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31st October 2006
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After Mike Filsaime’s presentation in the afternoon there was a break until a special event later on in the evening.

This was quite fortunate as England were playing in a Euro 2008 qualifier so I got chance to grab a beer and watch it in the bar. Turns out it was a very one-sided match but it was nice to sit down without a pen and notepad (I had taken over 25 pages of notes by this point – and I’m still referring back to them 2 months later).

Come around 8pm all of the attendees and the speakers met back in the bar for the evening’s event. This was a very clever idea – internet marketing “speed dating”.

Basically, we were split into small groups of around 8, each group with their own table.

Then, each speaker would spend 15 minutes at a table, during which time the attendees could grill him about anything they liked. One by one we got to spend plenty of time chatting to Robert Puddy, John Taylor, Joe Robson, Martin Avis and Mike Filsaime.

Chatting to Joe Robson was particularly interesting as he is a copy writing expert and was giving us a lot of pointers about how to go about structuring sales copy. Brilliant stuff.

Sadly, Joel Comm had left by then as he had took time out of a holiday to present at the seminar – his family was in the room during his presentation.

This “speed dating” session lasted for a good 2 hours and then the vast majority of people stayed in the bar for the rest of the night. I finally retired at gone 2am although there were plenty of people still up – including Mike Filsaime!

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