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8th July 2007
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I don’t know how Mr Filsaime does it but he managed to get me to pay out $500 for his latest product which he has called the “7 Figure Code”. I’m really looking forward to getting it in 10 to 15 days but with 16 DVDs, it could be sometime until I get a review up.

One thing’s for sure though, Mike’s gonna make a fortune on this one, again! Fair play to him, he does seem to be well liked and creates good products from what I have seen in the past.

Now I’m no big name internet marketer and I am not automatically on the “must JV with” list for many people so I can’t give you an affiliate link to buy through 🙂

However, if you are thinking about getting Mike’s course then have a good look around to see what bonuses are being offered.

What I’ve found is even though the product is quite low-priced (and therefore the commission will probably be in the $250 dollar range), lots of marketers are offering a load of excellent bonuses to get you to buy through them.

This tends to suggest that promoting this product isn’t about the money.

I guess that many marketers are promoting this to try and become the number 1 affiliate – because in the IM game I would imagine that if you’re able to boast that you were the no 1 JV partner for a Mike Filsaime launch it proves that you know your onions.

I happened to stumble upon the JVBlog that Mike has setup which wasn’t particularly hidden. Well, I didn’t exactly “stumble upon” it, I went routing…

He’s given some great prizes for the top 15 people who promote his product including some great boys’ toys and also cruises!

Anyway, getting back to the 7 Figure Code course, I am excited about getting all the DVDs because for a few days I considered paying the $5k to actually attend the seminar over in the US. I didn’t go in the end because I had just paid my tax bill and I wasn’t entirely sure that I really needed it at the time but I get to see the footage now.

When I was researching bonus offers I found that there were some serious packages being offered. See what I mean by checking out the blogs of Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, Jeremy Burns, Keith Wellman and Pat Lovell.

If you were interested, I bought through Keith Wellman’s link because his offer was very impressive.

In the future I will be writing a full review of the course but in the meantime if you want to learn more about Mike Filsaime, click on the link to the right which says “Table of Contents” or go to the main site:


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