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30th June 2008
Filed under: Horse Racing — Ben @ 9:34 am

Back on the 8th of November 2007 I set out to test the Lazy Lay system – a horse racing laying system which claimed to allow anyone to make a fortune, tax free.

On Saturday I placed the last bet of the season and will now have to wait until September for the start of the new season.

As it happens, the system did return a profit for me over 151 races.

The strike rate, however, was not as good as it should’ve been. 97 profitable races out of 151 gives a 64.2% winning rate. I believe that it should have been around 70%.

Disappointing as the strike rate may be, the fact remains that I am in profit to the tune of £6.03 on an initial bank of £200.

So, over 8 months I managed to get a tax free return of 3.02%.

You can see my full results, including running commentary here:

The Lazy Lay Quick Profits System by Bill Stratford

I’m looking forward to the 1st September to get going again so watch this space!

21st June 2008
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Just came across this very interesting video about Keith Wellman’s recent product, the VIP AutoPilot Profits Plus System :

I think he is referring to the huge amount of criticism Keith has received after his AutoPilotFX launch.

Not sure exactly who is speaking here as he does not reveal his name but it looks like either Marc or Hollis – both of whom work for Keith’s company.

There’s a huge thread on the Warrior forum here:

[Edit: Sorry folks, the thread on the Warrior Forum entitled “AutoPilot Profits (keith wellman) – Disappointment” has been removed without explanation]

Of course, I’ve been watching with interest as I had problems when I bought a product through Keith’s affiliate link and he failed to send me the promised bonuses. That was almost a year ago!

Read more here:

Keith Wellman of FX Marketing Inc and Everyday Wealth LLC

11th June 2008
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It’s all change with the “Cash Mentoring Team” – Julie Wilson and Paul Stevenson – as they have decided to change their website address this week.

The new address is bigbankbalance.info but the content remains the same, as does the makeup of the site – it’s all a framed page hosted on Paul’s ukmentor.net domain.

Changing websites frequently is a technique used by the “Number One Success System” owner, Jim Humphrey.

The website he uses to run his cash gifting schemes is currently noss123.com but in the past he has used the following domains:


I’ve just one question:

If your cash-gifting scheme is legal, why do you need to keep changing the name and website?

Surely keeping the same brand name and website is beneficial and avoids confusion?

I won’t hold my breath for an answer from either Julie Wilson or Paul Stevenson.

However, I will predict that when this blog post is spidered and starts to rank in Google, Julie and Paul will change the domain name yet again.

Read more here:

Chain Gifting from the “Cash Mentoring Team” – Julie Wilson and Paul Stevenson