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27th October 2006
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On Saturday afternoon the presentation was given by Mike Filsaime.

Mike is the man behind the massive launch at the beginning of this year – Butterfly Marketing.

His 90+ minutes session was dedicated to describing some of his advanced marketing secrets including using TCF Marketing to increase profits.

What does TCF mean? Well, that’s Traffic, Conversion and Frequency.

Mike’s a very astute marketer and that came across whilst he was talking to the room. One of the first things he said was that if you have a product, make sure you bring it to the market first – don’t get beaten.

It makes sense because when you release a new product or service then at that point it is technically the worst it will ever be. You can improve it as you go along, once you have already made sales. If you hold off forever, it will take longer and longer to get your product to the market and by that time, someone will have beaten you to it.

Another excellent point I noted; do what you do best but outsource everything else. If website building is something you are good at, do it but for everything else, get someone else’s input.

Third, work on just one project at a time. Mike showed an example of how if you work on more than one project you hold back the others. The lesson learnt was that you should wait until your first project is done, then start another. If you have ideas in the meantime, note them down and come back to them later.

Another top tip – make everything in your business as automated as possible. “Email will destroy your business”; i.e. use a helpdesk when you have a lot of customers or prospects to support.

There was a whole load more information which he passed on, lots of great and useful techniques.

To show this wasn’t all just “talk”, Mike proceeded to show us some real-life examples of the power of his marketing techniques. Past students such as Michael Cheney and Jim Daniels were quoted, both of whom had earnt huge amounts of money by following Mike’s Butterfly Marketing methods.

This was a great presentation and I look forward to seeing Mike Filsaime speak again in the near future.

Shortly after the seminar I purchased Mike’s latest product, the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript:

Click here to get The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

http://www.ButterflyMarketingManuscript.co.ukA full review will follow…

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