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25th February 2008
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Here’s some great news if you’re an product owner and want to severely ramp up your traffic and sales.

By far the easiest way to get a lot of traffic to a sales page is to offer an affiliate program.

Affiliates will send you traffic day and night and you only pay them when they produce sales.

It’s a great traffic generating method.

What holds some people back from promoting your products as an affiliate is that they are worried about losing their commission.

If they send visitors to your site using an obvious affiliate link then some visitors may use their own links to get a “discount” on their purchase.

Clickbank can be a nightmare for this.

This is where this new product that I’d like to tell you about is so powerful.

It’s a system that allows people to market products as an affiliate but without using affiliate links.

It’s a brilliant idea, even if I am biased (a couple of my friends have developed it).

I’ve written a review explaining why this is such a great program for any digital product seller:


AffPayPro takes payment for the product, delivers it securely and also emails the customer with the download link to make sure they can get their product.

But, on top of all this “standard” stuff, it has a built-in affiliate system which doesn’t use affiliate links.

Find out how it is able to do this here:


It’s ingenious!

24th February 2008
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Someone pointed out to me that a book I recommend has now become out-of-date due to changes to Overture (or as it is now known, Yahoo Search Marketing).

When I was first introduced to keyword research in early 2005, the tool to use was the Overture Keyword Selector Tool.

You typed in a couple of keywords and clicked “search” and the tool would give you a list of searches made on Yahoo for the previous month along with a count of how many times each search was made.

It was pretty useful and most people seemed to think it was very accurate – accurate enough to base important marketing decisions on anyway…

As it turned out, the Overture Tool disappeared a while ago – not sure why but it was up and down for a bit and now it seems to have gone for good.

The other tool this vigilant reader told me about was Nichebot – which used to be free to use but is now a paid-for only resource.

Well, I saw the author of the book over the weekend and he said that he had realised that both the Overture Tool had disappeared and that Nichebot was now charging visitors.

He suggested that, until he can update the book and provide the update to customers, you should use Wordtracker’s free keyword suggestion tool at:


Just make sure to remember that results provided here are for DAILY searches, rather than monthly…

I got an email the other day from Wordtracker saying that my membership had expired. I’d forgotten I had access to it to be honest. Anyway, looking back I don’t think I ever really used it for anything useful but I paid £140 for a year’s access. What a waste of money when I rarely used it!

A good friend (John Sikora, the marketer behind the excellent http://www.GuruDAQ.com) told me that he uses Wordtracker occasionally but not enough to warrant signing up for a year’s access.

His tip?

When you need to use it, get a 1 Week Pass for Wordtracker and hammer it over a week. That way you only pay £15 and you can judge whether a full year would be worth the expenditure.

Sound advice if you ask me, especially after I’ve just checked the Wordtracker site – the annual subscription is now £165 a year…

13th February 2008
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Got an email today from Keith Wellman that read:


Yesterday Mr. Jeff Wellman launched
Lay Off Your Boss 2…

He did not do as well as expected,
however, this kind of thing happens
all the time in this market that
we are in…

so he has changed up the gameplan a bit…

He is taking off the $77 price and
willing to let you try it out for
one month to see what it is all

[Link was here]

Keith Wellman”

Imagine, an internet marketer actually admitting that his father’s product launch didn’t do very well! Some refreshingly rare honesty from Wellman Junior.

It’s such a shame he let me down…

12th February 2008
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I always thought the day would come where “Mark Warren” would mess up and show the world how he has been deceiving people with his various sites and identities.

In fact, I’ve already written about how I was sure that “Warren” was using different names to promote his Ultimate Wealth Package opportunity.

See the following pages to find out more about my suspicions:

Mark Warren, the man behind Dannys-Scam-Review.com

Mark Warren and the Ultimate Wealth Package – Review

As it turns out, it seems Mark Warren had to close down his Ultimate Wealth Package after it was removed from Clickbank. I’ve no idea why it was removed so I won’t make any accusations.

Shortly after this package was removed from Clickbank, Warren’s other site “Danny’s Scam Review” disappeared. No surprise really as this so-called “review” site was just a dodgy site written by Warren under the pseudonym “Danny Caldwell” in order to promote the Ultimate Wealth Package.

Yep, Mark Warren was shilling his own products by pretending to be an impartial advisor.

It’s pretty common on the ‘net where morals are in short supply.

Over summer 2007, “Mark Warren” seemingly decided to move his domains from GoDaddy into his own registrar (called ‘Your Affiliate Site LLC’).

Of course, as anybody knows, if you want to move a domain from one registrar to another, you have to remove the “Whois” protection. So, for a short time, the real registrant of Mark Warren’s domains was visible whilst the transfer took place.

Yep, rather than hiding behind a “Domains by Proxy” name, Warren had to expose himself as follows:

The UltimateWealthPackage.com:

Mark Jenney
60 E Rio Salado Pkwy
Suite 900
Tempe, Arizona 85281
United States


Mark Jenney
526 Wooster Rd N
Barberton, Ohio 44203
United States


Mark Jenney
526 Wooster Rd N
Barberton, Ohio 44203
United States

So, as we already thought, Mark Warren is actually Mark Jenney of Barberton, Ohio, USA.

It seems that Jenney was happy to tell all and sundry about being a shill when he attended offline internet marketing seminars.

One person I know who likes to stay part of the “guru” set let slip that Warren was well known for being behind both the Ultimate Wealth Package and Danny’s Scam Review.

The only reason this secret informer told me is that he was very drunk and name-dropping at the seminar I attended in October.

Mark Warren or Mark Jenney or Danny Caldwell or Michelle Andrews isn’t currently promoting anything but I would hazard a guess he’ll be back soon with a new get-rich-quick scheme.

I’m just surprised he was silly enough to let his carefully kept secret out…

7th February 2008
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I don’t know whether it’s a lack of enthusiasm or just general disappointment with the whole industry but I’ve fallen out of love with information products at the moment.

Each week a new “expert” announces themselves to the world in order to sell a $27, $37 or $77 eBook. The latest new internet marketing “expert” is as disappointing as previous ones, and is doing the usual trick – hiding his real name.

I’m always wary of people who avoid using their real names in the “make money online” industry. It could be completely innocent but it just throws suspicion onto them straight away. Why do they feel the need to hide who they are?

I guess we’ll never know. The problem I see with using a fake name is that you can never really “come out” and be known as your real name – you’ll have to continue to use your fake name throughout your career selling “make money” products. This causes other problems when people find out you’ve been using a fake name and the longer the lie goes on, the harder it will be to get out of it.

Or maybe I’m just thinking too much about it all!

It seems that my general “malaise” with info products has been building up slowly.

As I look back through my records from the last 6 months or so I can only see a couple of information products that I have bought (or been given).

There was the 7 Figure Code, the 12 Month Millionaire (that I never actually got around to reading) and the ‘Site Stealer’ course.

(There is another one which was good but I am not going to mention that one at the moment)

So, compared to the 6 months previous to that, I have barely been spending any money at all. Except, of course, for all the domain names I have been buying.

Hundreds of them.

And I’ve managed to snag some pretty nice names – a couple of which previously belonged to marketers who are commonly known in the internet marketing community as ‘gurus‘.

I decided a clear-out was needed so I have listed some of the domains for sale on this page:

Premium Quality Domain Names For Sale

If you are interested in any of these great names, please email me and we can have a chat and maybe work out a deal.

And make sure to keep an eye on that page because I’ll be adding more great domains as time goes on!