Dow 14,000

They’ve picked up the tab so it will cost you nothing… not even your email address.

It’s a MUST WATCH if you have any interest in financial markets, make sure you take advantage of their generosity!

MarketClub – Dow 14,000

6th July 2007
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There are some things in life that just seem to defy logic.

For example, have you ever had this happen to you?

You’re sitting alone at home, or at your office thinking about an old friend or business associate that you haven’t heard from in a long time.

Then, completely out of the blue the phone rings, and lo and behold, it’s that long lost friend on the phone.

Strange? Just a little.

Logical? Not at all.

How do you explain something like that?

It almost feels like you’re in Rod Sterling’s “Twilight Zone”.

His iconic TV series back in the early 60s focused on ordinary folks who suddenly find themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations.

It was a massive success at the time and has been repeated on telly for years.

The reason I mention this is because more and more members of MarketClub are feeling that they are in the “Twilight Zone of Good Financial Trades”.

You may ask; what on earth is that?

It all starts with MarketClub’s powerful new “”Trade the Triangle” scanning tools.

In this new video you learn how to use these tools, and how to spot a “Twilight Zone of Good Financial Trades”.

The video covers Hilton (no not Paris) but Blackstones’ $26 billion buyout offer for Hilton hotels that was announced after the stock market closed on July 3rd.

See how MarketClub’s “Trade the Triangle” scanning tools spotted the Hilton move before it was announced.

The video is not some academic classroom exercise, this is real and is the kind of stuff you can use right away in your own trading or spread betting:

Click Here for Free Hilton Trading Analysis Video

When you’ve finished watching this free 3 and 1/2 minute financial trading video, you’re going to think that you’ve landed in the “Twilight Zone of Good Financial Trades”

And you might just be right!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Click Here for Free Hilton Trading Analysis Video

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