Avoid the scams, find out which Business Opportunities actually work
14th July 2010
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The Rich Jerk caused a big storm when it was released in 2005.

This, of course, was back in the day when everyone was buying.

The “Jerk” was a cartoon character created to mask someone who wanted to remain anonymous but it worked a treat. The sales letter sold thousands of copies at as much as $97.

Of course, over the next couple of years there were more products including some very dubious “coaching programs” and also an infamous party at the Playboy Mansion.

More recently the man who was behind the idea has come out and revealed himself. He has even created a blog that gives some insight into his past and some of the quite fascinating success he had even before becoming the “Rich Jerk”.

It’s well worth a read so I’m happy to provide a link:

Prelude to a Rich Jerk

It seems like a lot of the biz opp related news on this blog recently has been negative. That’s just the way it is unfortunately – good products are very rare at present but scams and junk are plentiful.

Previously “successful” internet marketers are finding it very difficult going in the current environment, despite what they may say.

One UK-based marketer was this week found to be having some serious financial problems, perhaps explaining why his software suddenly disappeared from the market a couple of months ago.

Another US “guru” is now at the point of having to go back to getting a regular 9-5 job despite having several top-selling Clickbank products in the past.

And I’m having a lot of trouble getting paid commissions going back to February 2009 from another US marketer who is universally considered an internet marketing “guru”. Everytime I ask for a payout I receive the same reply to my support ticket – “Payouts are scheduled for this week” – but this is the fourth time I’ve asked. I’m starting to think he just doesn’t have any money to use to pay me!

There’s no denying it, things are bad.

However, there is some good news – a decent product at a very attractive price.

Info Product Killer is a set of templates, videos and reports from Craig Kaye that show you how to make big money selling REAL products for commission. By “real” products I mean consumer products that you can touch – not the “how to make money on Clickbank” junk that’s usually thrown about.

I’ve just bought it this afternoon and after looking through the member’s area I can see it’s a great little package.

The problem is that it’s almost sold out so I can’t go into too much detail now except to say go and check out the sales page before it’s too late. Apologies in advance for the auto-start audio. It might be an idea to turn your speakers down now, before you click:

Info Product Killer

Craig has said there were only 300 or so spots available and just 47 left now so be quick.

I’ll be doing a full review very shortly.