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30th June 2008
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Back on the 8th of November 2007 I set out to test the Lazy Lay system – a horse racing laying system which claimed to allow anyone to make a fortune, tax free.

On Saturday I placed the last bet of the season and will now have to wait until September for the start of the new season.

As it happens, the system did return a profit for me over 151 races.

The strike rate, however, was not as good as it should’ve been. 97 profitable races out of 151 gives a 64.2% winning rate. I believe that it should have been around 70%.

Disappointing as the strike rate may be, the fact remains that I am in profit to the tune of £6.03 on an initial bank of £200.

So, over 8 months I managed to get a tax free return of 3.02%.

You can see my full results, including running commentary here:

The Lazy Lay Quick Profits System by Bill Stratford

I’m looking forward to the 1st September to get going again so watch this space!

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