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26th October 2007
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Judging from the emails I get, eBay is always a hot topic when it comes to biz opps.

So I thought that I should share the great deal that Dave Allen has put together for this weekend only.

Which means you’ve got to be quick!

You can check it out here:


If you don’t already use eBay then I urge you to get registered and get selling on there – if only to sneakily direct traffic to your own site.

If you do use eBay then congratulations! Used correctly it can be a goldmine.

In either case, you can increase your sales and slash the time it takes to run an eBay business by having the correct tools at your disposal.

The tools and products available in this week’s super deal are highly recommended – not least the EZ Auction Ad program.

This particular software product allows you to make great looking eBay listings in a heartbeat.

Dave has also chucked in some custom made templates and a whole load more. You’ll need to see the page to appreciate how much you get for one low price:


The deal is up there only until Sunday evening so don’t delay!

Have a great weekend,


18th October 2007
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If you’re a little anxious or worried about the stock market at the moment, you’re not alone.

No doubt about it, a lot of traders are nervous this week.


It could be because tomorrow it is twenty years since “Black Monday”, the name given to the huge crash of 1987.

Some people reading this may be too young to remember the biggest single day drop in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

On the 19th of October 1987 the Dow dropped a massive 23% in just one day.

In case you are wondering the biggest single day crash in 1929 (another big “crash” year) was 12.9%, on October 28th 1929.

Can it happen again?

That’s the question Barrons posed on the front page of its weekly newspaper. The answer is: nobody knows…

However, I have just finished watching a new video which shows how you can protect yourself no matter what happens to the market – whether it goes up, down or just trades in a range.

You can watch it by clicking the following link (no registration required):

[link no longer active]

It pays to be prepared because this could potentially be the most dangerous week of the year for a financial trader.



10th October 2007
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This blog has been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks because I was gearing up to, and then attending, the UK “Brit Pack Live” event in Coventry.

Robert Puddy and Pat Lovell organised and hosted this 3 day internet marketing seminar at a very nice hotel in Meriden, near Coventry.

And it’s fair to say that I had a very, very good time.

In fact, although I really shouldn’t say this, I got more from the drinking and chatting each day after the presentations than I did from the presentations themselves! That isn’t to say that the speakers weren’t top-class, they were, but I met a whole load of extremely positive people and fellow marketers from the UK and further afield.

The only negative point was the train home afterwards. Stuck on a very slow moving Virgin train to Preston with the hangover from hell isn’t my idea of a relaxing Sunday.

It was my own fault, I was with a load of people in the hotel bar until half 6 Sunday morning.

We got carried away with the conversation and didn’t realise what time it was. I completely missed the 11 o’clock checkout and the first two presentations on the Sunday but I’ve ordered the DVDs to catch up.

Robert and Pat got a standing ovation at the end of the event and a huge take-up for next year’s event – everyone was in agreement that the event was an outstanding success.

I highly recommend that you attend next year, it’s a brilliant learning experience and a whole lot of fun.

Stay tuned for a full review…

To keep you going, here’s a review from the 2006 Focus 4 the Future seminar, last year’s equivalent to this one: