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23rd September 2009
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It’s always interesting to keep tabs on certain dubious marketers to see what they are currently promoting.

When somebody actively promotes an illegal cash gifting scheme, and continues to do so when they have been warned that it is illegal, it suggests that they have no problems promoting dodgy schemes.

Likewise a man who went to prison for several years for a home working fraud, then got out only to start promoting various internet businesses with fake proof of earnings isn’t to be trusted.

So when both of these people start promoting the same opportunity it means the opp should be examined very closely.

The opportunity I am referring to was previously known as “MyInternetBusiness.com” or MIB for short. Earlier this year the name was changed to YourNetBiz.com.

Name changing? More warning signs. Noss123, the illegal cash gifting scheme, was previously known under lots of different names with the organiser changing the name regularly to try and delay the inevitable problems it will face from the authorities. As far as I am aware it has now changed names again to tlc2003.

YourNetBiz is currently being heavily promoted by many people with hundreds of Youtube vids dedicated to it and a glut of review sites springing up and singing its virtues.

Myself, I’m not too sure about this one. I’m always of the opinion that if the main source of money is recruiting other people into the scheme then it’s bordering on being a pyramid scheme.

I have other problems with YourNetBiz, all of which you can read in this report:

An Outsider’s Review of YourNetBiz aka MyInternetBusiness

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