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30th January 2007
Filed under: Internet Marketing — Ben @ 11:41 pm

Joel Comm is running a very special offer at the moment…

For the past year, the 3rd edition of Joel’s Google AdSense ebook has been selling for $97.00.

This 199-page ebook continues to be described as “the definitive guide to AdSense”.

For a short time, you can download Joel’s Google AdSense Secrets ebook, all 199-pages of it, for just $19.95…

Which is a pretty hefty discount – 79% if my maths is right!

Check out the offer at:

Joel Comm’s Special Offer

28th January 2007
Filed under: Horse Racing — Ben @ 1:41 pm

Well, I rang Bob Rothman’s tipster hotline on Saturday and got the bet. It seems that several other people did too as I got a flurry of emails about it. And the tip won!

Email 1:

“Seeing you mention Bob Rothman brings back bad memorys, I was with his betting service some 7yrs ago and he still sends out the same sort of letter and you got bets by ringing the line just before the race to get a good price and the cost to you was that you put £30 on for him and sent him the winnings minus the £30 stake, he never had a winner from 12 bets that I took he was $%^&*()x useless and a !£$%^^& *&^%$£@! so I suggest you watch this one with caution…”

Email 2:

“checked out bob rothman – horse given was witchita lineman – put £10 on it when i saw who the jockey was.was basically a 2 horse race – odds were evens and second in betting was 5/2 or 11/4 at one point. McCoy does not get on a horse expecting to lose. thanks !”

Email 3:

“A big thank you for producing BizOpps which I look forward to receiving.

I too heard from Rothman Racing. I watched the race on satellite and it was exciting as their tip, number 3, Witchata Lineman duly WON! The horse was lying 5th for most of the race but was expertly ridden and came on really strong at the end and won by several lengths.

Incidentally I should mention that the race was on a specialist channel which allowed me to watch just the one race but then said I would have to subscribe to see more. I would think that this would have to be an additional “business expense” that potential “investors” would have to consider making because it added so much to the fun factor.

I understand this horse was the favourite and the odds were even but Bob placed £200 to win and you can’t argue with the fact that the guy made £200.

My partner and I are looking forward to the promised follow up from Rothman Racing and will be pleased to consider their offer. Clearly Bob is not going to win every time but there are real attractions to a fun form of money making where you do not have the bother of having to declare or give 40% away to Gordon Brown.

Keep up the good work.”

Thanks for all the emails!

Personally I am happy I made a little profit from Mr Rothman’s racing tip but I won’t be going any further with it… Not for me…

26th January 2007
Filed under: Horse Racing — Ben @ 6:56 pm

As I have mentioned before in the free business opportunities email newsletter, I do not have much experience when it comes to horse racing and racing tipsters.

However, I do know that a lot of people who are interested in biz opps also have an interest in racing tipsters and services.

Some people have contacted me before about their experiences with horse racing betting and I will dig out the comments for next time.

I mention all this simply because, quite out of the blue, I got a letter from Bob Rothman of “Vine House Stables” in Cobham, Surrey.

Bob has apparently won over £3million over the years by betting on horses.

His alleged knack at picking winners even got him banned from City Index – according to the strangely written letter included in the sales pack I recieved.

Personally, I thought City Index were a spread betting firm but I could be wrong.

Bob wants to give me a free tip on Saturday the 27th January 2007 if I ring his freephone number and use a special pin-code.

I wouldn’t bet on this “tip” but it would be interesting to see if different people get different tips.

So, here is the freephone number:

0800 088 7238

and here is the PIN to use:


Let’s see what tip Bob Rothman gives us (and, more importantly, whether it wins!)…

Please note: If you want to try this I would urge you not to bet on the suggestion given over the phone but I would be interested in hearing if you got a different tip to me. Please leave any comments on this post.

ALSO, this number is valid only between 12pm and 1:15pm tomorrow (Saturday 27/01/07)

24th January 2007
Filed under: Direct Mail — Ben @ 9:06 pm

I managed to pick up a load of Stuart Goldsmith’s direct mail material on eBay recently.

One of the items was an A4 binder containing a load of newsletters which is called the “Financial Freedom Fighter” course.

It was published by Stuart’s “Medina” company.

From the text at the beginning it seems to be a follow-on to his Inner Circle course.

This is probably why I haven’t come across the course before now.

In the past, Stuart has held several “retirement” seminars where he sold of the rights to a lot of his information products.

Material like the Inner Circle course and his books such as “The Seven Secrets of the Millionaires” were included in the resale rights packages but it doesn’t look like he included this Financial Freedom Fighter course.

Over the past week or so I have been reading the modules (or “lessons” as Stuart calls them) on the train home from work.

The first 6 lessons cover the subject of making money in the stock market.

The remaining six, which I haven’t read yet, promise to show how you can make money from property. A very popular subject with the massive rise in property prices over the past few years…

I’ll post more once I have read the remainder of this course but for now, if you are not sure who Stuart Goldsmith is, check out the site:

Stuart Goldsmith and Medina

If you’d like to see what type of products Stuart produced when he was active in the direct mail industry, check out eBay:

Did you subscribe to Stuart Goldsmith’s Inner Circle or Financial Freedom Fighter newsletter?

If so, I’d love to here what you thought of his hard-hitting views and advice.

Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post or please send me a message via the BizOppsUK Support Desk

21st January 2007
Filed under: General Opportunities,Horse Racing — Ben @ 5:56 pm

James Jary’s “DataKing1.com” opportunity was widely advertised throughout 2006 in all the big biz opps newspapers.

An advert also appears in one newspaper today starting – “Copy This Plan £10,000+ Per Month”

It looks like some kind of horse racing betting system or rather a horse racing laying system.

James has blatantly copied the adverts of a very well-known biz opp publisher in order to try and make sales of his CD.

As you know, I’m no expert when it comes to horse racing so I’m not in a position to help here but one keen reviewer sent the following review:


You asked for comments on James Jary’s offering called dataking1. I sent off for the material just prior to Christmas 2006. When the CD arrived it was blank so I sent an email to James and in fairness to him he did call to offer apologies and said he would send another copy.

When the CD arrived I found that there were 3 pdf files on it. I was somewhat surprised to see this as I felt it would have been a lot easier to make them downloadable thereby making them much quicker to get. When I queried James on this he said that if they were available as downloads it would not be easy to honour the money back guarantee, a view I later thought somewhat strange as there are software applications that would lock someone out after a certain period of time if necessary.

Anyway, forgetting that I proceeded to review the CD contents and was immediately disappointed with what I found. Each pdf was badly organised, poorly drafted and frankly difficult to understand. Before I sent the CD back for a refund I emailed James with some comments hoping that he would pick up on my dissatisfaction and take on board some of my suggestions.

His reply was vague and written in a rather ‘take it or leave it’ manner. So, the CD is currently in an envelope waiting to be posted back for a refund. The silly thing of course is that if he’d taken some time to create files that actually showed by way of screen shots and examples just how things work I wouldn’t have an issue. His loss I guess but I wouldn’t recommend anyone forking out for this unless they are very au fait with Betting exchanges and types of wagers that can be placed (if that’s the case they probably wouldn’t gain anything from the info anyway).


John Murphy”

John runs a great blog called Online Investing to Earn Money. It’s a great read and updated regularly so it’s highly recommended you take a look!

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