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30th May 2008
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After listening to another of Julie and Paul’s recruitment calls, it has been revealed that the so-called “Number One Success System” runs from at least two different domain names and is based in Hawaii.

The first domain name – noss123.com – was already widely known but they recently announced a second site which is “tlc2003.com”.

If you go to either of these sites you will see that both are advertising pages for the cash gifting scheme and, tellingly, both constantly refer to the need for privacy and invite only participation.

Privacy is paramount“, the websites repeat.

And, indeed, privacy is paramount – whoever registered these domains is trying to hide their identity.

Noss123.com has its WHOIS details protected by 000domains and has been protected since it was registered in June 2007.

However, this second domain was only registered in January 2008 and, until around the 27th of that month the registrant’s details were available for everyone to see.

So, who originally registered “tlc2003.com”?

I won’t reveal his name just yet but he is from Haleiwa, Hawaii, US.

Both websites seem to resolve to the exact same IP address in Montreal, Canada.

And you can check this for yourself.

To bypass the need for a password on either site, just type in the site address and then add “/main/” to the end i.e. noss123.com/main/ or tlc2003.com/main/

Then click on “Join” and it will ask you for an invitation code.

I managed to guess one after a few tries – see if you can do the same!

When you click on Submit, one of two things will happen.

Either you will have guessed a correct code and the site will show you an “Inviter Confirmation” page including the person’s name and qualification status.

Or you will have failed to correctly identify a valid code and it will return you to the “Join” page after 5 seconds.

Now, in both cases, on both sites, the IP address displayed in the browser address bar is the same and gives a location in Canada.

What this suggests is that both Noss123.com and tlc2003.com are run by the same person – Mr Hxxxxxxx of Haleiwa, Hawaii.

I wonder if cash gifting schemes are illegal in Hawaii? Might be worth looking into…

Can you find a valid Invitation Code? If so, please feel free to let readers know what it is by leaving a comment below.

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