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6th July 2007
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There are some things in life that just seem to defy logic.

For example, have you ever had this happen to you?

You’re sitting alone at home, or at your office thinking about an old friend or business associate that you haven’t heard from in a long time.

Then, completely out of the blue the phone rings, and lo and behold, it’s that long lost friend on the phone.

Strange? Just a little.

Logical? Not at all.

How do you explain something like that?

It almost feels like you’re in Rod Sterling’s “Twilight Zone”.

His iconic TV series back in the early 60s focused on ordinary folks who suddenly find themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations.

It was a massive success at the time and has been repeated on telly for years.

The reason I mention this is because more and more members of MarketClub are feeling that they are in the “Twilight Zone of Good Financial Trades”.

You may ask; what on earth is that?

It all starts with MarketClub’s powerful new “”Trade the Triangle” scanning tools.

In this new video you learn how to use these tools, and how to spot a “Twilight Zone of Good Financial Trades”.

The video covers Hilton (no not Paris) but Blackstones’ $26 billion buyout offer for Hilton hotels that was announced after the stock market closed on July 3rd.

See how MarketClub’s “Trade the Triangle” scanning tools spotted the Hilton move before it was announced.

The video is not some academic classroom exercise, this is real and is the kind of stuff you can use right away in your own trading or spread betting:

Click Here for Free Hilton Trading Analysis Video

When you’ve finished watching this free 3 and 1/2 minute financial trading video, you’re going to think that you’ve landed in the “Twilight Zone of Good Financial Trades”

And you might just be right!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Click Here for Free Hilton Trading Analysis Video

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