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18th April 2007
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I’ve not received many direct mail promotions recently and there don’t seem to be many new or fresh biz opps at all at the moment.

What there does seem to be is a massive influx of very similar products which have all been released over the last few weeks.

They are all eBooks and all sold via the Clickbank marketplace.

Duvet Dollars, Guru Slayer, Day Job Killer etc.

All of these products don’t seem to have been given much praise, except from the affiliates that have been desperately trying to get you to buy them!

I wouldn’t worry too much about “missing” out on any of these over-priced eBooks, they are all from a stable of internet marketers who tend to promote each others’ products on a weekly basis.

Worst of all, some are just products which have been renamed and released under a pen name – with a small amount of rewriting. (Hint: Duvet Dollars from “Victoria”)

A lot of these products seem to be molded around Mark Warren’s Ultimate Wealth Package, especially in the promotion and the upsells which the authors try to get you to sign up for.

I have recently reviewed Mark Warren’s flagship product on the main biz opps site:

Mark Warren and the Ultimate Wealth Package – Review

As you will see when you read it, I wasn’t particularly impressed.

I sent an email out to subscribers recently which relayed the above thoughts about these Clickbank products and got quite a bit of feedback. Here are some of the comments I received:

“Hello Ben,

Are there ANY genuine bizops around today ?? I am seriously beginning to wonder !!


There are several genuine biz opps around, and I am not saying that the above opportunities are not genuine, it’s just they are nothing new. One inparticular is just a rehash of previous material from a male UK marketer, dressed up as new material from a allegedly US female marketer – who doesn’t actually exist!


Very much appreciate your useful emails and advice; have been bombarded by the ones you mention and there marketing looks good – have no doubt too many will get caught in their net!! I always start by trying to contact them and if my message gets bounced back, then I know pretty well what the score is…….

Thanks again and kind regards


Mavis, that’s an excellent idea. Email the promoters of these courses and if they do not reply then you can form your own conclusions!

“Short email maybe – but very interesting review re Mark Warren – thanks!


Thanks Alan. Although Mark Warren is undoubtedly very successful, I do feel that his “free websites” are a terrible idea and extremely overpriced. Still, people often do not research before they buy and they get carried away by the sales copy.

More to come soon…


  1. Hi everyone,

    This is Pavani. I gone through this website and found some various information which is useful to the people who are interested to do business.This site is actually an update to one of my olders review sites. I decided to include articles and reviews of opportunities and ideas from other authors just so you can get unbiased opinions. So I hope you find them useful. We have a site which deals with the same category (removed by Ben).

    Note: Link removed – thanks for the comment but this is not a free-advertising blog. Ultimate Wealth Package is not a good system and your site also promoted the Prosperity Automated System which was a huge pyramid scheme and left thousands of people out of pocket.

    Comment by pavani — 24th April 2007 @ 7:19 pm

  2. Hi,

    I have been browsing through you blog and am very suprised that people are still finding it hard to find genuine home business opportunities. We all know that Get Rich Quick is definately a no go!! But there are stil many more honest business opportunities available. Here are 2 which i have found to be very successful for me:


    http://www.uvmelive.net (this is a new online opportunity which is currently in pre launch phase, but is promising to be MASSIVE. I would definately check this one out!!)


    Lisa Jones

    Comment by Lisa Jones — 10th July 2007 @ 8:20 pm

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