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25th October 2013
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Q: How are you finding it so far?

A: So far I am yet to make up my mind about SportSure.

It’s nice to be able to reach Tony and Pauline easily through the website and the webinars have been reasonably interesting.

Not having the webinar replays is irritating. It’s not as if they haven’t had time to prepare for the course. SportSure was obviously conceived on or before July 2013 when the junk sites began to appear. They really should have made sure all of the webinar features such as live screen sharing and publishing the replays were ready long before Tim Lowe started sending out sales letters.

I’m 50/50 on whether to carry on beyond the first module.

The main gripe I have is the early change to Method 1 – the so-called Early Goal method. This is a method that we were told has been working for two years. One of the two system creators, Tony Langley, even told us that he doubled a £300 bank in one month using the method. And he did this just a couple of months ago.

It’s a little suspicious that this has to be changed so early due to losses that are twice the size that Tony claimed they would be.

[Edited by Ben – 31/10/2013 – benefit of the doubt]

I did put in a request for a download of Tony’s first month’s results to be put in the member’s area in spreadsheet format but Pauline Wheeler-Reid (the other system creator) told me “the video showing Tony doubling his bank is on the website already”.

This would be fine except that the videos on the website are quite useless in their current form. Tony created them by capturing the full screen of his laptop and he has his laptop set at a very high resolution.

Therefore, when these videos are presented in a small box on a website the text on Tony’s screen is far too small to read on the viewer’s screen. Through the SportSure support centre I’ve given them advice on how to fix it but really I should’ve charged for my expertise as, let’s face it, Tim Lowe certainly would have.

Q: Have you put any of the SportSure strategies so far into action and made good profit or see potential for good profit?

A: I have been using the one strategy (the Early Goal method or “9 Minute Profit Plan” as Tim Lowe calls it) but have yet to see any profits after 32 trades. 28 winning trades and 4 losers leaves me down 2.86%.

The winning trades offered small profits but the losers were very big in comparison. Rather than being around 35% of the stake which was Tony’s claim, they actually amounted to over 60% each time.

These big losses took me into negative territory on trade number 3 and I haven’t been able to crawl out since.

My aim on signing up was to make at least £90 profit in the first 30 days in order to cover the first payment. Despite the poor results I still hold some (perhaps naive) hope that this will happen.

Q: As I understand it they will give 1 strategy per month.

A: Yes, it is one strategy per month for as long as you are a SportSure subscriber so if you stay in for the full 12 months you end up with 12 strategies (and spend £1600+).

Q: Will they give live support and show the exact trades they will be doing with results?

A: There is support via the member site and from my limited experiences they are quite quick to answer. I did receive a letter through the post from Markiteer Ltd on Wednesday of this week that told me more about the membership – you can cancel any time and you will still have access to the site until the end of that month’s time i.e. pay on the 1st, cancel on the 2nd and you’ll have access until the 30th.

Not sure about them showing the exact trades they will be doing with results. They haven’t done that so far and they have yet to provide the results of the month’s test that I requested which is very disappointing.

Q: The Google spam as a form of marketing is a bit off putting but it does not necessary negate the fact this could be a good training system.

A: I fully agree that the SportSure Google spam does not mean that the training is bad, it’s simply a daft attempt to try and stop anyone else writing about SportSure and having their opinions read.

[Edited by Ben – 31/10/2013 – benefit of the doubt]


There’s still some time for the bank to get into profit before the refund window closes.

On the sales page (published on simple-sports-trading-profits.com) Tim Lowe sits on what appears to be his dining room table with Pauline and Tony and states “they really wanted you to be successful early”.

What he is saying is that they picked strategy number 1, the Early Goal method, because it has a high strike rate and should leave subscribers with some early profits.

If I were offering a course where I wanted people to stay for 12 months, I’d definitely offer the best one first to hook people in.

As a SportSure subscriber I really hope this isn’t the best of the 12 strategies.