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18th December 2006
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Over the last couple of years, Sally Nicoll has documented her spread betting experiences via a blog on Finspreads’ main site.

Sally has always had an interest in gambling which, according to her, is a family trait. As a writer “between jobs” she used £5,000 to start her trading career, depositing it into her Finspreads account.

Every-so-often she would write up her latest spread betting triumphs or disasters on the site and built up quite a following amongst spread betters across the UK.

After a couple of years and 20 posts it seems that Sally was contacted by a publishing house to write a book. Just last month this book was released.

It was called:

Bets and the City – Sally Nicoll’s spread betting diary

I’ve just read it in less than a day and found it an excellent, funny and familiar story. Sally made all the mistakes a novice trader always makes and manages to turn her £5,000 into less than £2,000!

If you are even slightly interested in spread betting then I highly recommend Sally’s book: