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19th August 2009
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This year’s “UK Gold Event” is being held in Haydock, Lancashire from Friday 18th September to Sunday 20th September 2009. Speakers will include Neil Stafford, Neil Travers and a specially picked team of speakers from their membership site – ordinary men and women who have made a fortune after learning from Neil and Neil.

The event is no ordinary internet marketing seminar but your chance to listen to and meet a group of successful people and learn from some of the UK’s leading Information Marketing Experts in a private meeting.

The ‘Two Neils’, as they are known in the IM world, promise that their event will get you focused on building your business with the very latest online techniques. There’s no fluff and no pitch-fest – just excellent, solid, money making information.

In fact, here’s how powerful the event is.

Just last year one delegate sat in the small audience and listened hard to what he was being told. He then twigged onto an idea for his fledgling business and went away and focused on that idea.

I’ve been told that this attendee is going to be back this year – as one of the specially chosen speakers

The reason?

Because he made a ton of money and he has promised to reveal exactly what he did and how he changed his life around inside 12 months.

His success is a direct result of applying A.L.F.I.

This is the secret UK Gold Event Success Formula:

Attend, Listen, Focus, Implement = Money.

Grab a seat and start applying A.L.F.I. in your business:

Internet Marketing Review UK Gold Event September 2009

Neil was also kind enough to give a special discount for readers of the Biz Opps Blog.

Use the link below to receive £500 off the ticket price and still claim all of the bonuses including the full DVD set of last year’s event which he’ll send to you within 48 hours.

Internet Marketing Review UK Gold Event September 2009

Please note: Discount is valid until 31st August 2009 ONLY

25th February 2008
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Here’s some great news if you’re an product owner and want to severely ramp up your traffic and sales.

By far the easiest way to get a lot of traffic to a sales page is to offer an affiliate program.

Affiliates will send you traffic day and night and you only pay them when they produce sales.

It’s a great traffic generating method.

What holds some people back from promoting your products as an affiliate is that they are worried about losing their commission.

If they send visitors to your site using an obvious affiliate link then some visitors may use their own links to get a “discount” on their purchase.

Clickbank can be a nightmare for this.

This is where this new product that I’d like to tell you about is so powerful.

It’s a system that allows people to market products as an affiliate but without using affiliate links.

It’s a brilliant idea, even if I am biased (a couple of my friends have developed it).

I’ve written a review explaining why this is such a great program for any digital product seller:


AffPayPro takes payment for the product, delivers it securely and also emails the customer with the download link to make sure they can get their product.

But, on top of all this “standard” stuff, it has a built-in affiliate system which doesn’t use affiliate links.

Find out how it is able to do this here:


It’s ingenious!

7th February 2008
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I don’t know whether it’s a lack of enthusiasm or just general disappointment with the whole industry but I’ve fallen out of love with information products at the moment.

Each week a new “expert” announces themselves to the world in order to sell a $27, $37 or $77 eBook. The latest new internet marketing “expert” is as disappointing as previous ones, and is doing the usual trick – hiding his real name.

I’m always wary of people who avoid using their real names in the “make money online” industry. It could be completely innocent but it just throws suspicion onto them straight away. Why do they feel the need to hide who they are?

I guess we’ll never know. The problem I see with using a fake name is that you can never really “come out” and be known as your real name – you’ll have to continue to use your fake name throughout your career selling “make money” products. This causes other problems when people find out you’ve been using a fake name and the longer the lie goes on, the harder it will be to get out of it.

Or maybe I’m just thinking too much about it all!

It seems that my general “malaise” with info products has been building up slowly.

As I look back through my records from the last 6 months or so I can only see a couple of information products that I have bought (or been given).

There was the 7 Figure Code, the 12 Month Millionaire (that I never actually got around to reading) and the ‘Site Stealer’ course.

(There is another one which was good but I am not going to mention that one at the moment)

So, compared to the 6 months previous to that, I have barely been spending any money at all. Except, of course, for all the domain names I have been buying.

Hundreds of them.

And I’ve managed to snag some pretty nice names – a couple of which previously belonged to marketers who are commonly known in the internet marketing community as ‘gurus‘.

I decided a clear-out was needed so I have listed some of the domains for sale on this page:

Premium Quality Domain Names For Sale

If you are interested in any of these great names, please email me and we can have a chat and maybe work out a deal.

And make sure to keep an eye on that page because I’ll be adding more great domains as time goes on!

26th January 2008
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If there’s one thing that stops a lot of marketers from selling a lot of product – it’s the fact they don’t have a good sales letter.

Even if they have a superb product – a huge seminar package on DVD for example – it’s very hard to make any sales without a good sales letter.

So, up step Dan Lok and Ewen Chia.

They have put together a superb resource containing loads of extremely successful sales letters.

A private collection of winning ads and salesletters

So, instead of sitting there struggling for words to use, you adapt proven copy from these successful adverts.

It’s the missing link for people who are struggling with their sales copy!

Until Sunday it’s available for a knock-down price in the Weekend Super Deal:


BUT, don’t purchase without using the following code:


That particular code will give you an even bigger discount so make sure you use it!

Have a great weekend,


9th November 2007
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The Weekend Super Deal has just opened and this week David Allen is offering resale rights to 12 quality products.

Don’t miss out on this one, these products would make excellent stand-alone or bonus offerings but you have to get in there quickly because this deal is removed on Sunday:


Domain Name Speculation

Back in August I wrote a short blog post about domain speculation, in particular 4 lettered dot com domains.

You can read that particular post here:

LLLL.com Domain Name Availability Decreasing Quickly

I wish I’d followed up on that particular post as they have now all been registered.

If you did read my blog post, I hope that you took the opportunity to register a few of these types of domains when you had the chance because it just got a lot harder to get hold of them.

As of last week every 4 letter dot com is now taken, all 456,976 of them.

This means that if you want one now, you have to buy it in the aftermarket – you can’t just pop over to GoDaddy and register one.

Over the past couple of months the number of available so-called LLLL.coms has diminished rapidly as domainers across the globe have added a few to their portfolios.

It’s all complete speculation, of course.

LLLL.coms have sold out but there is no guarantee that they will ever be worth a significant amount of money.

However, I have been able to make a little profit out of this sell-out event.

In fact, a domain I won at auction a couple of weeks ago for $70 was snapped up for $200 within 20 minutes of me listing it.

And I’ve got another 18 to sell!

Could be an interesting couple of months!

Lazy Lay Profit System aka “The Coffee Break Millionaire”

After I mentioned this system last week I decided to give a test.

I’ve got the manual now and have studied the exact system I need to use. It’s all remarkably simple to follow and so I am putting some seed capital aside and following the plan for 30 days.

When I am finished, I will publish the exact results for everybody to see. Hopefully I will be well in profit and will have a new “cash cow” to milk.

The plan is to start with £200 and risk 5% per betting opportunity.

(The system says 10% but I am extra cautious.)

If/when the £200 doubles I will remove £200 and play with the winnings.

Last night was a mixed night – two races, one win one loss but the second horse lost by a mile – it was never actually in the race really.

So, fingers crossed that this one works and I can make some money!

Sunday Times Biz Opps Ads

Call me sad but I have a large collection of the “Business to Business” pages from the Sunday Times going back about 2 years.

It all stems from first discovering Tim Lowe’s method of selling biz opps – I wanted to keep track on which adverts constantly appear in the paper.

My reasoning is that if they are appearing week after week, they must be working. They would then be the ones to model an advertisement on if I ever decided to sell through a small classified ad and website combination.

It’s very interesting looking back from the first ads I have to the ones featured this Sunday just gone.

Looking at the adverts from July 31st 2005 I can see two particular opps which have stood the test of time:

(1) Vince Stanzione’s Spread Betting Opp and
(2) the “NHBusiness” newsletter

Both are still advertising in the paper – Vince’s advert is almost exactly the same now as it was in mid 2005.

Unfortunately, over the two years I have been watching these adverts, I have seen a lot of people appear for only one week and then disappear forever.

One particular week I saw no less that twelve people advertising exactly the same opporunity on the same page of the Times.

No doubt that was a great week for the Times but a terrible week for everybody advertising those particular DVDs!

I’ve never took the plunge with an advert in either the Times or the Mail on Sunday but I did have a go at advertising in the Exchange and Mart.

You can read about that unprofitable experience here:

Advertising Offline to Drive Traffic to a Website

Unsubscribe Comments

If you run a newsletter through a service like Aweber, as I do, it automatically questions somebody who unsubscribes from your list.

Basically it says “Please can you take a couple of seconds to let us know why you have unsubscribed“.

Many people don’t bother writing anything but there are some kind people who take the time to let me know why they decided to stop receiving these newsletters.

For example, here’s a great one from Thursday:

“Mainly because I cannot keep up with so many emails reaching my inbox, when I seem to be moving house frequently and can’t do justice to anything extra.

Thanks, Ben, and the other reason really is that I lost such a wedge of money to [name removed] and also [name removed], that I am disillusioned with practically everything which tells me I can make some money.

You’re a good man. You wanted my reasons. Sorry!
[name removed]”

I’m very grateful for his constructive comments and sorry to see him leave the list.

However, the second unsubscribe comment I got on Thursday was far less constructive. It simply said:


Well, you can’t win them all!

Your Emails

I’ve got a fair few emails to reply to so please bear with me if you have written to me in the last week or so. I will try and catch up over the weekend.

A few people asked about the same things from last week so I will try to cover those topics here:

First of all, the RentaCoder person I used who did such a good job on my friend’s website goes by the username “abha” on the RentaCoder website.

He’s got a great rating and is apparently in the top 25 of coders worldwide as rated on RAC.

The other opportunity that people have been asking about is the “Information Entrepreneur’s Circle” from Streetwise.

I did write a little about my thoughts on this one on a blog post which you can read here:

The Information Entrepreneurs Circle from Streetwise Publications

If you have signed up for this one I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.


Don’t forget to check out this Weekend’s Super Deal from David Allen.

He is offering a load of quality products with resalerights but only until Sunday so go and look now if you wantin on the deal!


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