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26th April 2007
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I get a lot of questions about Google Cash due to the results I have posted on BizOppsUK.

If you haven’t heard of Google Cash before, I highly recommend that you take a look at it.

This was the first “business opportunity” that I bought online and it has been very profitable for me.

You can see what I wrote here:

Google Cash – The AdWords Money Making System by Chris Carpenter

A recent question I got was:

“Hi Ben,

Very impressed with the site – straightforward and not smothered in hype. I have a couple of questions about “google cash” (which sounds pretty interesting).

Firstly, your review was posted last year and the info on the Google Cash landing page refers to 2005 only. I’m a net newbie, but I’m assuming 2 years is pretty much the equivalent going from the spinning jennie to a, um, (insert high tech example here).

So, is this updated regularly? Will it still work now? Are you still using it and making money?

Thanks for your time and I wish you continued success with your site.


Below is the answer I sent back to Ian:


Google Cash has just been updated very recently although I have yet to contact Chris for the update.

The main idea behind the opportunity is very simple but since I bought it in April 2005, Chris has updated the package to include videos, extra eBooks etc.

It still works for me now and I am still making money from it.

I haven’t updated the site since last year because I am rather lazy – to be brutally honest! I have several campaigns running which I have not touched for months now and they run 24-7 creating leads and sales. I was looking at one the other day which bids on a single keyword.

With this one I have spent £187.84 on advertising and made £436.99 in commissions.

It’s pretty much money for nothing 🙂


As you can see, Google Cash continues to work for me… and I still need to ask Chris for the latest version!

Check out more at the link below:

Google Cash – The AdWords Money Making System by Chris Carpenter

18th April 2007
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I’ve not received many direct mail promotions recently and there don’t seem to be many new or fresh biz opps at all at the moment.

What there does seem to be is a massive influx of very similar products which have all been released over the last few weeks.

They are all eBooks and all sold via the Clickbank marketplace.

Duvet Dollars, Guru Slayer, Day Job Killer etc.

All of these products don’t seem to have been given much praise, except from the affiliates that have been desperately trying to get you to buy them!

I wouldn’t worry too much about “missing” out on any of these over-priced eBooks, they are all from a stable of internet marketers who tend to promote each others’ products on a weekly basis.

Worst of all, some are just products which have been renamed and released under a pen name – with a small amount of rewriting. (Hint: Duvet Dollars from “Victoria”)

A lot of these products seem to be molded around Mark Warren’s Ultimate Wealth Package, especially in the promotion and the upsells which the authors try to get you to sign up for.

I have recently reviewed Mark Warren’s flagship product on the main biz opps site:

Mark Warren and the Ultimate Wealth Package – Review

As you will see when you read it, I wasn’t particularly impressed.

I sent an email out to subscribers recently which relayed the above thoughts about these Clickbank products and got quite a bit of feedback. Here are some of the comments I received:

“Hello Ben,

Are there ANY genuine bizops around today ?? I am seriously beginning to wonder !!


There are several genuine biz opps around, and I am not saying that the above opportunities are not genuine, it’s just they are nothing new. One inparticular is just a rehash of previous material from a male UK marketer, dressed up as new material from a allegedly US female marketer – who doesn’t actually exist!


Very much appreciate your useful emails and advice; have been bombarded by the ones you mention and there marketing looks good – have no doubt too many will get caught in their net!! I always start by trying to contact them and if my message gets bounced back, then I know pretty well what the score is…….

Thanks again and kind regards


Mavis, that’s an excellent idea. Email the promoters of these courses and if they do not reply then you can form your own conclusions!

“Short email maybe – but very interesting review re Mark Warren – thanks!


Thanks Alan. Although Mark Warren is undoubtedly very successful, I do feel that his “free websites” are a terrible idea and extremely overpriced. Still, people often do not research before they buy and they get carried away by the sales copy.

More to come soon…

14th April 2007
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So, it’s the Grand National in a couple of hours’ time – all the bookmakers will be grinning from ear-to-ear as the overround on this event is absolutely ridiculous.

Still, I’m a mug punter so I have bet on Hedgehunter, Idle Talk and Slim Pickings.

This certainly isn’t a tip, I’m just saying. I wouldn’t copy me if I were you 🙂

Best of luck – hope you can pick a winner, or maybe even clear up by using a sophisticated laying system to take advantage of all the one-day-a-year punters?

13th April 2007
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Subscribe to a newsletter from Streetwise Publications and you will always receive a couple of sales letters thrown in the envelope.

Usually these are business opportunity related offers but there can be the occasional strange offer for a weight-loss course or a speed camera detector.

I’m not surprised that Streetwise do this, it’s good marketing. If you are receiving a newsletter from them then you are already a customer and so related offers for other products are likely to be well received.

So, in with this month’s issue of Passive Income Newsletter (PIN for short) I got a sales letter for a new product which is described as a “back to basics betting method”.

If there’s one thing that sells well in the biz opp world then it is a system involving horse racing.

This one is called the “Lazy Lay Quick Cash System” and has been written by someone called Bill Stratford.

Bill claims that, starting with a £200 bank, he made a tax-free profit of over £47,000 in 2006 by turning the tables and becoming a bookie.

He even provides a run-down of his results he got from laying horses to lose in 2006 and during this time he only had one losing month when he lost £685.60 in October.

His best month was December where he made a massive £21,853.20 in profits spread over 24 bets. Pretty impressive figures…

This system isn’t cheap at £197 but it does come with a guarantee: If Bill’s system has a losing month in the first 3 months after you purchase, you can get a full refund provided that you have followed the system correctly and you send in your betting records to Streetwise.

I’ve purchased a similar laying system in the past but was unable to make it work correctly simply because I had to be glued to the PC in order to trade during a horse race. This was so that I could minimise losses by betting in play.

Not sure if you need to be available during races with the Lazy Lay Quick Cash System. It doesn’t seem that way because Bill says in the sales letter that:

“…you only need to invest a few minutes each day to make this system work for you, scan your morning paper, and place your bets…”

Sounds great but I’m not sure if I’m going to buy this one – not yet anyway!

Bill Stratford is correct in one respect:

“…You know it’s hard to pick winners, so it’s not surprising you never see a poor bookmaker. After all, picking losers (which is what most punters do every day at the bookies’) should be easier…”

11th April 2007
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Fancy being able to trade the Gold market with 71% or 100% accuracy?

A great deal of MarketClub members have been asking to have the Gold market analysed.

Even though you may not be a current member of MarketClub, I have been allowed to share these insights into the Gold market with you.

In this new 10 minute online video, two trading programs are shared that use a “Giant FootPrint” approach that have done rather well in the first quarter of this year.

In this brand new video, you’ll graphically see the step-by step buy and sell signals which have been shown in the Gold market since the beginning of 2007.

I reckon that even the most professional of commodity traders will be impressed with this approach and these results.

In this video two approaches to trading the Gold June contract are shared and you will see a clear demonstration of what works:

(1) The first approach details the short term commodity traders. This conservative approach was correct 71.4% of the time.

Not bad.

(2) Approach number two is for longer-term commodity traders and was correct 100% of the time. That’s right! No losers in over three months.

Can it get any better?

Oh yes, it certainly can!

First off, guess which approach made the most money, then watch the video and see if you are right:

Free Gold Commodity Trading Analysis Video

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