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17th December 2007
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I’ve covered this system a couple of times on my site and both times I have pointed out the very low quality of the products and the lack of any real guarantee:

The “Earn Cash at Home” Package from earncashathome.co.uk

This past week I got an email from somebody who bought the product advertised at earncashathome.co.uk:


I wonder if you can help me out – I, stupidly, thought that the above was a genuine offer – but as you say on your review page, there is nothing in it that can make it work.

I have been trying to get my money back – a full moneyback refund is promised – but I get very aggressive responses and when I stated that I would take it up with the appropriate authorities (having sent several emails, which were never responded to), the aggressive emails started to come in – not salutation, no sign-off, just sharp messages telling me not to threaten them and to apologise.

I have only asked for a refund as per their advert, but it does not seem to be forthcoming, although the emails are now! Any help or advice??


[name removed for privacy]”

Unfortunately it’s very unlikely you’ll get a refund for a couple of reasons.

Number 1 – These people know that you can’t really do much if they refuse to refund you

Number 2 – They accept payment via NoChex. NoChex do not intervene when there are problems between customer and seller, they leave it for the two parties to sort out themselves. They’re pretty useless in that respect.

Perhaps the owners of Earn Cash at Home use NoChex for this very reason.

If they used PayPal, customers would have more luck getting their money back.

What you need to do is go to your credit card company. If you didn’t pay by credit card then you can’t do much unfortunately.

However, if you paid by credit card, ring your credit card helpline and explain that the merchant did not provide what was promised and is also refusing to honour their guarantee.

The credit card company should side with you and chargeback the fund from the owners of Earn Cash at Home.

When I bought the extremely poor “Get Rich at Home” package I paid by debit card and so I could not get my money back at all.

I chalked it up to experience and moved on.

Now I always pay with a credit card.

Unfortunately, some marketers will continue to try and sell poor products but it will get harder and harder for them to make sales. In the end they will disappear, probably with less money than they started with.

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