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14th December 2006
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Vince Stanzione, the man behind the home study course “Making Money From Financial Spread Trading“, is known for being very good at getting his name into the newspapers.

In October 2003 he managed to get a huge two page spread in the Guardian which concentrated on his success trading Gold and UK shares.

Unfortunately he has been featured in the press recently due to regulatory problems with one of his TV channels.

The Evening Standard said that Vince’s company, TV Commerce, was considering its future after being fined £25,000 by the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services or “ICSTIS”.

The feature, published on the 24th November 2006 said:

As part of a wide-ranging clampdown on the television industry ripping off viewers who are charged premium rates to call or text programmes, telephone regulator ICSTIS formally reprimanded TV Commerce and fined it £25,000

This fine was apparently given after TV Commerce was found guilty of keeping its callers on the phone for longer than was necessary whilst being charged £1.50 per minute.

Vince Stanzione controls TV Commerce PLC and floated the company on the Alternative Investment Market on the 21st February 2005.

The initial share price was 6p and since then it has hovered between 4p and 6p.

When news of the fine was announced, the share price dropped to 0.75p and, as of yesterday, was at 1.25p.

The TV channel in question, “StarDate TV” has now been closed and the directors of TV Commerce are now deciding how to proceed, which may mean a delisting of its shares from AIM.

Interestingly, the Independent Online Edition described Vince Stanzione as a “former hairdresser“.

I didn’t know that!

Read more about Vince Stanzione and his spread betting courses at the websites below:

Vince Stanzione and First Information

Vince Stanzione’s Seven Secret Keys Seminar

13th December 2006
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Over the past couple of days I have been watching the UK Internet Entrepreneur DVDs which I ordered last week.

This 8 DVD set contains all the presentations from the weekend seminar which was held less than 2 months ago.

Therefore, it’s very much up-to-date information.

So far I have seen 4 of the DVDs.

The first DVD features the “Two Neils” – Neil Stafford and Neil Travers who go through their business on screen. They have several websites up and running and they describe how they built their business over the last 5 years or so.

Simon Coulson is featured on the second DVD in his first seminar appearance. He went through how he has built up an extremely profitable business in just 3 years. Fascinating stuff…

A copywriter by the name of Nick Wrathall is shown on the 3rd DVD and he goes through his secrets to writing good copy. Nick was one of Stuart Goldsmith’s “Inner Circle” subscribers and he has become extremely successful after he acted on the advice given by Stuart.

Peter Woodhead goes through how to use Public Domain material to create your own products on the 4th DVD and concentrates on showing the audience exactly where to go to find this material.

I’ll do a full review of these and the remainder of the DVDs in the near future but I’ll say this:

I’m impressed with these DVDs because they contain footage of UK (rather than US) internet marketers who are very successful. Also, these marketers have made money by avoiding selling to the “business opportunity” crowd on the whole i.e. they weren’t just writing “how to make money” manuals.

So far, these DVDs are highly recommended and I still have 4 DVDs to view!

Find out more at:

The UK Internet Entrepreneur Conference DVD Set

12th December 2006
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Around this time last year I decided to buy the Rich Jerk’s eBook. I wrote a short review on the main site which you can read here:

The Rich Jerk – New Profitable Internet Marketing SystemThe review was pretty positive because, although the writer acts like an arrogant “jerk”, there is some good stuff contained in the manual for someone who is new to internet marketing.

Of course, the Rich Jerk is just a caricature of a real human being – a great marketing ploy. When it was released it was a new and fresh and people responded in their droves, making it a Clickbank bestseller.

Behind the Rich Jerk is a young American man called Kelly Felix. He did create some very profitable websites and has made a fortune from internet marketing. It’s probably an understatement to say that he has increased his fortune somewhat by creating the Rich Jerk character.

After the initial website and eBook offer, the Rich Jerk branched out into infomercials in the US. Everything he did was geared towards creating a huge email list so that he could promote other products to them in order to make more money.

A couple of months ago emails started appearing from the Jerk advertising “Stompernet”, a search engine optimisation course from Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins. The emails were rude, many telling the reader to “**** off” at the end!

Also, the Jerk decided to make up some ridiculously over-the-top stories about torturing an employee for giving away his secrets or something or other.

Apparently, although I haven’t received the email yet, RJ has sent out another email today which says some rather silly things about something he really shouldn’t have mentioned…

By all means join up for the Rich Jerk’s program if you are interested, just don’t expect to receive professional and courteous emails from him. He seems to like to appeal to juveniles…

11th December 2006
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I have been buying a lot of stuff on eBay recently, some great stuff too for pennies on the pound.

Of course, it is all biz opp related gear (as if I haven’t got enough of the stuff already!)…

Recent wins included:

Stephen Pierce’s Multi-Dimensional Marketing home study course. This is an A4 sized manual, 2 DVDs and 2 CDs all wrapped up in a nice presentation folder.

If you’ve never heard of Stephen before then it’s fair to say that he is a very successful online marketer.

My only previous experience of him was from the Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp in November 2005 where he did a two hour set (see http://www.Entrepreneur-Bootcamp.org) and also from some DVDs I have of Carl Galletti’s Internet Marketing Superconference from 2003.

I think he is friends with Andrew Reynolds as he is now on the Entrepreneur Channel with a couple of segments (Sky 682).

I also got hold of yet another Streetwise Publications product – “The Streetwise Internet Poker Home Study Course” which is well over 100 pages long. To be quite honest, I’ve never played Poker in my life but I know that it is huge so it is worth looking into.

Thirdly I got hold of Vince Stanzione’s seminar from 2002 – 6 videos and a workbook.

Now, this particular video set doesn’t come up for sale that often on eBay.

There is someone who sells videos of a Stanzione seminar on eBay. Although the seller claims they are from “2002/2003”, when you watch them you find out they were filmed in 2000 and Vince is recommending that you use futures pagers. Well past their sell-by date!

Three bargains there then, when I really should’ve been Christmas shopping! Oh well, still 2 weeks left for that…

7th December 2006
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Just had an email from a subscriber which I am afraid I cannot answer because I have had no experience of the Fleet Street Letter from Fleet Street Publications.

The subscriber asked:

“I want to know what value you think the Fleet Street Letter is. Ever since I subscribed to Red Hot Penny Shares I’ve been getting these. They seem very sensational and I’ve got conflicting information regarding the economy, house price bubbles etc. If I were to take this seriously I’d be terrified. Your views please!”

Any views, reviews or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Simply leave a comment on this blog or submit a comment on the main site:


Thanks, Ben

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