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18th June 2007
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There’s a move in the financial markets which has started recently with very little “fanfare” and pretty much zero media attention.

This is how the really big moves start in the world’s financial markets – off the radar screens of the vast majority of traders and media “experts”.

It is only when the move is almost over that you begin to see exhaustive coverage and market projections all over the place.

By then, of course, it is too late.

The move in question will potentially create big problems for the world’s equity markets.

What is this move?

Well, check out this new video to see what’s going on:

The Crude Oil Advantage – Trading Analysis Video

No registration needed – it’s a free commodity trading video for anyone and everyone.

If the new proven “Trade Triangle” indicators are correct, and they usually are, the outlook could be very negative for world markets.

Watch the market commentary here, completely free:

The Crude Oil Advantage – Trading Analysis Video



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