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20th July 2016
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Remember in the 90s when you would go online to ‘surf the web’?

When you’d begin by searching for one topic and half an hour later you’d be reading about something completely different – simply because you’d followed links from page to page?

The way websites were put together back then was different to how it happens now. Webmasters would provide links to similar sites so you could read more about a topic on someone else’s site.

That doesn’t happen as much today. Perhaps you are different but I don’t tend to surf the web from site-to-site. Instead it’s more a case of:

– do a web-search

– read a page from the results page

– press the back button to return to the search results to seek more info from another site.

Over the last few days I have been searching old topics because I am planning on doing the 2006 version of my 2005 writeup (http://bizoppsuk.com/10_years_2005.php).

So my search has taken me to lots of different biz opp websites, forums, blogs and so on.

By the way, have you seen the Warrior Forum recently? Oh dear…

Anyway, I stumbled upon someone doing something I considered several years ago but discounted for a number of reasons.

Back in 2007 I was at a seminar in Coventry listening to a Canadian marketer called Scott Paton do a presentation about the positives of podcasts for marketing. It was very interesting and I made plenty of notes. I even considered doing a ‘Biz Opps Podcast’.

It never happened, I didn’t pull the trigger but during my recent web-surfing I followed a link and came across one well-known biz opp marketer who has started to podcast.

The show is called “The Laight Show” and as you might have guessed, it’s Nick Laight who is featured on the show along with a friend/business partner/employee (?) called Rob (apologies to Rob because I don’t know his last name).

I’ve just listened to the first 3 podcasts on Soundcloud but unfortunately there aren’t anymore to be had at present. The last one was on 29th June so hopefully we will see another soon. I’ve pressed the follow button on the Soundcloud app so I expect it’ll tell me when another is published.

In the spirit of surfing the web 90s-style, you can find out more by using this link to go to Nick’s site: