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5th July 2007
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Back in April I travelled to Birmingham to attend the Entrepreneur Weekend seminar.

It was a great weekend and I came away with a load of extremely interesting ideas, a couple of which I have been working on for the past month or so (check out the link above for a write-up).

Possibly the most enlightening presentation was given by Paul Gunter and Andy Shorten.

These two UK entrepreneurs explained how they make great profits from the booming domain name market.

Basically they buy and sell domain names for huge mark-ups.

After I got back from the seminar, I went and bought their manual – The Domain Profit Guide.

They’ve written this how-to guide to show exactly how they manage to bring in a five figure monthly income by buying and selling domains.

So, I read it and discovered that this is a huge market, which is growing bigger by the day.

For example, did you know that all dot com domains with only 3 letters (known as “LLL.coms” meaning letter, letter, letter) were snapped up years ago?

You cannot simply pop over to GoDaddy and register one of these names. If you want an LLL.com, you need to find someone who is willing to sell theirs and then haggle with them over the cost.

And, as I write this, the rock-bottom minimum price for an LLL.com is around $4,500 or so. If you can find one for less than that, snap it up immediately!

Another type of domain name category is the LLLL.com – meaning 4 letters with a dot com extention. You can still register an LLLL.com domain but your choice is rather limited.

It is believed that out of the possible 456,976 combinations of LLLL.coms, there are around 6% left or just under 30,000. And the available amount is decreasing day by day.

So, when it comes to the point that there are no 4 letter dot com domains left to register, do you think they will increase in value?

After all, back in around 1999-2000 it was still possible to register a 3 letter dot com domain for a few dollars and these are now worth between $4,500 and a seven figure fee. Once all the 4 letter ones are gone, we could see a steady rise in their value.

I’m going to come back to domaining in the future because it is a very fascinating subject. People are making a great living simply from selling the rights to register a domain name!

Personally I have registered 95 domains since the 2nd May when I started “domaining” and I am not stopping yet 🙂

So, my advice is: don’t get left behind on this one. It’s still early days and you have time to get involved.

Like any investment, domain values can go up and down but they aren’t making any more dot coms – they can’t!

If you want to learn more about domaining, I highly recommend Andy and Paul’s book, click on the link below to grab a copy:

The Domain Profit Guide

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