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22nd February 2010
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Someone on the Warrior Forum recently asked “What’s happened to MyViralSpiral?

As it turns out, the main My Viral Spiral site is currently down, as is the customer forum and anyone who had their MVS site hosted by Tim Brocklehurst has found their sites down too.

So what has happened?

I was first introduced to MyViralSpiral back in 2007 at a seminar in Coventry. Before this event I must admit that I’d never heard of Tim Brocklehurst or his software.

Tim stood on stage at that event on the Sunday and spoke about Viral Marketing before finishing with a pitch for his software. He wasn’t a particularly brilliant salesman but it was obvious he was just starting out on the seminar circuit so this almost seemed a “practice” run.

11 months on Tim appeared at another seminar in London and the change from the previous year was quite dramatic. Gone was the casual jeans and polo shirt outfit, replaced by a suit and tie.

Tim strolled onto the stage and, hand tucked behind his back, slowly walked back and forth across the stage talking steadily to the crowd with his very posh English accent. He was obviously going for the “English gentleman” gimmick which I imagine may work well outside of the UK.

The difference was remarkable and the results showed this.

In Coventry in 2007 Tim didn’t seem to convince any of the audience to sign up but in London in 2008 he was far more successful in his back of the room sales.

From what I can gather Tim went on to travel with the World Internet Summit to speak at many different events across the world. He also spoke at other seminars regularly. Videos on YouTube show that he seemed to become very comfortable on stage and fan sites and review sites show that he had plenty of takers for his MyViralSpiral software.

So it’s very puzzling to see that the sites have seemingly been taken down.

If they had been abandoned I would imagine that the sales page would still be live and would remain so until the domains expired but this isn’t the case suggesting that somebody has purposely taken down the sales page. In addition, somebody has very recently extended the renewal on the MyViralSpiral.com domain for another 2 years.

There is very little information on the web about what has happened.

On Twitter someone has directly questioned Tim about the status of his software but he has not replied:

Tim hasn’t disappeared altogether as he posted a “tweet” on the 13th of February 2010 but this could’ve been an automated post as I believe some marketers use software to automate their sales messages on Twitter.

The Google cache of MyViralSpiral.com shows an Apache successful confirmation page from the 30th January 2010. The cache of the customer forum (MyViralSpiralForum.com) also shows the same Apache page from the 1st February 2010.

So it looks like either the site or server has been hacked or somebody has purposely taken the software off the market.

If you have any further information, please do leave a comment below. In the meantime I’ll update this blog post with any information I receive.

One person previously wrote a review of MyViralSpiral pointing out some pretty serious problems with it. Tim replied to the accusations, you can read that particular review below:

MyViralSpiral Review – Manuel Viloria.com

* UPDATE 8th July 2010 *

Read the comments below for an update – it seems Tim may be in a bit of financial trouble…